Old Hickory & Aunt Jemima

That's a prototypical version of the new twenty dollar bill per the Modern Liberals website here. It's Harriet Tubman of Underground Railroad fame, in case you don't know, and I'm sure a number of you don't know and couldn't care less (it's couldn't, Hillary, not could). The Department of Treasury announced this week it has … Continue reading Old Hickory & Aunt Jemima


Sensible Procreation & Abortion Legislation

Men and women have a right to procreate, but with rights comes responsibility. Men & women, if they choose to procreate, must do so in a responsible way in order to alleviate unnecessary suffering in the world. The goal of any legislation should be to minimize suffering and eliminate unnecessary suffering. Pursuant to that, a … Continue reading Sensible Procreation & Abortion Legislation