On Being Presidential


The Donald takes a lot of heat because many of his enemies and detractors believe he is not “presidential” material. Of course, what is considered “presidential” is never delineated — we just have to accept their word for it that Donald Trump is not “presidential.”

So panicked is The Establishment, to include the GOP, DNC and the MSM, they are willing to do anything and say anything to prevent The Donald from becoming the Republican nominee and ultimately the POTUS. And everything they’ve done and said so far has only made The Donald that much more appealing and stronger.

Take Hillary’s latest offering highlighted below. Note that she parrots what Obama said not too long ago about Trump with 100% surety. How can she be so sure? How can Obama be so sure? Unless.

Hillary Clinton Pledges to Never Let Donald Trump Become President

Hillary Clinton took direct aim at Donald Trump during a rally in Detroit tonight, vowing to never let the Republican front-runner become president as she continued to shift her focus away from Bernie Sanders and toward the GOP field.

“Because of the kind of campaign that the Republicans have been running, led by their front-runner, we have a lot of people who have been attacked, right?” Clinton asked the crowd of roughly 850 people at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

The reference to Trump prompted loud “boos” from her supporters, which seemed to fire up Clinton. “I mean, you got to say this about him, he is an equal opportunity attacker,” she said about her possible future opponent in the general election. “He’s attacked Mexicans, he’s attacked people with disabilities, he’s attacked women, he has attacked Muslims. He’s just gone after everybody.”

She added: “We will not let a person like that ever become president of the United States.”

Note the part in bold. What is she going to do — instead of Mince Meat make Bananas Foster out of him like she did Vince?

What if The Donald promises to let some young zaftig female staffer suck his dick under the desk in the Oval Office — will you let him become the POTUS then, Hillary?

Bill was not only the first Black POTUS (no, it wasn’t Obama all you Youngsters out there), but he was also the first Feminist POTUS. “Fat ones, skinny ones, they all can suck Bill’s cock — tall ones, short ones, even females with chicken pox.” Bill doesn’t discriminate when it comes to females sucking his cock — all are equal when it comes to pleasing his proud prick.


What exactly does she mean when she says “a person like that?” I believe she’s implying The Donald is not “presidential” material. He’s not “presidential.” But what exactly is “presidential?”

Some would say that in order to answer that question we need to look at the history and tradition of that office. Okay, let’s do that.

Historically and traditionally, Presidents are White men — without fail. By that criterion, Obama is not “presidential” and neither is Hillary. But, ironically or not, Donald Trump is.


Maybe it’s Trump’s orange hair or tiny penis that prevents him from being “presidential.” If so, applying very specific physical features as a determination of what is and what isn’t “presidential,” historically and traditionally, Presidents don’t have afros and vaginas, so once again that necessarily means Obama and Hillary are not “presidential.”


I prefer to base the “presidential” litmus test on something a bit more sophisticated and substantial than physical characteristics or decorum. I would like it to be based on a candidate’s unique ability and/or skill — an ability/skill that makes him/her stand out from the all the rest of the candidates. Applying this criterion, I will argue that Ted Cruz is the most “presidential” of all the candidates because of the following unique ability/skill that defies description.


Seriously, how did he do that? It’s like magic. His reptilian tongue snagged whatever that was on his lip with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy. No other candidate has come close to showing this kind of unique ability/skill. By virtue of this, Ted Cruz is far and away the most “presidential” candidate and, consequently, he should get your vote and he should be the next POTUS.

Please participate in the following poll so we can identify what exactly that was on Ted Cruz’s lip that he so adroitly and efficiently disappeared, the maneuver cannot be seen with the naked eye. Only a clothed eye can catch it and only eye know how to clothe an I.


12 thoughts on “On Being Presidential

  1. Looks like The Donald isn’t too affected by the latest attempt by The Establishment from which he emanates to bring him to heel. They’re pulling out all the stops.

    It looks to me like it was probably a joint Republican/Democrat maneuver to disrupt Trump’s rally in Chicago. The Republican and Democrat Parties are two sides of the same Establishment Coin and The Donald has crossed the line.

    There are rules in the Game of Thrones and The Donald is breaking them. They’re going to do everything they can to stop him, including assassination if need be.

  2. I appreciate profound and spot-on statements from the most ironic and unlikely of sources. Like the following.

    Pretty prescient, I’d say. And now it is complete and the nattering nabobs of negativism have their tyranny.

    “You want to know what to think about Trump? We’ll tell you what to think about Trump. Trust us. We always know what’s best.”

    The American people should be made aware of the trend toward monopolization of the great public information vehicles and the concentration of more and more power over public opinion in fewer and fewer hands. ~ Spiro Theodore Agnew (Anagnostopoulos)

  3. stillinquisitive said: because my 8-year-old self is unabashedly still a part of who I am

    Of course it’s still part of who you are, as it is for me as well. We’re like trees. We add rings — some, more rings than others.

    It takes that 8-yr-old ring to describe this farce as it should be described — farcically.

    I watched another excellent foreign film last night entitled Twice Born (Italian title — Venuto al mondo). It’s an Italian film and it’s excellent. I highly suggest it. Here’s the trailer.

    Here’s a pertinent quote to your comment.

    “You know who should talk about this war (Sarajevo), Pietro? A comedian, someone like Buster Keaton.” ~ Gojco

    “Tragedy is a close-up; Comedy, a long shot.” ~ Buster Keaton

  4. Here’s the guy who made the first assassination attempt on The Donald. No doubt there will be more where that came from. Where did it come from? That’s the question.

  5. The reaction to the reaction to The Donald will be telling. Trump is not Fascism, but the reaction to the The Establishment‘s reaction to him may very well be. And, as is its wont, if that reaction to the The Establishment‘s reaction is not inculcated and nurtured by The Establishment, it will certainly be usurped by The Establishment and directed to do The Establishment‘s bidding.

  6. The Establishment is setting the stage for Trump’s assassination. It’s priming the public to look at Trump’s assassination as a good thing — something he deserves because he engages in hyperbole and lies like all politicians do. Look at the comments to this ABC article. They’re applauding and defending this assassin. Trial Balloons, but one of them, maybe the next, is going to go live.

    Donald Trump Ties Man Arrested at Rally to ISIS With Apparently Doctored Video

    Nada Bakos, a former CIA targeting officer and analyst, said the video is “clearly dubbed over.”

    “Overlaying Arabic music does not make a terrorist video,” she said.

    Bakos said she worries about Trump’s judgment, saying what’s posted on the internet isn’t always accurate.

    It’s disturbing to me that Donald Trump will take things at face value,” she said. “If he’s [president and] reading intelligence that comes to his desk … that’s imperfect information. How is he going to discern what’s true and what ‘s not?”
    How ironic a CIA analyst opining on what Daesh would or would not like to do. You know why she knows? Because Daesh is the CIA.

    Well, Nada, I hope you’re not too disturbed if I DON’T take what you say at face value.

  7. Trump is the ultimate expression of modern, entertainment-based politics. Some commentators have compared him to Sylvio Berlusconi, and correctly so. Few have the time or desire to actually evaluate substantive political policy, at least to the extent that they think outside their preexisting political box (“everything is Bush’s fault/”everything is Obama’s fault”). Many would rather listen to a shameless asshole insight acts of violence for violence’s sake. Every middle school bully had a sizable portion of the class who got their kicks from being enablers. More specifically, enablers who lived their insecurity and revenged-based fantasies vicariously through the bully.

    People know they have been getting a shitty deal for the last several decades regardless of which party controlled the presidency. What they have a difficult time acknowledging is that the differences between the mainstream of both parties on the issues at the root of said shitty deal (free trade policy which has been a disaster for the middle class, bassackward approach to public education, health care policy designed to line the pockets of big pharma, big insurance, and big hospitals at the expense of anyone who has the misfortune of a severe injury or illness) are in fact non-existent, or at least far more limited than most believe.

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