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My son related a nightmare to me this morning. It really shook him up because, to him, it was very realistic and disturbing. He dreamed he came into the house after playing basketball and I was asleep on the couch. He heard a commotion upstairs and went up to check it out. Two men were raping and brutalizing my wife and daughter. In a fury he ran downstairs to get me and the two of us grabbed a couple of baseball bats and went upstairs and engaged the rapist intruders in a deadly battle. He woke up screaming, he said.

This has gotten serious. Too serious. When it’s entered the dreams of my son, it’s gone too far. And LE is completely clueless when it comes to online stalking. Apparently, many people are. That’s why we need to shed more light on it and perhaps create a network of like minds and victims so we can identify the perps and hold them to account. For some preliminary background on how this cyber stalking works, I highly suggest you start with the excellent podcast Sword & Scale, specifically Episodes 11 & 12 here.


What’s even more unnerving is the onlookers who think this is either funny, or not a threat to be taken seriously. I’ve had to block one already, but there are many who feel the same way. That somehow I, or anyone, deserve(s) it because I’m/they’re a critical person and critical people deserve to have their wife and daughter raped and their family/families murdered. I can tell you, unequivocally and honestly, I would never marginalize someone else being threatened and I would never consider it a joke — as something to be mocked. Anyone who acts that way is enabling psychotic behavior, and therefore, they themselves are warped and disturbed individuals.

Pursuant to this, I feel a need to act on this in a constructive way that’s beneficial to all. So, I want to turn it into a teaching moment by shedding light on this online epidemic and hopefully, ultimately, put an end to such behavior on The Net once and for all. This path of investigation will go very deep and it will be very dark at times, but it needs to be fleshed out. For example, many don’t know, but there is a loosely affiliated gang of cyber stalkers who consider The Net their personal playground and the unwitting newbies their play toys. They’ve been around since The Net officially went live. They cut their teeth early and newbies to The Net, to them, are like raw meat to an alligator. This gang/club marauds and stalks in all corners of The Net and they have hacking capabilities. They need to be exposed once and for all. The Sword & Scale episodes linked to above allude to this and are a good starting point, but it’s only the very tip of the iceberg.


I’m reaching out to various folks right now to put some things together. Hopefully, within the month of March, I may release a podcast episode about it as well — one of many. The depravity has to stop, but it won’t until it’s confronted by a united, principled majority. It will be a monumental task because people are generally weak and more often than not, side with evil because it’s the easiest and most comfortable path. This malevolence knows how to work a crowd.


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    “Things have changed quite a bit in the world and society has been warming up to the idea that cyberstalking and cyberbullying [are] as real and as scary as direct, physical threats in person,” Diana Aizman, a Los Angeles–based criminal defense attorney, said in reaction to the case. She said that while there have been other cases in which cyberstalking was found to have resulted in a suicide, it failed to rise to the level of homicide—until now.

    “The clear message that it sends to everyone in the criminal-law world is that not only is the government able to file these charges, they are able to convict on these charges and get the maximum penalty,” Aizman says. “It is probably going to be something that motivates other defendants to settle their cases sooner, to see if they can avoid this kind of a steep penalty.”

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