True Christian


Another show for HBO, like True Detective.

As many of you know, or maybe you don’t, The Donald this week was, once again, the recipient of a barrage of attacks from The Establishment from which he emanates. Notable barbs directed at Trump were issued by Obama and, of all people, The Pope. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a standing president make disparaging and negative comments about a candidate who has not even won the nomination of his party yet, but that’s just what Obama did this past week when he said, emphatically and confidently, that Donald Trump would not be president. How can he be so confident? Unless. And it can’t be because he thinks the electorate is smart enough to see through the act. That same electorate wasn’t intelligent enough to see through his act or George W. Bush’s act or William Jefferson Clinton’s act or Ronald Reagan’s act, so there’s no way it’s going to see through The Donald‘s act. And Obama knows that. I know he knows that. And he knows I know he knows it. Right Barry? Blink if you agree.


And please, before I go any further, this is not an endorsement of Donald Trump. I am not politically ideological. I have no side. I just observe The Circus (Roman or otherwise) and express. I point out the contradictions. Since the MSM and the Alternative Media have been criticizing Trump 24/7, I’m not going to do it here. It would be redundant. But I am going to criticize the criticizers, because, like the bad Christian I once was, I still believe in “whoever is without sin among you, let him/her be the first to cast a stone at her/him.” That’s why I always throw stones at the Stoners, not the Stonee.


Obama is one to talk about not having the requisite experience to be POTUS. A Junior Senator from Illinois with no experience leading people whatsoever, and an extremely opaque and murky past. A person, a project really, that was nurtured to be the Head Puppet In Chief from womb to office. He is the ultimate Manchurian Candidate. The first natural-born member of The Family, the REAL Family, to ever hold the office. Some of the others who have held the office were founders of The Family or leaders of The Family or inductees, but Obama’s the first from womb to office. It was a glorious coronation with the Mockingbird Press playing its part every step of the way.

But this year, a member of The Establishment has decided to go rogue and behave in a manner not acceptable to his, maybe, now former brethren. They’re out for his head. He must not be allowed to succeed. Anything and everything will be done to keep that from happening, up to and including assassination. Donald Trump may play the clown (dumb like a fox), but he isn’t a puppet, at least not yet he isn’t. And if you’re not a puppet, you will not be allowed to occupy The Oval Office. There are too many vested Global Elite interests at stake to leave the fate of that to the arbitrary whims of a rogue Populist.


What surprised me most though, was The Pope, The Pontiff (I love this word — I love saying it), getting in on the act. I suppose it shouldn’t have surprised me — afterall, The Pope is as much a member of the Global Elite Establishment as any other VIP. They all have to step up and do their part to prevent The Donald from ever holding the office of POTUS and spoiling and foiling all their grand plans. The Donald simply can’t be trusted to do as he’s told and bend his knee to their will. And so, they must find a way to neutralize him. They will find a way. Obama knows — that’s why he speaks with such confidence.


Of course, what ultimately inspired the title of this post was The Pope‘s specific criticism of The Donald. Unlike Obama, he didn’t say Trump wouldn’t be president, he said Trump is not a Christian because Christians don’t build walls to keep the persecuted out, but instead bridges to lift the persecuted up and over. I agree with The Pope. According to that criterion, The Donald is not a Christian because to be a Christian requires more than just stating you believe in Jesus Christ or even believing in your heart in Jesus Christ. You have to walk the talk, and hardly anyone walks that talk these days. Certainly not like they walked that talk back in the days that inspired the first pic to this blog post. Those folks put it all on the line, their very lives, for their beliefs that they not only espoused, but in fact metaphorically lived and breathed every day. They behaved like Christians should behave — according to The Word provided by Jesus Christ. You can’t just preach The Word — you have to live it, or die by it at the sword of those who despise you for your conviction. And so few are willing to do that today. So few have to do that today because the formerly persecuted have become the persecutors whilst still pretending to be the persecuted. How convenient.


By Pope Francis’s (birth name Jorge Mario Bergoglio) own benchmark of what it means to be a Christian, he himself fails the test and he is no more a Christian than Donald Trump. See, Jorge had a chance to die a martyr for his faith by laying his life on the line in defiance and resistance to those who sought to persecute fellow Christians and fellow innocents. But he refused. He chose life over principle and conviction. And that’s not Christian. Every True Christian should be ready at all times to be a martyr for their faith in The Word, and no, not a martyr in the sense of flying planes into tall buildings or blowing a bunch of people up as you blow yourself up, but a martyr in the sense of choosing death when someone says “renounce your faith or die” or says “step away and look the other way as we murder your fellow Christian comrades or die.” The cornerstone of the Christian Faith, martyrdom, was snubbed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, The Pontiff. Disgraceful. And yet, here he is, leading the Catholic Church into the 21st Century as the never-ending Holy Roman Empire seeks to strengthen its seemingly eternal grip on the destiny of the human race and this planet.


For those who don’t know, Pope Francis is Argentinian, and he was rising up through the ranks of the Catholic Clergy in Argentina when Argentina was conducting its reign of terror after successfully, with the significant aid of America, enacting a military coup and imposing a military dictatorship to suppress and tyrannize the largely defenseless people of Argentina. And as this was going on, Pope Franny was silent. He not only didn’t come to the defense of non-Christians being tortured and slaughtered, he was even silent during, and perhaps complicit in, the torture and murder of some of his fellow Jesuits for their possible ties to Communist sympathizers. Nice. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s a Christian, and certainly not behavior of someone worthy of the title of Pontiff. Following, is a watered-down version of what I just asserted, and, as you can see, even the watered-down, neutered version of it is still incredibly damning.  So yeah, Jorge, The Donald isn’t Christian, but you’re one to talk, because neither are you when we hold you to the same standard and scrutiny.

Pope Francis and the Dirty War

The new Pope, Francis the Humble, as he perhaps would like to be known, is an Argentine with a cloudy past. This in itself is not an offense but, rather, is in keeping with a religious institution that has long been marked by secrecy. From the smoke signals with which the papal conclave makes the fact, if not the process, of its decision known to the world to the wide-ranging coverups of sexual abuse involving priests and bishops, the Catholic Church is too often associated in the popular imagination with the darkest kind of institutional opacity.

Some of the cloudiness in Francis’s past has to do with his relative obscurity during the years when he was still known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and with the way that the Church operates in even the calmest times. But much of it also has to do with questions about his real role during the country’s anti-Communist terror three decades ago. Officially called the Process of National Reorganization by the military junta that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983, the Dirty War, as it is more commonly known, was a comprehensive campaign aimed at the elimination of Communists and others seen as “subversives.” The purge claimed the lives of at least nine thousand people and as many as thirty thousand people, many of them killed in the most gruesome circumstances imaginable. Pregnant women were often held until they gave birth, whereupon they were secretly killed, their babies handed over to childless military families and others close to the regime for adoption. Hundreds of “children of the disappeared” are living today, young people in their early thirties, some of them still unaware that their parents are, in effect, their biological parents’ killers. (Francisco Goldman has written about these children for The New Yorker.)


Many of the victims were held for months in official institutions, where they were repeatedly tortured before being killed, their bodies “disappeared.” Justifying the purge, which was spoken about euphemistically but carried out in secrecy, the Argentine military espoused a brand of anti-Communist ferocity that echoed Franco’s Fascist witch hunt, which had previously devastated Republican Spain—a brand of ferocity that also shared his deeply entrenched ultra-Catholic and anti-Semitic views.

As in Spain during its Civil War, when the Catholic Church openly sided with Franco’s inquisition, and in Rome during the Second World War, when the silence of Pope Pius XII was understood as a tacit admission of Vatican acquiescence with the policies of the Axis, the role of the Argentine Catholic Church in the junta’s anti-Communist campaign was queasily intimate. In official discourses, one of Bergoglio’s predecessors, Archbishop Juan Carlos Aramburu, openly sided with the military’s stated need for a purge, in which freethinking priests and nuns were also killed. For the most part, the Church remained mute in public about what was going on. But some priests were actually directly involved in the repression, by all accounts, with military chaplains going so far as to bless the drugged bodies of suspected guerrillas marked for execution as they were loaded onto military planes, from which they were then hurled to their deaths, unconscious, over the Rio de la Plata.

There have been past accusations, including testimony from a handful of priests and bishops, that the man who is now Pope Francis was complicit, too, if in a more subtle way. He was, in the early years of the Dirty War, the provincial, or superior, of the Society of Jesus in Argentina, at a time when the Jesuits produced some of the more freethinking and socially liberal clerics in Latin America—a number of whom were targeted by military leaders during the era’s repression—and later led a seminary. The key allegation against him is that he pointed out left-leaning priests to the military as dissidents, leaving them exposed, and that he did not defend two kidnapped clerics or ask for their release. He has denied this, and says instead that he protected priests and others—just quietly, in secret.

”Beyond the details, the main thing is that it’s clear that he was not—by a long shot—at the level needed in the dramatic circumstances,” Gabriel Pasquini, an Argentine writer and editor of the online current-affairs magazine El Puercoespín, told me. There were other clergymen—“Catholic and from other religions”—who “did whatever they could to save lives,” Pasquini added. “For someone who aspires to be a bastion of moral values, it doesn’t seem like a great precedent. Never, in the years he headed the Catholic Church in Argentina, did he acknowledge its complicity in the dictatorship, much less ask for forgiveness. Will he do so now, from the Vatican?”

Whatever the truth, Francis the Humble, it would seem, has much to clear up about what he thought, how he behaved, and what he did during his country’s Dirty War. As with the role of the Church he has long served, it remains a mystery.


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  1. I wonder if The Pope has PTSD? Everyone seems to have PTSD these days — have you noticed that? It’s cool to have a diagnosis, and PTSD is right up there with the coolest of them. Even Colonel Sanders has PTSD. Where have we gone, Joe DiMaggio, our nation turns its psychiatrically-disturbed eyes to you.

    KFC PTSD – watch more funny videos
  2. Q. Shtik, the reason your comments didn’t post right away is because I’m holding comments in moderation until I manually approve them. This blog is being hit hard and heavy with hateful, threatening comments every day. I have nearly 200 as proof sitting in my spam and trash folder. I could release them for all to see, if that’s what you all want. But I’d rather you not have to be bothered reading such incoherent, psychotic vitriol.

    Anyway, don’t worry Q. Shtik, I would never block you. I am forever in your debt for the editing service you have provided this blog for the past two years free-of-charge. Plus, you are one of the inaugural commentators here, and I’m a sucker for nostalgia and symbolism. Q. Shtik stays. Always, as long as he still draws breath, and even after that. At Catcher In The Lie blog, Q. Shtik is immortal.

    Yes, Q., I’ve eaten my hat as I promised. Maybe I’ll provide photo proof of that some time in the near future. I was wrong. Sometimes, when you travel to the future and return, The Tricksters who have been doing it far longer than me have a way of fooling you. Or, by my traveling to the future and returning and reporting on it, I affected the future. Afterall, the purpose of my post was to jinx the prospect of another Bush in the White House. It worked. I win either way, and since the hat was always going to be chocolate, well, I love chocolate, so I get to have my chocolate and no Bush in the White House. It’s a Win-Win. I love Win-Wins. Who doesn’t? Those who vote for Hillary Clinton, that’s who doesn’t, and, if she isn’t indicted, and she won’t be, she’ll win the Dem nomination because she has the Black vote wrapped up. In Nevada, where the Black vote is insignificant at 10% or less of voters, she garnered 80% of it. In the SEC states, where the Black vote is greater than 50% of those who vote, she will carry the day because Blacks hate old Jewish men. Instead, they prefer ugly White former Goldwater Girls who have been screwing them over royally since LBJ’s Civil Rights legislation passed in the mid sixties.

    For those who are wondering what Q. Shtik and I are talking about, I posted the following in March of 2015, nearly a year prior. I was wrong. I’m happy I was wrong. Q. Shtik, on the other hand, isn’t so forthright when he’s wrong. Some people are just more humble than others and have a greater sense of humility. It’s a matter of integrity and principle — archaic notions that have no place in this Brave New World we live in and under.

    Go Jeb!

  3. bb, I agree that Trump, if elected POTUS rather than selected POTUS like all the other offerings, would never do 90% of what he’s promising. The Wall that Mexico will bankroll? Bullshit. It will never happen. Repealing Obamacare, legislation that requires everyone, by force of law, to purchase crappy insurance that covers nothing at increasingly exorbitant premiums so that the failed health insurance business model can continue another 20 to 30 years on mandated life support, will never happen either. Promises, promises. When will people learn? Never, that’s when. And that’s what makes Civilization possible. People never learning — otherwise, we’d have another, more constructive form of organization and social interaction than this thing we call Civilization.

    Yes, Obama was being honest this time. He can be honest on rare occasions and this is one of those occasions. Maybe he even knows the date and time. Any one want to take a guess at that — at the date and time, and by whom? Q. Shtik has the whom part down — it will be a Mexican Muslim. Maybe you can copy and paste that comment here, Q. Shtik. If you don’t, maybe I will. I thought it was rather clever. You can be extremely clever when you take your Grammar Nazi hat off and let your hair down every now and then — like once in a Blue Moon.

  4. As many of you know, Saturday night is Movie Night for Mr. & Mrs. Cold. And because I’m a nice guy, I like to share those offerings with you if I think they were excellent movies.

    Pursuant to that, following, you’ll find YouTube trailers of the two excellent movies we watched last night. They were/are superb in every way.

    The first movie, Contre-enquête, is, obviously, by virtue of its title, a French film that’s pertinent to the Maura Murray Mystery in every way. We will be discussing some of the issues covered in that film at this blog when I put a blog post up about it within the next week.

    The second film, Mostly Martha, is an enchanting and endearing German film.

    Both films had such a profound impact on me, I’m still processing them today and maybe tomorrow even and the next day. These movies are not for the majority of braindead fruitcakes who are “fans” of the Maura Murray Mystery and follow the more prominent venues that exploit Maura’s probable abduction and murder. The majority of those freaks, maybe even all of them, don’t do subtitles. They simply can’t grok European Cinema that deals with substantial, existential human issues.

    This is my kind of gal.

  5. Puff Piece Alert!

    I’m going to use bits & pieces of it in my next blog post. It’s perfect fodder. Read it and have a laugh. I did. Serendipitous satire. Containment at its finest. Entertainment Propaganda about people consumed with exploiting a tragedy for personal gain and/or ruin.

    As far as Christopher is concerned, there’s only one Christopher. The rest are imposters and posers

  6. Q. Shtik, the reason your comments didn’t post right away is because I’m holding comments in moderation until I manually approve them. – Cold


    Despite your reply above, I do not see either of the two comments I posted yesterday. They must be floating in cyberspace. Also, even though I checked the two blocks asking that I be notified of new comments and new posts by email, I have received no notifications.

    • You posted them to the Ben (which I thought was odd of you to do) blog post, that’s why. They’re there — you’re just a little slow when it comes to The Net.

      Let me give you instructions. In the top right corner you will find a listing of recent blog posts. Click on the one entitled Ben and scroll to the very bottom — there, you will find your comments. Sheesh! You’re welcome.

  7. Q. Shtik, on the other hand, isn’t so forthright when he’s wrong. – Cold


    First of all, I don’t recall ever BEING wrong but on the off chance that I ever WAS or will be I would certainly admit it.

  8. Q. Shtik has the whom part down — it will be a Mexican Muslim. Maybe you can copy and paste that comment here, Q. Shtik. If you don’t, maybe I will. I thought it was rather clever. – Cold


    I, too, thought that whole scenario I laid out was pretty clever…in fact I laughed my ass off when I read what I had written. The name I came up with for the Mexican Muslim who assassinates Trump – Hector Muhammed Davila – used two common names from the world of boxing (I love boxing) and, of course, Muhammed (as you know, all .8 billion male Muslims in the world have as their first, second, third, etc or last name the name Muhammed or one of its variant spellings). Even more amusing, at least to me, was the bit about VP Christie being sworn in as Prez on AF One while returning from the filming of a diet commercial.

    • It was priceless, Q. Shtik. It made me laugh too. And that’s saying a lot, because I hold everything to a very high standard when it comes to humor. You met that standard. Kudos to you. Keep up the great work, Old Man.

    • Here’s the copy/paste – and that reminds me…if you were aware of this comment, that means you’ve been reading over at CFN, but not commenting.

      None of the individuals (Dem, Repub or other) seeking to be President is qualified for the position by the shear fact of their seeking. The balls, the audacity, the chutzpah is astonishing.
      Nevertheless, we will eventually have candidates with running mates.

      Here is a not impossible scenario:

      1. Donald Trump wins the Repub nomination and names Christie for VP.
      2. Sanders wins Dem nomination and taps unknown John Bachtell as his running mate.
      3. Hillary Clinton commits suicide. Bill Clinton begins dating a top Victoria’s Secret catalog model.
      4. During the Trump vs Sanders campaigning prior to November, Bernie suffers a heart attack. It is mild but it highlights the issue of age and he quickly falls in the polls.
      5. Trump wins the election.
      6. Hector Muhammed Davila, a Mexican Muslim ‘undocumented’ American assassinates Trump on the day construction begins on “the wall” and simultaneously all Muslim immigration is halted.
      7. Chris Christie is sworn in as President by Reverend Al Sharpton on Air Force One on his way back east from the filming of a Weight Watchers commercial in California.
      8. Rachel Maddow commits suicide. 😉

    • ^This^ cartoon is sooo me.

      We have wine with dinner almost every night. Most of the wine comes from our local Rite Aid Pharmacy which is more liquor store than it is drug store. Drugs, greeting cards and corn plasters are just a way of herding people in to buy booze.

      Several years ago I noticed a prominent display of wine for $3.99 a bottle……pino grigio, pino noir, chardonay, merlot, riesling, etc….. all $3.99. The name on the label is Five Oaks. If you ran a blind test on me I doubt that I would favor a $500. bottle over these $3.99ers.

  9. Q, Shtik, I’m not certain why you’re not receiving email notifications when a comment is made. It’s a thing. I don’t have any control over it except to enable the box to be checked as you’ve done. It’s up to in California to send the notification. How long have you not been receiving the notifications? Did it just start happening?

    Maybe the NSA is screwing around in my blog considering the verboten nature of the discussion. Assassination is now a dirty word. That sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore. There are easier ways to dismantle a threat. But what’s the plan when all the other ways fail? I think that failsafe is always available when all else fails. We’ll see. I hope not — I think a Trump presidency would be fun, that’s why I’m secretly pulling for him.

    Remember how fun Clinton was? Never a dull moment. Trump will be a hundred times more fun than that. A POTUS should be fun considering everything’s Pop Culture these days. Maybe we can make a Reality TV Show starring The Donald about Nuclear War as it happens in real time. How cool would that be? And think of all the books that can be written in the few seconds before the author’s hands and brain evaporates and all the podcasts before the swanky podcasters fry like a 1980’s brain on drugs? Entertainment ’til the very end — it’s guaranteed as a right in the constitution. Or it should be.

    • I DID receive an email notification for your above reply but no other notifications for roughly the past week or more.

      BTW, do I need to check those two blocks EVERY time I am posting a comment?

  10. I think what’s happening is, since I’m now holding comments in moderation until I manually approve them, that function is disabling the comment notification feature to which you’ve become accustomed. I know this sucks, but it’s what happens when psychos shit in the sandbox — they ruin it for everyone. Believe me, you don’t want to see the hundreds of psychotic, threatening comments I have to hold back. It’s not a pretty sight.

    Check the notify boxes on each comment you submit and see what happens. You’re notified on my comments because my comments are obviously not held for moderation.

  11. ballaratbabe (not barettababe) said: That, there, is a poorly constructed sentence Q. You’re using more than one verb tense, you’re missing some commas, and you certainly don’t need to include “that”. WTH, Q? I expected more from you! Use big words, like Cold does. I like to learn new words.

    That’s what I’m talking about, right there!!! You Go Girl!! You, bb, have got Game.

    • Absolutely, I think so. I wouldn’t say/type it otherwise. Yes, I know how much my Word means to you, and you should know how much your Word means to me. What amazes me is how many times we’ve had this conversation. I stopped counting at a million. Death created life so eternity could experience growth. When we pass, we are merely reborn into the exact same existence from which we passed, but with no memory of it — no memory of it for most, but those of us who’ve figured it out, we can and do master The Game to our advantage. Learning to lead without being a recognized leader — without anyone ever knowing your name or knowing you ever existed. That’s REAL POWER.

  12. For the curious, just because you can’t always see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I protect you from it because I love you. No one should be subjected to the now over 200 comments of psychotic vitriol. The Old Egregore is biting back hard. It’s on the ropes, no thanks to pretty much everyone who has joined it. Those ~200 comments represent the collective psyche of The Crowd that has coalesced around the Maura Murray Mystery — a very disturbing sight and predicament.

    Combine the “Spam” figure with the “Trash” figure.

  13. Cher was so beautiful in her Pre-Plastic days, wasn’t she? And Sonny — well, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more handsome man. He was a stud.

    Look at the guy in the background in that music video. His expression says, “what the fuck am I doing here?”

  14. “The perfect crime,” Baudrillard writes, “is that of an unconditional realization of the world by the actualization of all data, the transformation of all our acts and all events into pure information; in short, the final solution, the resolution of the world ahead of time by the cloning of reality and the extermination of the real by its double.” At a certain point, reality “implodes leaving no trace, not even the sign of its end. For the body of the real was never recovered. In the shroud of the virtual, the corpse of the real is forever unfindable.”

  15. Why is the murder of the real a perfect crime? This follows from the very nature of the act. “In this grim record of the disappearance of the real,” Baudrillard writes, “it has not been possible to pin down either the motives or the perpetrators, and the corpse of the real itself has never been found… there is neither murderer nor victim.” Every real event leaves its traces behind. These traces are themselves perfectly real; they are the material signs, and guarantees, of the event’s having actually taken place. The act of murder, for instance, leaves a body behind. The person of the victim is absent, but his corpse is all too eloquently present. If the corpse of the real were ever to be found, therefore, its very existence would mean that the real was not dead after all. Conversely, the murder of the real is a perfect crime – indeed, the only perfect crime – because, in abolishing the real altogether, it also abolishes whatever worldly traces it might have left behind. The murder of the real does not take place; for it effaces, retrospectively, the fact of its ever having happened at all.

  16. I just threw a lure into the Sock Puppet Pond that is the Clusterfuck Nation commentary. As is, and was always, the case at that venue, that commentariat swims as one school, indicating a few operators and a lot of socks. And keep in mind, they truly do fear me over there. It’s why none of them sans Q. Shtik are dumb enough to make their way over here where they know I would annihilate them on a level playing field without Unca Jimma to protect them.

    In case you haven’t noticed, I loathe the vermin that hang at that venue with every fiber of my being even though there is no me. If push ever came to shove, I would never fight on their side or defend them in any way. None of them, all the socks and the few operators, are worthy of my defense or any decent person’s defense. They should be thrown to Daesh because they are effectively Daesh.

  17. Frustrated by HeIsBlogging

    What is going on with the circus surrounding the Maura Murray Mystery? First there was Topix and Websleuths, which I can understand. As far out as their theories were, it was obvious these hacks were bored armchair detectives with nothing better to do to occupy their time until they finally depart this mortal coil. Then came James Renner, which blew me away, with his bizarro talk and what seems to me like attention seeking behavior. I’m always interested in reading other people’s thoughts on the case, and know Renner has had a blog for several years devoted to the case and his crazy theories. His blog is supposedly about the case, but now most entries are just several sentences that are tantamount to trolling with every other one an attack on Maura’s family and friends. Over the past few years, apparently Renner’s blog has released Alden Howes Olson’s personal information? I just don’t understand. I feel disappointed, like this has turned into a circus. Isn’t this supposed to be about Maura and finding out what happened to her? It’s amazing to me that ADULTS are resorting to this behavior. Spending the vast majority of their days ‘cyber bullying’ and downright threatening each other on Twitter and other online outlets. I just find everything that’s been going on lately so counterproductive and disappointing. This needs to go back to being about Maura.

    Sorry for the rant. I just needed to vent. 😦

    • You mean don’t agree, not don’t disagree.

      About the other thing, I have a few rules. You know them. I don’t hide them. What’s the problem?

      Don’t take lack of trust personally. I trust no one, ever, on The Net. I’m an equal opportunity distruster. It will always be arm’s length with me, at best.

  18. I mostly disagree with ballaratbabe. The verb tenses sound right to my ear and the use or non-use of commas is mainly an art, not a science. I believe William Safire and David Foster Wallace held forth on this topic (prior to their respective deaths, of course). I will concede that that “that” could or should have been left out on the Strunk and White principle that no sentence should contain an unnecessary word (deep breath) however, there was no loss in sense caused by its inclusion. Capiche?

    • Until you grow some balls (or ovaries, a clitorus and breasts — take your pick) and edit Kunstler’s latest offering like I have, then no capiche. Go on. I dare you. Edit it. Do you have the spine? A spine?

      • If you’ll notice, I rarely correct any of the commenters anymore since I have been warned so many times under threat of banishment. Every now and then I will sneak in a correction via some innocuous wording.

        BTW, all of a sudden I have received a ton of email notifications (14 in 9 hours) from your blog.

  19. Q. Shtik, I see you contributed to JHK’s next hip replacement fund. Or is it the travel Europe fund? Either way, it was really generous of you.

    You’re cheap — but not that cheap. Maybe you reserved a spot in heaven with that donation. You never know. And maybe that spot will be right next to Janos. Can you imagine a CFN Meet-Up? It would look like the bar scene from Star Wars. Count me out — but I would be willing to look at the video of it.

  20. That’s weird about the email notifications, Q. Shtik. It was most likely the NSA checking it out because of the assassination discussion. They should know better — but they don’t.

    Anyway, I’m happy to hear it’s all back to normal, whatever normal is. At Catcher In The Lie blog, we aim to please.

  21. Q. Shtik, did you notice that James Baker, the Cat’s Paw himself, donated to Kunstler’s cause? Too funny. James Baker. What a sly old bastard he is. Checking in regularly to read Janos’ racist ramblings.

    FYI, I don’t read 95% of the commentary when I check that venue out. I do read your stuff because I know you’re the genuine article and it shows. Most of the others are exactly as I have described. They’re propagandists spouting the same bullshit week in and week out as though it’s their job.

    The V’s, for example. I read nothing related to any commentator who’s avatar begins with V to include Volodya, vengeur and Vlad the Inhaler. Don’t forget the M’s to include the blowhard MisterDarling and the scumbag skinhead malthuss. Also, FincaInTheMountains — what the fuck is that all about? He/it is like a Russian acid trip. I don’t read any of his spam. Janos, I will read Janos on occasion because he’s the most intelligent skinhead I’ve run across and his material is so absurd, and so over-the-top, that somedays, and today is one of those days, I believe he is an old Jewish guy like Bernie engaging in really sophisticated, extremely dry satire. Almost undetectable — to the point of why bother.

    James Baker, though. That is rich.

  22. Okay, that’s it at Clusterfuck Nation until next year. The grumpy old sock operators are cajoling Kunstler to ban my ass, no doubt. So, I will leave them to their uninterrupted daily griping. It’s all they have. It’s what they look forward to each and every day just as the baker looks forward to baking the bread & pastries. I don’t want to deprive them of that pleasure. Otherwise, they may decide to shoot up the place — any place. It’s better they remain confined to CFN where they can do no harm, except to each other.

    • The grumpy old sock operators are cajoling Kunstler to ban my ass, no doubt.


      Actually I haven’t seen a single cajol to ban your ass, thus far.

      • I still have PTSD from the first one. – Cold


        I don’t recall you ever mentioning you were banned. How did you get back on? Did you have to beg and grovel or did you change your (ISP?) number.

  23. I just received some fan mail I thought I would share with all you great and wonderful people. Thank you, and keep it coming — it’s what keeps me going.

    Thank you for searching for the truth, I applaud you. I know one thing. If my child were missing I would want any and all help available to help find him/her. Thank God there are still some out there like you who will walk the extra mile in helping to solve this case while the rest make snarky computer comments.

  24. Q. Shtik said: I don’t recall you ever mentioning you were banned. How did you get back on? Did you have to beg and grovel or did you change your (ISP?) number.

    I’m Jewish. If you’re Jewish, a ban only lasts for two weeks. Gentiles have to beg and grovel. Sorry, that’s the way it is.

    The only exception to that rule is Janos. Janos is an honorary Jew of high standing, so he can never be banned.

    It doesn’t take much for PTSD to set in. Two weeks will do it and most anything can trigger it. One could argue that life, if you’re not Jewish, is PTSD. If you’re Jewish, Janos would argue, it’s a Piece of Cake.

    • The only exception to that rule is Janos. Janos is an honorary Jew of high standing, so he can never be banned. – Cold


      How many times has JHK declared angrily that some comment by Janos was “stupid and scurrilous?” To be “scurrilous” is often the kiss of death but Janos lives on. After the scurrilous branding last week there wasn’t so much as a hiccup in Janos’s Jew-bashing.

      It is not surprising really. Think about it. How many comments of the weekly 500-600 are written BY Janos or in reply TO Janos? Without Janos the comment count would drop to under a hundred. Then Jim may as well fold up his tent. Janos is a sort of national treasure at CFN.

  25. But don’t get me wrong, I’d hate to see Janos tossed off. He’s an interesting character and a lot of what he writes is artful…….and even brilliant. You do not have to be of like mind to enjoy someone’s comments.

    • Why do you always have to ruin it? Why does everyone always have to ruin it?

      I don’t think Janos is real. He’s a character being played by someone. He and wpa are foils, and the lengths whoever’s behind it is going to makes it a highly intelligent, endurable satire. The stamina and sheer relentlessness to stay in character without wavering is impressive. That’s my interest. If such people really existed, I couldn’t stand to be in their presence for more than a few seconds without, quite literally, spitting in their lying, manipulative, psychotic faces.

      If those two characters were to come to this venue and we were to face off, I feel confident I could knock them off their unflagging block in due time. The person behind those characters knows that, and that’s why they’ll never comment here. But the person who is behind those characters does read here, and it leaves little clues that it does.

      • You started by saying Janos and Kunstler are one, and then you expanded that to say Janos and wpasoka are one. That, too, is utter nonsense. Remember Occam’s Razor…the simple and obvious answer is that they are each unique characters.

  26. ballaratbabe said: I know, I know, you’re receiving threats and being cyber stalked and bullied and all that….

    In all budding relationships, there’s a pivotal point, a crossroads if you will, where we evaluate and determine if moving forward together is mutually beneficial, or if it’s better to just go our separate ways. You and I, we’ve reached that point. Maybe there are several pivotal points in a relationship, but this is our first.

    We’ve been having our satirical fun with one another, but satire and humor have their place and their time. There are still lines that should not be crossed, and it’s up to you, as a mature adult, to be able to determine where those lines are without me telling you. You’re stepping on those lines. You have been stepping on those lines since you arrived. I think you know you are, and I’ve been a good sport because you’re intelligent about it. But now it’s time to confront you and it.

    The quoted comment above was selected for a reason. So, let me start with a couple of questions.

    1.) Why did you change your name shortly after you started posting here?

    2.) Why the fuck do you read this blog and post here at all?

    We’ll start with those two questions for now. I don’t want to ignore any future posts you submit to this blog and throw them in the trash with the psychotic stalkers’ comments, so I’m going to do my best to give this a chance. If you’re not amenable, well, too bad, it’s no skin off my back. You will be added to the heap of inhumanity I’ve discarded over the years in my travels on The Net. It’s up to you.

  27. And Q. Shtik, I disagree, I don’t believe Kunstler responded angrily to Janos. If you’re sensing anger, you’ve been fooled. It’s feigned, I assure you.

    I still consider the theory that Janos is Kunstler is plausible. Do I believe it 100%? No. But it is ~ 50%, in my humble opinion.

    Whatever Janos is, it’s strategic. Nobody provides that kind of time, energy and effort to someone else’s blog without some kind of ulterior motive. Nobody. Nothing is free. Except this blog.

    • I suspect that JHK gets emails from angry commenters asking “how in the hell can you let this guy (Janos) get away with the shit he says” and JHK tosses them a bone, faking anger by smacking him with a soft pair of mittens.

      As to your theory that JHK and Janos are one……….that’s utter nonsense, no offense.

      • Maybe it is utter nonsense. Maybe it’s not. If Janos is not Kunstler, my theory as to it being someone “in character” is not utter nonsense. To believe that avatar is legit is beyond the pale. It’s a very disturbed individual, if it’s actually legit, and I refuse to believe someone that disturbed can function in society at all to any degree.

        I agree with your first paragraph if Janos is indeed not Kunstler.

  28. May I ask, who has been trying to access the links per the Crossing The Rubicon blog post? Make yourself known and explain why, if you’re brave enough. If it’s YOU, why are YOU still here? Be gone already. Avert your eyes from this venue forever. YOU are not wanted here. YOU have no legitimacy and as far as I’m concerned, YOU, as an influencing source, don’t exist now or in the future. Perhaps you once did in the past and that’s why that blog post and several others are still there — in the past as a record of what once was and could have been. It’s foolhardy and imprudent to visit a venue that refuses to acknowledge your legitimacy. Go. And never come back.

  29. What would be absolutely hilarious is if Kunstler’s Patreon solicitation is to help pay Janos’s salary. I so wish that was true. The joke would be on everyone who contributed, including you. Although, considering your admiration for Janos, you’d be fine with paying him for his service, but would Janos return the favor and pay you for the fellatio you’ve provided to him at this venue? I doubt he would — he’s even more of a cheapskate than you.

    • I don’t know if Janos is cheap but I’m pretty sure he’s poor. Like Hitler, he’s too involved with his obsessions to have an actual money earning vocation.

      Regarding Kunstler’s Patreon solicitation, I believe it is just as he said……there is not that much money in writing novels (unless you’re Steven King or James Michener) and those speaking engagements are few and far between.

  30. Q. Shtik said: You started by saying Janos and Kunstler are one, and then you expanded that to say Janos and wpasoka are one. That, too, is utter nonsense. Remember Occam’s Razor…the simple and obvious answer is that they are each unique characters.

    No, I didn’t say any of that. You inferred it. There is a difference. Your inference is incorrect. I said it’s possible Janos and Kunstler are one and the same. I didn’t say they were one and the same. I’m willing to entertain the notion and give it a probability weighting. Until and unless further proof presents itself, I don’t know for sure. It remains merely a possibility.

    Also, I didn’t say Janos and wpa are one and the same, but they may play for the same team and be part of the same strategy. They, wittingly or not, are the bookends of the confinement of the conversation as far as CFN’s comment section is concerned. It’s like point/counterpoint. Janos and wpa represent the extremes, and the purpose of the strategy, if its witting, seems to be to move people to the middle in their profound abhorrence of both extremes. Neither of them are there to learn and grow, they’re there to spam their inanity, incessantly and unrelentingly, 24/7. You are not part of that witting or unwitting strategy, and it’s why you were banned once upon a time. I was not part of that strategy, and despite me being a Jew, it’s why I was banned once upon a time. We’re merely tolerated if we comment there, but purely for purposes of amusement. The genuine at that venue isn’t genuinely appreciated.

    • You are over-thinking this, Cold. I was banned for (my own obsession of) correcting people’s grammar and spelling. Kunstler genuinely finds that highly annoying. I think of it as a valuable service to mankind.

      I would like everyone to know that my obsession doesn’t just play out at your blog and the CFN blog. I constantly correct my wife, my kids and especially my brother-in-law. OMG, Peter is the worst. It was a scene right out of the Sopranos. He dropped over the other day and the conversation turned to the health problems of his friend…….”Jimmy’s got prostrate cancer.” No, NO Peter” I say, barely able to contain myself (and here I sprawled out face down on the kitchen floor) “**THIS** is prostrate. What Jimmy has is pros TATE cancer.”

      Peter answers: “whatever.”

      • That was funny about Peter. I love your Peter stories. Did he eat all the sugar cookies again, or did you manage to stash some away without him noticing before he ate them all?

        I’m not overthinking it, I’m just thinking comprehensively and covering all my bases. Perception is about possibilities. When it comes to Janos, there may be ten different possibilities as to what the entity that is Janos really is, and there are specific probability weights associated with each possibility. For some reason, you have to think of it definitively, even though you have no proof to defend your definitive conviction, and no, I’m sorry, but Occam’s Razor is not proof. I’m not definitive about Janos. He could be one of many things, and maybe two or three of those ten possibilities. Until there is further proof, I don’t know for sure or even close to sure. Considering that, the possibility exists Janos may be Kunstler.

        Your correcting commentators’ spelling and grammar is benign in comparison to Janos’ filthy tripe. What does that say about Kunstler that he would ban you for something as benign as pestering people about their spelling and grammar yet overlook Janos’ vile renderings? Whatever it says, it’s not very flattering. And it raises a Red Flag for me that there is something more to Janos than we’re led to believe. Unfortunately, the world isn’t as starkly black & white as you’d like it to be. It’s not even a paltry Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s too many shades of grey to count with human standards of measurement.

      • Your correcting commentators’ spelling and grammar is benign in comparison to Janos’ filthy tripe. What does that say about Kunstler that he would ban you for something as benign as pestering people about their spelling and grammar yet overlook Janos’ vile renderings?


        We’ve already covered this ground, Cold. I’m dispensable, I don’t generate 400+ comments.

  31. Q, Shtik, as far as Occam’s Razor is concerned, you need to apply it to yourself first before suggesting I apply it to myself. For example, it seems like it was just yesterday that you asserted I was Joe M and ballaratbabe. You were wrong. You are wrong. You didn’t apply Occam’s Razor.

    FYI, I do apply it. That’s why I consider theories and their respective probability weightings rather than dealing in absolutes. It’s a matter of striking a balance between keeping an open mind and keeping yourself honest.

    • it seems like it was just yesterday that you asserted I was Joe M and ballaratbabe. – Cold


      This was intended partially in jest (since you are so enthralled with conspiracy theories) however, I still contend that you and ballar sound remarkably the same and do a lot of self-serving back and forth stroking. It’s unseemly. I’m tempted to say “get a room.”

      • You could have said what you just did, and you did, or you could have graciously said, “touché, Cold.”

        What makes you think ballaratbabe and I haven’t been corresponding in jest? Are you the only one who types in jest?

  32. As for ballaratbabe, your most recent comment is ironic since I’m about at the end of my rope as far as that entity is concerned. It’s been fucking with me since it arrived and I don’t believe its intentions are sincere in any way. I think its here to do Former LE’s bidding. That psycho freak has an army of freaks willing to do its bidding. It’s why I won’t be answering any more emails. Going forward, any emails I receive, I will consider them spies for Former LE.

    We’ll wait to see how it answers my inquiries now that I’ve put it on the spot, but my guess is, it will go the way of so many before it — on the heap of discarded inhumanity. And I say “it,” because anyone related to the Maura Murray Mystery is an “it” until thoroughly proven otherwise. The number of men pretending to be women surrounding this bizarre case is unnerving. I’m not sure it’s a woman despite its claims.

  33. Q. Shtik said: We’ve already covered this ground, Cold. I’m dispensable, I don’t generate 400+ comments.

    And Hitler wanted to kill off the Jews and the Slavs because he wanted more land and space for True Germans — Lebensraum. Just because he left it to Himmler and the SS and the obeisant bureaucrat, Eichman, to bring that about doesn’t mean he wasn’t complicit. To what extent and to what degree Hitler was complicit is a matter of interpretation and opinion, just as Kunstler’s complicity in padding his comment numbers is a matter of interpretation and opinion. There are many possibilities as to how that’s actually accomplished.

  34. ballaratbabe said: I guess my problem is I don’t know why those other guys are attacking you so viciously on line and taking your podcast down because it may get them into legal trouble. What the hell is going on? I know some of those guys attack me because I don’t agree with their theories but I think there is something more going on in your case. Can you tell us or is it all one big plot to draw us in?

    You’ve answered with a question rather than answering my questions. Please answer the questions. And there is no “us.” Don’t pretend to speak for a group or the group, because you don’t. You speak for you, whatever you are.

    • Don’t [portend] to speak for a group or the group, because you don’t.



      be a sign or warning that (something, especially something momentous or calamitous) is likely to happen:
      “the eclipses portend some major events”
      synonyms: presage · augur · foreshadow · foretell · prophesy · [more]

      Perhaps you meant pretend.

  35. Interesting how Worlds collide. For some reason, out of a hat, I chose a commentator at CFN by the name of pequiste to single out. Not to attack him or her, but to point out the absurdity of being concerned about a Collapse and a return to a World Made By Hand, yet watching election coverage on a television at a gym while they’re working out in air-conditioned comfort. I considered it stark irony. If you’re advocating back to basics living, why aren’t you out lifting logs and hiking through nature to work off your diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure?

    Come to find out, pequiste is a Canadian term as follows:

    1. n. (pronounced: pay-kist) In Quebec, A supporter of the Parti Quebecois, a French-Canadian ultra-nationalist political organization with the stated goal of destroying the Canadian federation, thereby allowing Quebec to claim independance. They are polictically left wing in ideolgy, but right wing in their definition of the Quebec nation and tactics. See aslo: traitor, racist, language police

    Essentially, it’s a fascist, racist organization. That would explain this cretin’s interest in Kunstler’s comment section and its affection for the incomparable Janos.

    And, it’s Quebec, and as we all know, according to Renner, Maura Murray could be alive and well living in Quebec. It’s a Small World.

    It’s gutter politics really – a party acts as spokesperson for a vaguely defined ‘silent majority’ whose core values are threatened simply because they say so. This majority for whom the party speaks is silent for a reason. It is ultimately the illusion of an exclusive club and the message is always party, not people, driven. The message is always the same: the minorities are a threat to the sanctity of the majority’s identity and something in turn must be done.

    In Israel, far-right anti-immigrant parties hold rallies where hysterical women wail at the microphone about how they fear being raped ‘by packs of wild Africans,’ or relate completely groundless anecdotes to the same point. Members of this party, if you can believe it, actually favour rounding up all African immigrants in Israel and sticking them in concentration camps.

    In Eastern Europe, far-right ultra-nationalist parties preaching even more violent means of eliminating undesirable ethnic minorities (notably the Roma) use much the same rhetoric as their Israeli counterparts to justify their own hate and prejudice.

    Granted, Bill 60 isn’t as bad as all that, but the it’s rooted in the same kind of hate, ignorance and shitty populism.

    The PQ defines who is and who isn’t Québécois and they only ever represent the Québécois who fit their narrow description. Anyone who questions the legitimacy of the party or its purpose, anyone who criticizes the leadership, anyone who refuses to support needlessly divisive legislation such as Bill 60 – these people are not Québécois in the PQ’s eyes, they are obstacles on the road to independence.

    When ethno-nationalist governments run out of any kind of political legitimacy they create social panics concerning a potential loss of cultural identity, typically resulting in punitive social policy that aims to further marginalize minorities while claiming they represent a clear and present public danger.

    Québec, in this particular case, is very much like a host of small, impotent nations driven pointlessly into national (but not economic) sovereignty as a consequence of invented ethno-nationalist panics. As a proud Québécois, I want my ‘nation’ to aspire to be greater than Serbia, Croatia or Uzbekistan.

  36. For those of you wondering, this is Janos. This is what I once battled over at Clusterfuck Nation. All by myself. No help whatsoever. And for that, critics of me who follow the Maura Murray Mystery labeled me a bully. For taking on bigots with no aid. Too funny.

    • This is what I once battled over at Clusterfuck Nation. All by myself. No help whatsoever. – Cold


      Are you shittin’ me? Every newbie that ever showed up at CFN did battle with Janos including myself back in 2008.

      BTW, I agree with him about the link of the “Hilariously ridiculous Drama Queen.” This young woman, squirming around in her chair, endlessly pushing her hair back behind her ears and wiping away her tears saddens me at the thought that this is an example of a young adult in today’s world.

      • I don’t click on his links. They most always, without fail, take you to websites devoted to racism, but yes, I agree that anyone who acts like that girl, and in this case it is indeed a girl, is ridiculous.

        That’s not the part of his statement I take umbrage with, though, it’s the second paragraph. I so want to hook Janos up with Jillian Kuzma or Emma Finamore. Hell, even all the female Maura Murray Mystery fans who are drug addicts and those with PTSD would be a good match. They all like a strong man that knows how to take charge and doesn’t take any shit. Janos is that man. He is THERE man — not some activist loser living in a traiIer on the side of a mountain somewhere. I think they would be a great match. Janos can reform them — make them whole and complete again. Hell, maybe all of them (Janos and his 500 wives) could move to Utah and they can all be married and have all of Janos’ babies and we could make a podcast and show about it and write a book. I’m smelling franchise, Baby!! You can be the Production Accountant and resident ass wiper, Q. Shtik. It’s the least you can do for your race.

  37. Here’s Janos’ latest offering at CFN, his only home under that name. I can’t find his name anywhere else, which leads me to believe that if he does comment elsewhere, assuming he’s not Kunstler, then he is doing it under another sock name, and that’s in violation of anonymity etiquette. Jillian, being a Good Conservative, eats Janos’ shit up, no doubt. I think many in the Maura Murray Mystery crowd eat his shit up since they’re all as Lily White as can be. Janos is the champion of their race. He will save them from extinction. He will end the White Genocide. And note the use of the word “Beagle.” Does that Ring a Bell? Pavlov too, not just Darwin.

  38. In fact, the crowd that’s gathered around the Maura Murray Mystery, to the point they can now be considered fans, is so Lily White a new & improved podcast should be rolled out entitled Look How Fucking White We Are. And Aurelia would be its Numero Uno fan. Swanky White attire will be mandatory, especially stylish hats to hide balding pates.

  39. Beware the Twitter Women with one name, their first name presumably, and a goofy photo of themselves accompanying it. Like Sicilian women (just ask Michael), they are more dangerous than shot guns. They’re damaged — and damaged damages.

  40. I’m getting psyched about the possibility of this new podcast, Look How Fucking White We Are. I may roll it out myself rather than waiting for someone else to do it.

    It’ll be a real Bone Party, whatever the fuck that is. Whatever it is, you know it’s got to be White!!!

    White People Love Podcasts! And True Crime. True Crime Podcasts? A White person’s idea of Nirvana. The kids will have to raise themselves. There are podcasts to create and podcasts to listen to — ain’t nobody got time for child-rearing. Just stick them in front of the television with an iPad and a huge carton of baked Goldfish and a 16oz package of Gummy Bears and you have the whole day free to yourself to create and listen. Easy Peezy!

  41. I’m always looking for wives for Janos. Here’s another one, buddy ‘ol pal of mine. Big Bad Love. “They’re White as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore!!”

    And no, YOU, a photo of your sun-damaged freckled chest isn’t an adequate substitute. No doubt you’ll put a photo of your cat up next, or maybe your Rottweilers.

    Another word of wisdom. Never trust anyone named Sara or Sarah on The Net. You’ll regret it. The Net and that name is a lethal combination from hell.

  42. There’s no group here. There is nothing YOU could ever learn here. You have insulted me and my family by marginalizing a cyber threat that could easily turn into physical harm and death.

    You’re wrong, you are smart. In fact, you’re a genius. So, go back to where you belong — with The Genius of the Crowd. This venue is not for you. You are not welcome.

    Oh, and tell “Troy” I said hi since you’re practically neighbors. Hell, maybe you even share the same skin. You never know.

    Good try. But I’m not biting. Next. And there will be a next. Don’t bother to reply. Any further comments from you will not be approved.

  43. Just don’t hit me. – ballar


    ^That^ is funny.

    Cold, if you didn’t write this whole comment I’ll eat my (chocolate) hat. You love being in the eye of controversy of your own making……a Drama Queen.

    If by some chance I am wrong, I want to nominate ballar for the David Foster Wallace award. I think it was in his first novel (published before his 25th birthday), The Broom of the System, that a character, an exceptionally bright college student (obviously modeled after himself) does not bother going to classes. He hangs around the dorm and smokes pot all day. He earns pin money by writing papers for other students. He has these students provide samples of their own papers and then he is able to duplicate with near precision every nuance of their style. He does his job only well enough to earn his customers an A- or a B+ to avoid suspicion.

    Fess up Cold, you and ballar are one.

    • I’m going to say this to you this one time, and one time only. Related to this latest controversy concerning the Maura Murray Mystery, you are out of your element and you’re not in a position to pass judgment because you aren’t aware of all the facts. You haven’t been paying attention and you don’t care to pay attention, so keep your misguided opinion related to it to yourself.

      I take threatening comments towards me and my family, to include my wife and daughter, very seriously. Maybe if it was you, you wouldn’t. And if you didn’t, were it ever to happen to you, you’d be a fucking idiot and a coward.

      If you persist, I will effectively block you and never approve another one of your comments. Your problem, Q. Shtik, is that you don’t have gears. You’re like the new continuously variable transmissions. They’re comprised of a band that stretches. There are no gears. If you had gears, you’d understand others who do. I have a satirical gear as well as a deadly serious gear and several other gears as well. Just because I engage in satire and jest on occasion, doesn’t mean I’m a joke and therefore deserving of threats. That’s like saying a woman who walks into a bar, dressed provocatively, and flirts with a guy is asking to be brutally raped. I don’t know, perhaps you feel that way. Many males of your generation did and do, so perhaps you do as well. But I don’t feel that way. Nothing justifies threatening someone. Nothing. And you should be ashamed of yourself for implying such a thing with your statement and marginalizing threats when they do occur.

  44. Cold, over at CFN I am getting an “Error 404 – page not found” message when I try to post a comment. Kindly, let me know if you are having the same problem.

    • Yes, I’m getting it too. I tried posting the following comment and I got that error page. I thought Kunstler banned me, but I noted BRH’s comment got through even though I posted mine before he did. Here’s the comment I posted.

      fodase wpa said: glad you continue to realize that Mr. Trump is your next President and the beautiful Melania will finally give us a First Lady with some class.

      Why do you feel compelled to be so politically correct at a venue such as this (CFN)? Say what you mean and mean what you say. What you mean to say is, “and the beautiful Melania will finally give us a First Lady all of us, except Janos who is saving his ˈjizəm for Odin, would like to fuck.”

      It’s an expensive fuck, though. You have to make the big dollars like Trump to be able to afford a swanky fuck like that. Still, you don’t have to pay to look — not yet, at least.

      • OK, roger on the 404 error.

        BTW, remember the inbred albino halfwit sitting on the porch playing the banjo in Deliverance? Trump’s got the same eyes.

      • You’re right, come to think of it. I wonder if Trump plays a Mean Banjo?

        I think we’ve been banned. For shame. Other comments are getting through so I just tried again and no dice. I still get the error. That creepy cowardly skinhead malthuss left a little clue that he’s in on it. You are a coward, malthuss, if you’re not a sock, and even if you are a sock. You play dirty. Cowards play dirty. You’re a scum. Here’s me spitting in your face you racist creep. You filthy vermin. You belong under a boot smashed into the filth and detritus beneath it that birthed your degeneracy.

        I told you — there’s more to that comment section than meets the eye. My “snake in the grass” comment was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Why they’re doing it to you, I don’t know.

      • I, also, went back and saw that 4 fresh comments had appeared so I tried posting one myself but, as you say, no dice.

        Next step: I will send an email to JHK and his tech guy and ask “wussup?”

      • Good luck with that. I don’t do the beg & grovel thing. It’s no sweat off my back if I’m banned. I expected it and told you it would happen. How? Because I know. I’ve never learned a thing at that comment section or at his blog. It’s redundant rehash every week of every year of every decade.

      • I just posted the following at CFN and it worked:

        Test…test.. check one… test

        Now you give it a try.

  45. What it means, Q. Shtik, is Kunstler took my challenge of his sock parade personally and banned me. Why would he take it personally if I challenged people like wpa and janos and fodase? I wasn’t criticizing Kunstler at his blog. So why would HE take it personally? Maybe because he’s operating the socks or he condones the operators of the socks and their sock parade. Otherwise, he shouldn’t really care considering the tripe Janos leaves in the comment section and Janos’ constant harassing of any “new” voice. If my theory’s correct, that’s fucked up. And imagine — people have pledged nearly $3,000 month for him to run a sock show in his comment section. People are nuts. That’s why I put nothing in that tip jar. I won’t pay for the filth that is Janos. Janos should pay me for stripping him naked just like Trump wants Mexico to pay for The Wall.

    • Yeah, they made me laugh out loud. I can’t get that inbred kid from Deliverance out of my head now. That kid can sure play a mean banjo. He’s a savant. For those who aren’t aware, here’s the scene to which Q. Shtik is referring, and if you have never seen this movie, you must. It’s a classic and it ranks up there as one of my favorites. Here’s The Donald in his youth. He came from humble origins.

  46. Okay, it works for me now too. I just left a test message. My theory is still a theory and not necessarily fact.

    I wonder what happened? Why were some able to comment but not others?

    I could tell you were getting panicky. But, relief came and it’s now water under the bridge. Forward we march.

  47. Okay, it works for me now too. – Cold


    You’re not gonna believe this but I went back to CFN and tried to post a long comment (not simply a test comment) and up came the 404 error warning again. I am so frustrated because the comment I want to post concerns RACE and is my response to Doug’s and Elrond’s nonsense. Fortunately I have the comment saved elsewhere so I won’t have to recreate the wheel.

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