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He is a genius. Don’t you agree? Who would have ever thought? Not me. He has handled The Media, The Fourth Estate, with adroit aplomb. He’s played it/them like a fiddle every step of the way and his refusal to participate in the upcoming Fox News GOP Debate, the 7th GOP Debate so far, is yet another master stroke of his dumb-like-a-fox genius.

Keep in mind, I am not politically ideological in any way. I don’t vote. It’s a waste of time. Either way you lose even if your vote counted, which it doesn’t. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t find politics an interesting topic to discuss — because I do find it an interesting topic, when I can opine about it unconventionally at my own venue without having to read the nauseating back and forth, Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative propaganda vomited by the various apparatchiks scouring the internet in an effort to keep the sheep in one of two pens. This is apparent at most every, if not every, online comment section you visit. It’s old. It’s worn. It’s boring. And It’s All Lies.


The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is particularly interesting this year versus years past when it was always a yawn or a snore, precisely because of The Donald. He”s made it worth tuning in every now and then. Not for any length of time, but just enough to get a laugh or two, maybe even three or four laughs sometimes. And not because he’s a buffoon, but because he’s making everyone else look like a bunch of buffoons trying to decipher his buffoonery. He has quite literally sucked all the media oxygen out of the air and, as a  necessary result, every other candidate is suffocating. He hasn’t had to pay for any of this media coverage whereas his opposition has had to spend handsomely to get even a small percentage of the airtime Trump has managed to get for free by being daring and controversial. He acts as if he has nothing to lose. And maybe that’s the key. It’s the trick. I know in years past when I played golf and I was having a terrible round, psychologically, I would give up and not fight it any longer or try to salvage the round. I no longer had a score to protect — I had nothing to lose. And it was at this point that I would start playing like a pro and the birdies would start rolling in. That’s how Trump’s playing this 2016 Presidential Election Match — like he has nothing to lose. And maybe he doesn’t — have anything to lose. Something to consider.

This is not to say that I’m a Trump fan and that I’ll be voting for him. Like I said earlier, I don’t vote. I don’t care. I won’t be part of the charade. But I will enjoy Trump’s antics because, as you may or may not know, I can’t stand The Media. It’s filthy, disgusting, duplicitous propaganda for a braindead audience that can’t tell Shit from Shinola or Up from Down. Trump is giving the so-called Fourth Estate hell, and I’m enjoying every minute of it because it/they keep coming back for more punishment and each time he smacks them down with barely any effort. He’s setting them up. They’re too easy. He is just what they deserve and there’s nothing better than seeing people, especially the soulless creatures that comprise The Media, get what they deserve.

There’s a poll below. I’d appreciate it if you participated. Thanks in advance for those who do. Also, let me know what you think about it in the commentary. Love him or hate him, you have to admit, he’s a genius.



24 thoughts on “Make America Great Again

  1. Your analysis of Trump and the media is spot on. He sets them up and knocks them down. I think Trump gets elected and it will be like when Bill Clinton got elected: No one admits to voting for him, but he ends up with all of the votes.

  2. Wow, John Boy, for a guy who claims he doesn’t have a vehicle, you sure do get around. Are you visiting Lisa in Maine today? So many ip addresses, Wolfie. How do you do it? You’re seemingly everywhere — even in my operating system. Do you bring your police scanner along as well a digital copy of Duran Duran’s Hungry Like The Wolf loaded on the iPhone as you prowl the highways and backwater byways looking to help vulnerable Damsels in Distress?

  3. Block you? Never again. Not you MJ. Remember, I like you — now that we’ve gotten to know one another. Of course, there is that old saying — “never say never except when you say never say never.”

  4. I don’t think that The Donald ever felt he would get this far since he’s not a career politician. Nor do I believe he enjoys losing since he has a large ego.
    However, he also has a successful life, outside of politics, to fall back on. (He has reminded us many times that he has $10,000,000,000.) Thus, he’ll ride this wave and see where it leads him. He’ll utter comments that would bury other other candidates alive. Mr. Teflon has nothing to lose. One thing his bid for the presidency has highlighted is how tired many people are of the stereotypical candidates who spend endless months and waste millions of dollars in their quest to become president.

  5. Jody said: Yes, it sounds like one helluva day they have planned.

    Yep, it’s sounds like it will be a real Barn Burner.

    Dora indicates there will be coffee & doughnuts at The Lodge. He may have only been a police officer for a few hours, but The Doughnut Effect still remains. Cops, former or otherwise, and doughnuts are inseparable. Until death do them part, and the doughnuts, more often than not, are the death of them.

    Still, the doughnuts do sound tempting. It may make the trip to NH worthwhile. A friend and I, even though I have no friends, may be providing security for Faith & Tim Westman. Considering the psychos following The Wolfman, men Catfishing and pretending to be women and they know who they are and they are legion, Tim & Faith are going to need some protection from a mentally-disturbed Mob packing heat (as well as pitchforks and torches) and seeking to make someone pay for their screwed up lives.

  6. The poll results are interesting thus far. Nine people out of eleven (9/11) don’t believe Trump will be the next President of the United States. I’m betting the imbalance in the voting is predicated upon not whether the majority thus far think The Donald will be the next President but rather whether they want The Donald to be the next President. The two are not the same, but many people will not contemplate or fathom something they don’t want to happen so they’ll vote for what they want or don’t want to happen rather than what they think will happen. In that regard, AWG has answered the question most honestly. He was able to separate out what he wants to transpire versus what he thinks will transpire because he knows they are not equivalent. It’s multidimensional thinking, and many people, most actually, are not capable of it.

  7. New Piñata Trumps Usual Party Props For Mexican Entrepreneur

    Ironically, these are made in a town (Reynosa) controlled by one of the cartels (like most towns in Mexico but the border towns are the worst). No candidate, not even Trump, has a solution for the issue of Mexico. The answer is to annex Mexico once and for all. I’m guessing ~60% of its economy is remittances from relatives in America and illegal drug sales to America. When you include the American tourist trade, that’s probably another 10%. It’s time Mexico becomes part of the United States and we clean it up from top to bottom. A lot of people will go to prison and we can put an end to the Padrone System in Mexico and allow for truly Free Enterprise. Or, we can do the same thing we’ve been doing for the past thirty years which is only making matters worse.

    • It has been my opinion since the late 90’s that the US should have made Mexico “an offer they couldn’t refuse” to be annexed into the USA. Also, Mexico is an oil producer and it is a big contributor to their economy.

      There would still be an illegal immigration problem with the countries south of Mexico. Many of the illegals in the USA just pass through Mexico.

  8. AWG said: It has been my opinion since the late 90’s that the US should have made Mexico “an offer they couldn’t refuse” to be annexed into the USA. Also, Mexico is an oil producer and it is a big contributor to their economy.

    There would still be an illegal immigration problem with the countries south of Mexico. Many of the illegals in the USA just pass through Mexico.

    I will admit that I was exaggerating with my ad hoc, improvised and self-serving statistics. But my point is still valid. Mexico is pretty much a terminally corrupt Narco State on Amercia’s Southern border. Next to Chile, it has the second highest income disparity ratio in the industrialized world. As an example, Carlos Slim’s net worth is 8% of Mexico’s GDP. And remember, the New York Times is on the hook to Carlos Slim, so when it comes to Mexico, I’m sure he gets a say, either implicitly or explicitly, on what ultimately gets published. Therefore, the New York Times will attack anyone who dares to take on the issue of Mexico as a terminally corrupt narco state with 50% of its population below the poverty line and 10% of its population possessing 35% of its yearly GDP.

    This is why poor, desperate Mexicans put their lives at risk for a chance in America. And when they get here, they send a sizable portion of what they make back home rather than spending it in the American economy. There are no accurate numbers for this money sent back home referred to as remittances. It is claimed by the World Bank and the IMF that remittances comprise ~2.1% of Mexico’s GDP, but I’m sure it’s more than that. What’s more important is who receives the remittances, or who was receiving the remittances. It’s the poorest of the poor. It’s their welfare. And get this, the government of Mexico has endeavored to steal that welfare from America to them as follows:

    The main states receiving remittances in 2014 were Michoacán, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Mexico and Puebla, which jointly captured 45% of total remittances in that year.[65] Several state governments, with the support of the federal government, have implemented programs to use part of the remittances to finance public works. This program, called Dos por Uno (Two for every one) is designed in a way that for each peso contributed by migrants from their remittances, the state and the federal governments will invest two pesos in building infrastructure at their home communities.[68]

    Considering the corrupt Padrone System, I imagine the majority of this money makes the wealthier even wealthier in Mexico. It’s criminal and it’s tragic.

    And, of course, that Wikipedia link mentions nothing about the impact of the drug trade on the Mexican economy, but we know it has to be significant.

    I agree with you that annexing Mexico doesn’t solve the mass migration from Latin America and South America. Other measures would have to be implemented to stem the tide. Perhaps requiring those countries to adopt the dollar as their currency thus eliminating arbitrage is a good start and allowing them to farm as they have for thousands of years rather than driving indigenous farmers off their land to make way for large, multinational, industrialized agribusiness.

  9. I know that assimilating Mexico is far more difficult than “making them an offer they can’t refuse”. My comment was partly tongue in cheek. i thought that Mexico being a part of the USA would cut down on the crime. Probably a foolish thought. Someone much smarter than me has to figure out a solution to our relationship with Mexico.

    • I was also being tongue in cheek with my annexation comment. It’s an incredibly complex issue and one I don’t think will ever be resolved politically. People say they fear Trump. What a bunch of nonsense. He’s one man. Even if he was “elected” POTUS he wouldn’t be able to alter the the trajectory of this Beast that has a life of its own. The Elite like immigration. It prevents any chance for populist solidarity amongst The Masses against their vested interests and holdings. I was watching a PBS documentary the other night about mineworkers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The mine operators/owners were shrewd. In order to avoid unionization and solidarity amongst the laborers, they recruited various factions, i.e. The Slavs, The Italians, The Irish, The Blacks and The Whites, and pitted them against one another. Because these various factions were always feuding with one another and couldn’t get along, the mine owners/operators had nothing to fear because The Rubes couldn’t get along long enough to agree on anything. That is a microcosm of the macrocosm of America, and the West in general. The Elite, and their political representatives, are on-board with mass immigration. They are all for changing the face and character of The West. All those Enligtenment values are being flushed as we speak, and the false dichotomy of Liberal and Conservative is providing the necessary cover while it all unfolds according to the loose and flexible plan.

  10. I’m in discussion with Trump staffers in an effort to get The Donald to make a visit to The Weathered Barn corner on February 9th — the day of the New Hampshire GOP primary. It will bring national coverage and exposure to the Maura Murray Mystery and it will allow Trump to meet The Wolfman and do a few photo ops with Wolfie and his gun(s) to show Trump’s support for the NRA. Two Birds With One Donald. That’s the thing I love about this case — it brings the card-carrying Liberals together with the card-carrying Libertarian Conservatives like The Wolfman. Aurelia, who says she deplores guns, supports the gun-toting John Smith. I can’t tell you how much I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning, and this case, because of the people surrounding it, is the epitome of hypocrisy.

  11. Too funny. Fox News is owned by the Saudis and Megyn Kelly portends to be interested in the empowerment of women. Megyn Kelly is interested in Megyn Kelly. If she was principled, she wouldn’t be in the employ of a Network owned by a Saudi Prince who keeps HIS women wrapped up and suffocated in bed sheets so perverts like him won’t look at their subhuman flesh and be tempted to rape them until the time is right.

  12. Also, we need to have a conversation about a certain Fowler & Quail. Your homework assignment is to listen to the first seven minutes of the following MMM podcast. Endorsements are like tattoos — they’re a bitch to get rid of, so if you’re going to do it, you better be sure.

    Lance Reenstierna speaking about The Wolfman — “One thing we do know about him is that he’s a very genuine guy.”

    Meanwhile, I get accused of threatening them with the Miles Wainwright emails they received, with sending the Penny Pic and with calling their hotel rooms. They put it out there about suspecting that I did it, and once you do that you set the impression regardless of what you say afterward to make amends. That’s why we’re going to look into who really did all that and that’s why I’m going to rub both of their faces deep in the mud over it. They will wear this unverified and naive endorsement of their good buddy like a proud tattoo.

  13. What? This is so ridiculous. Only in America, Baby!! True Crime is Big Dollars. Books, Podcasts, and now Soundtracks. It’s truly pathetic. It’s all about the money and making a name for yourself. If this genre continues to flourish & burgeon, it’s just a matter of time until vertical integration takes place and the production includes orchestrating the crime itself. Potential podcasters and authors creating/perpetrating the murder they’ll cover. Mark my words. It’s coming. It’s only a matter of time. Hey, that idea would actually be a great idea for a book. Maybe I’ll write it. Maybe not. First, I’d need to find a pair of balls — or just one ball even.

  14. But, but, but, killadff — he has the endorsement of Professional Wrestling as we see below. Josh (I hate the name Josh! — always have) is squarely in his corner. I think that endorsement is perfectly appropriate, don’t you? The Wolfman and his fans remind me of Professional Wrestling — ‘cuz we all know it’s really REAL. It’s all an act.

  15. I deleted that comment from “LocalNHBoy.” Anyone who refers to The Wolfman as “Mr. Smith” at this venue gets automatically blocked. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, no proxy servers.

  16. It’s Alex C, and it wasn’t until now that I realized Alex C could very well be Chris Fowler. The Wolfman believes he owns this investigation and he tries to control, to the point of harassment, anyone who investigates it independently of him. Someone in an email recently informed me that this Fowler character is extremely CREEPY, and that’s exactly how I would describe this Alex C character. The guy is a classic stalker.

    If you guys want to help The Wolfman out, why don’t you buy him a car so he can travel to my abode and rape my wife and daughter and then murder us all In Cold Blood. You’d make a lot of MMM fans happy, including Tim & Lance.

    • You can email me or direct message me on Twitter. I’ve been cautious about direct messaging on Twitter because provocateurs like to use it as reconnaissance for The Wolfman and The Podcasters. They have spies everywhere. What little experience I have with them, they are definitely extremely active Behind The Scenes. Emails and direct messages are flying all over the place, I can assure you. The question for them is, “How do we contain and/or neutralize Cold N. Holefield and Catcher In The Lie?”

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