How Low Can It Go?

Oil Barrels with Red Arrow isolated on white background. 3D render

While you’re waiting for my next blog post, in case you’re bored, here’s some light reading. For those who haven’t noticed, the price of oil continues to plummet precipitously despite a few temporary rebounds here and there. The Propaganda Mills we call news outlets will tell you it’s all a matter of supply & demand — that it’s simple economics. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a lie — but like my former acquaintance & colleague Jason from my very first podcast, these propagandists lie so much, they don’t know they’re lying anymore, and so, they lie all day every day with impunity and sell it as The Truth because they firmly believe it is The Truth. The price of oil is not determined by supply & demand. It hasn’t been for quite some time now. So, if you’re curious why and how the price of oil can drop from a high of well over a $100/barrel several years prior to a low of $32/barrel several days ago, read the following links and learn — if you’re open to learning. If you’re obdurate and believe you already know everything there is to know about the topic, well, that’s fine too. Go back to knowing it all and enjoy that tidy little deluded privilege.

I first mentioned the pricing of oil in my inaugural blog post entitled Blogging And The Fate Of Treachery here, but I expand upon it in the following blog posts, calling the price makers/fixers/setters out on it and taunting them to drop it if they’re serious about Russia. And what do you know, almost precisely at the proximate time I called their bluff, I’ll be damned, the price did drop just as I implored. Look what can happen when a butterfly flaps its wings.

Call The Bluff

The Igor Sanction

And who can deny the extra money in your wallet hasn’t been worth it? What’s not to like? Although, that’s not what all those highly-degreed finance experts will tell you. No, they’ll tell you, us Little People, that we should be sad oil/gasoline prices have plummeted. It’s a terrible thing, not something to be happy about. They’re not happy about it, so you shouldn’t be either, even though you’ve never owned any significant energy investments like they have and do. They like to pretend you do, though, so you’ll cheer for their wallet and their ROI, and maybe if you’re lucky, and their ROI improves, they’ll throw you a bone or perhaps pat you on the head like a good little doggy, but don’t you dare think you’re entitled to an ROI, because you simply don’t belong to that exclusive club, and if perchance you do, well, I’m glad you’re taking it in the shorts, if you are, on your energy investments. It’s about time.