Being Lou Bloom


A couple of notes before I proceed to the heart of this blog post and elaborate on the title. I’ve recently received yet another insult from a not-to-be-named listener and/or reader. I’m used to these insults by now. In fact, one could assert that I solicit them, if not consciously then most certainly unconsciously. It’s the way of things on The Net, and even those who pretend to be your friend, even though being friends on The Net is an absurd and ridiculous notion, will insult you cleverly with their passive aggression and their entitled expectations of what you are and what you should be. This person, after accusing me of being a Fox News-watching conservative and me telling the cocksucking wanker to fuck off said, “how disappointing — I thought you were one of the real ones…” To which I replied, “Real Ones? Haven’t you been listening/reading? There are no REAL ONES, including you. It’s All Lies.” Of course I’m not real. I never claimed to be. In fact, if you read my “about” page I tell you in no uncertain terms that there is no me. There is only The Word. And if you can’t be content with that, then move along. There are plenty of people waiting in line to be everything you would want me to be. As for being a disappointment, as with many insults that are hurled my way, it’s a compliment. If I’ve disappointed you as I’ve done to so many before you, it means I’ve struck pay dirt. It’s only the first step, but unfortunately, most don’t make it past that first step. They merely go down the block and find someone more compliant to take my place and I will always gladly step aside for these ambitious entrepreneurs who seek the spotlight of public scrutiny and expectation that you represent.

Some may have noticed that comments have been disabled on this blog. This isn’t directed at anyone in particular. It just means that I’m not expressing at this blog or anywhere else to make friends. I don’t want your feedback. I don’t want your phoney compliments and your cruel criticism. I don’t want useless and pointless dialogue. There are a few who read me regularly and some who drop in unexpectedly and appreciate my expression. We’ll never know each other and never acknowledge each other’s existence. That’s good enough for me and it’s good enough for them. It’s best that way. Once a writer or an artist/entertainer gains a significant following and/or audience, he/she becomes captive to it. I don’t express here to be captive. In fact, I express here for precisely the opposite reason — to be unfettered by the countless vampires on The Net who seek to suck the creative life force out of me. As ELO said, Don’t Bring Me Down.

Now, on to the business of this blog post. Who is Lou Bloom and why do you want to be him, you may be asking? Even if you’re not asking, I’ll tell you anyway. I do not want to be Lou Bloom, I assure you. But countless others do, and I’ll name a few in just a moment. For those who aren’t familiar with the name Lou Bloom, which is probably everyone reading this if anyone’s reading it at all, he’s the main character played by Jake Gyllenhaal in the excellent 2014 movie directed by Dan Gilroy entitled Nightcrawler. Here’s a link to IMDb for the trailer and reviews. I’m including below a screen shot of a review that doesn’t contain spoilers. Please watch this movie if you haven’t already. I know you won’t, but I thought I’d implore you anyway — just in case. You Never Know. Miracles can and do happen and perhaps one will happen here and you’ll take my advice for once. If you’re not real and not one of the real ones, I know you won’t be disappointed with this movie. I wasn’t — disappointed with it. It was unreal. Out of this world.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 10.20.28 AM

The title of this blog post is obviously a play on words. Imagine that! Me choose a title that’s a play on words. It’s so out of character. For the astute, very few of you admittedly, you’re correct in thinking it sounds vaguely familiar. It reminds you of the 1999 movie Being John Malkovich — a zany, quirky film that I actually like, believe it or not. Not nearly as much as I like Nightcrawler, but it was respectable in its glorious weirdness.

Once again, it’s not me Being Lou Bloom. No thank you. But quite a few people are Being Lou Bloom. Lou Bloom is the Uberpreneur — he is the personification of what it takes to be successful by pulling yourself up from the dust on the desert floor and catapulting yourself to the top of the atmosphere that is the pinnacle of success. He is the paradigm. He is what all business school academics hope to instill in their proteges but can’t. Lou is an autodidactic creature born of, and nurtured and taught by, The Net. He is the next step in our evolutionary process of merging man with machine. And quite a few are following in his footsteps. I know, because I’ve run across a number of them recently as part of investigating Hae Min Lee’s murder. They are Being Lou Bloom — a frightening observation by the way, but also quite amusing — one doesn’t preclude the other and in fact can and do complement each other quite nicely as they do in the movie Nightcrawler.


Who are some of these people Being Lou Bloom? Who are these Uberpreneurs who will stop at nothing and let nothing stop them? I think it’s quite clear who they are if you keep an open mind and I will tell you I want nothing to do with it, but if you’re having difficulty and I know you are, look at the tags to this post above and some of those names are your answer. There are many more where those come from, but that suffices for now. Lou Bloom is anathema to me. He’s pretty much everything I disdain. He’s everything I disdain on massive doses of steroids. I never podcasted to compete with these freaks. As I’ve stated, I express at this blog, be it blog post or podcast, just to express freely and unfettered. I’m not in it for anything else and I’d like to say I’m not alone in that, but I can’t. I am alone in that. Everyone else, and I mean everyone else, is in it to capitalize on it all the way to the bank and fame. They want it all and they want it all right now. And it’s obvious they’ll do anything to get it. This civilization was built on bones and if you want to get to the top of it, you need bones to build that ladder. The bones of Hae Min Lee, for example. Any bones will do, but it always comes down to the bones, skeletons in the closet and all. Not me. No thank you. It’s why I’m mostly bowing out of this unethical and immoral shit parade. If it makes you feel better to label me a sore loser, go ahead. Thank you for the compliment — once again. I am happy to be the sore loser in this blood sport.

I mentioned Jim Clemente and the FBI in my tags because I recently read that Bob Ruff will be interviewing him on a future podcast. That’s enough for me to write this Jim Clemente pip off as another joker and charlatan. That’s just an opinion, of course. The only opinion that matters to me. No doubt Jimmy will narrow it down to a White guy, like himself actually, who probably drove a sports car when he was young — maybe even a Camaro — and someone who was prone to falsify his time sheets. You guys are too funny. Anything for ratings (it’s what Lou Bloom would do) and the undemocratic, fascist organization, the outfit that believes cell phone pings determine location and defends that stance zealously yet unscientifically,  the FBI, is more than happy to oblige. You have to love this System and its message. Lou Bloom is that message.

All that being said, there is one thing Lou Bloom says in this movie that I wholeheartedly agree with. Lou said the following, and Lou, I couldn’t agree more. It’s precisely how I feel, and with so many people Being Lou Bloom, it’s rather ironically fitting, wouldn’t you say, Lou?

What if my problem wasn’t that I don’t understand people but that I don’t like them? ~ Lou Bloom

If you don’t understand any of this, perhaps you might understand it better if you watch the movie first. But you won’t, or maybe even if you do, you still won’t get it. If so, go on your way. Please. This is the wrong stop for you. Head on over to Bob’s place, or Rabia’s or Colin’s or Susan’s  — or Lou’s. They’re pretty much the same joint or gig and more appropriately tuned to your capacity.