Too Much Information

Yes, there is such a thing as too much information. Information isn't knowledge, and knowledge isn't virtue as we learned, or at least some of us did, in the last post. Or maybe some of us already knew it. I think I did — through osmosis perhaps. The purpose of this post is to underscore … Continue reading Too Much Information


Sensible Virtue

Yes, the title is an oxymoron — a glaring one as we'll soon see. The purpose of this blog is to serve as an inspiration to think and create — and to think for yourself, not to think what I think or think like I think — but to think. You'd be surprised, or perhaps … Continue reading Sensible Virtue

Episode 3 — Cherry’s Jubilee Link To Download On iTunes Ordinarily, I would "pen" my own description of this podcast, but I've recently run across a famous story, a parable really, by a famous writer/philosopher that expresses it at least as well as I could, if not better. The story/parable is entitled An Imperial Message written by none other … Continue reading Episode 3 — Cherry’s Jubilee