The Anti-State vs Roy Sharonnie Davis III


Yes, that’s Anti-State, not State. Why? Because I don’t consider myself the State and nor should you. The State’s the problem. The Anti-State’s the solution. The Anti-State is what will set Adnan free. You can’t be so naive as to think the State would free Adnan without pressure from the Anti-State, can you? Of course you can’t.

In the latest Undisclosed podcast here entitled Addendum 6 : Stopping Stephanie, the ATM, and the Islamophobe, much ado was made by various listeners about a speculative theory presented that Hae may have stopped at an ATM across the street from Roy Davis’s house, and as we all know Roy Davis was found guilty (DNA match) in July of 2004 of the murder of a Woodlawn High School teen, Jada Lambert — who was murdered in 1998 approximately six months prior to Hae being murdered. Of note, Davis dumped Jada’s body in Leakin Park* (see Jane’s correction in commentary following this post below). Go figure (it still figures for a hell of a lot of other murders). Leakin Park has a reputation for being the go-to burial ground for murderers in the Baltimore area. I hope they never build anything on that site considering all the graves they’d be digging up. The hauntings would never cease — if you believe in that sort of thing.


Here are some tweets that made me take note of how easily people can be misdirected. I’m not saying Undisclosed misdirected them, I’m saying many people don’t think critically and jump to conclusions too readily, me included sometimes.

You get the point — hopefully. If not, you never will. It’s constructive and necessary to be curious and consider various theories and persons of interest as I alluded to in this earlier blog post, but in doing so you shouldn’t be too quick to hang your hat on any particular theory or person(s) of interest,  evidence, common sense and integrity be damned as Urick, Ritz and MacGillivary did in The State vs. Adnan Syed. If we do so, we’re no better than them despite motivation.

It must be reiterated, it’s speculation about Hae visiting the ATM across the street from Roy Davis’s residence. It also should be noted, Roy Davis was not convicted as, and he is not considered to be, a serial rapist/murderer as some have asserted. He could be, and certainly would be if he was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of Hae’s murder, but here’s the catch — there is no evidence that Hae was raped and surely Davis would have raped her, if he was indeed the perp, before he murdered her. Hae not being raped is extremely telling in my opinion and I’m sure Clemente is strongly considering it in his pro bono profiling of Hae’s murderer.

Ritz Cracker 1

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not eschewing Roy Sharonnie Davis III as a strong person of interest and I’m not saying Hae dropping a deposit at that ATM that day was not possible and probable, but the fact she was not raped lowers Davis on the list of persons of interest.

I still contend that the answer may well reside on Hae’s pager, but the probability of that ever being recovered or turning up is zero or close to it. And that’s most unfortunate because from all the eyewitness testimony analyzed by Undisclosed it seems clear that something came up during the school day on Jan. 13th that precluded Hae from giving Adnan the ride she’d promised him earlier in the day and that something likely was prompted by a page — a page linked to a number and that number linked to a person who may have been the last person to have seen Hae alive and may have been the person who killed Hae and disposed of her pager. That person was likely someone Hae knew and trusted, and since we’ve rightfully and effectively precluded Adnan, who could this person have been? Perhaps someone from the Korean community, or gasp, maybe even a family member. We do know she never made it to pick up her cousin between 3:00 and 3:15, so depending on which timeline you believe of her leaving school, she was abducted between 2:20 and 3:15 or 3:00 and 3:15 respectively. Of course, this completely discounts the State’s ridiculous and thoroughly discredited theory about the time of death and Adnan killing her in the Best Buy parking lot per Jay’s coached perjury, and rightfully so. The State’s theory is not worthy of consideration and belongs in the trash with all the other crappy, cheap and tawdry dime store novels that are a waste of paper and human potential.

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8 thoughts on “The Anti-State vs Roy Sharonnie Davis III

  1. We don’t know for sure that she wasn’t raped. There was no evidence of it, but that’s a function of the time elapsed. Her clothing indicates that she may have been, though. There’s conflicting data there.

    • Good point. It would be nice to have more detail on the autopsy and see if there is any way to make a better determination of rape or not. Otherwise, we can’t conclude there was, or wasn’t, a rape and I believe it’s an important part of profiling. Perhaps Clemente will have enough overwhelming evidence despite the ambiguity surrounding possible rape to complete a profile but I would think it’s a vital piece of information in accomplishing that.

      It’s still enough for me to knock Davis down a few pegs on the interested persons list, especially when you consider everything else I mentioned in the post about what urgently came up that mitigated, nay superceded, giving Adnan that promised ride.

      • A PERK kit was collected but never tested. If it is ever tested, it could reveal DNA evidence of sexual assault.

      • Thanks, MzOpinion8d. Yes, that’s correct — I remember now from the Serial podcast that a PERK kit was performed and never tested and that the UVA Innocence Project headed by Dierdra Enright was petitioning a court to grant DNA testing on the kit, but that was 6 months ago at least and there’s been no word since. I found this article from the Columbia Journalism Review that covers it. Per the excerpt below it appears the testing, if performed, wouldn’t provide anything conclusive but there’s still a chance and it should be tested just in case.

        There’s no guarantee that the court will allow the kit to be tested. Even if the court allows a test, there might not be any male DNA in the kit, as the original swab tested negative for sperm cells, and investigators found no other evidence of sexual assault. If there were male DNA and it matched that of the dead rapist or the other suspect, that would exonerate Syed, but if the DNA matched his, that would make his guilt more likely.

        Does anyone have any knowledge about the status of the UVA Innocence Project’s court request for the PERK kit DNA testing? If so, please share.

    • Thank you Jane for that correction. I will place an asterisk adjacent to the Leakin Park reference in the main body of the blog post that refers readers to your clarification in the commentary below.

      Your clarification further supports my point and validates knocking Roy Sharonnie Davis III a few pegs down on the persons of interest list. It would be interesting to know how Jada was buried at Herring Run Park, if at all, and in what condition the body was found. Maybe once Clemente finishes his profile we can furnish him with said information and he can give his best educated guess if Davis fits the profile of the person who murdered Hae.

  2. If, as you say, Roy Davis was not a serial rapist, why does the idea that Hae wasn’t raped lessen your suspicions of him?

    • I’m not ruling Roy Davis out as a serial rapist-murderer. He could be. But you’d have to prove it first and it hasn’t been proven that he is. He is a serial thief. If it was proven that he raped and murdered Hae, via a testing of the DNA from the PERK kit, he could then be considered a serial rapist-murderer because he would have been responsible for more than one rape-murder. I suppose it’s possible no DNA evidence will be found from the PERK kit and thus a determination of rape may never be possible, so we may never know for sure. However, if it could be determined with reasonable assurance Hae wasn’t raped, it’s highly unlikely Roy Davis would have been the killer. His MO in the only murder for which he was suspected and charged was rape. Rapists rape. That’s what they do.

      I brought up the fact that Roy Davis is not legally a serial rapist-murderer because some folks on Twitter have referred to him as such and we don’t know that he is and legally he’s not considered one.

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