Who Killed Hae Min Lee?

I will be blogging now, until I become bored which could be awhile, about the murder of Hae Min Lee as covered by the following excellent links that I have visited and reviewed:



Evidence Prof Blog

Split The Moon

The View From LL2

The time and attention these magnanimous individuals have given to this case in the spirit of correcting injustice carried out in the name of justice is beyond-the-pale commendable. I was introduced to this case via Serial, and that excellent podcast narrated by Sarah Koenig helped convince me that Adnan Syed should have been acquitted based on The State’s case if he had proper and effective defense counsel. But he didn’t, and as a result he was convicted in 2000 and has spent the last 15 years in jail. He received life plus 30 years by the way, indicating the judge had a particular axe to grind with the extra 30 years to ensure no chance of parole.


What Serial didn’t do is convince me of Adnan’s innocence, only that he wasn’t guilty beyond a reasonable doubt per the State’s case. Undisclosed, another excellent podcast that is still ongoing, has, with reasonable assurance, convinced me that Adnan Syed has no knowledge of who killed Hae and was not involved. It’s that powerful. Rabia Chaudry, Susan Simpson and Colin Miller have destroyed the State’s case via a stellar investigation and analysis and they have used feedback from their audience to further that cause making this a populist tribunal, if you will.

Like I said, I will be blogging about this topic in the weeks and months to come, but for now I believe a poll is in order for those visiting this blog for the first time who are more than familiar with the story of Hae Min Lee’s murder. Why a poll? Deirdra Enright, as paraphrased by Sarah Koenig (starting at the 21:19 mark) in this Serial Episode 7: The Opposite of the Prosecution, asserts that post conviction defense must go a step further and not only prove Adnan is not the killer, but also say who the killer is. A tall order, I know, but it must be done. Let’s help even if said help is not solicited. Sometimes unsolicited help is the best help. Afterall, Cristina Gutierrez was solicited help and considering what we now know, she not only was no help, she was in fact a hinderance.

Keep in mind that I am many things, and one of them is a satirist. The poll is satirical, but understand that satire, whilst humorously engaging, is deadly serious. The levity helps take some of the edge off, so please, try not to be so easily offended. Without further adieu, here’s the poll and be so kind as to participate.


Cold N. Holefield


8 thoughts on “Who Killed Hae Min Lee?

  1. I’m glad to see you back. I thought maybe you had a heart attack or something. I’ve never heard of Hae Min Lee so I can’t justly vote.


    • Thanks, it’s good to be back in the saddle again. It wasn’t a heart attack — I had my pancreas removed and I’ve been recovering. I’m back in tip-top shape now, so it’s all good as JHK likes to say.

      Listen to the Serial and Undisclosed podcasts (I provided the links so all you have to do is click) if you have the time. It’s well worth it. I’ve always been interested in this material so I found/find both programs enthralling. Give it a shot — what do you have to lose.

  2. I would like to thank the lone person besides myself who voted (I understand you not voting Q. Shtik but I won’t understand you not immersing yourself in this topic to satisfy your curiosity if you still have any of that left). Only one other person besides me has voted thus far. Of course, very few are reading the post and looking at the poll because @Undisclosedpod for some reason decided not to retweet my tweet to them as indicated below. This is significant because if they were gracious enough to retweet my tweet it would have driven a bevy of traffic to this site to partake in the poll and engage in further in depth discussion that isn’t accommodated by Twitter. More discussion is not a bad thing folks — it’s a good thing. Don’t act like the all-controlling State. Authoritarian and censorious behavior is why Adnan is where he is today. Engaging in the same behavior in an effort to free Adnan is hypocritical and blasphemous. Whoever’s in charge of retweeting and choosing favorites at the Undisclosed Twitter account linked to above, I come with helping hands and open arms. In otherwords, I am not the enemy. In fact, quite the contrary — I can be a significant ally if you take your finger off the censor button.

  3. Great! There are now four votes cast in the poll. Thank you to those who have voted thus far. As we see, the “We’ll Never Know” answer is in the lead with two votes. For those who voted this way, and for everyone else as well, pay special attention to what I wrote in the blog post about Deirdra Enright’s admonition. To get a case like Adnan’s reversed and therefore to free Adnan, it has been her experience, and she has a ton of experience obviously, that the standard is not only to prove Adnan is not the killer per the State’s case, but to provide evidence as to who the killer is. Considering that, if we wish to free Adnan, it’s imperative we, and it behooves us to, put our heads together and help try to figure out who the killer is, or who the killer might be.

  4. I’m a little surprised the ‘Prince” choice hasn’t made a showing. It was 1999, afterall. As you can see the “We’ll Never Know” selection is still in the lead. For good reason, I suppose, but I’m not giving up quite yet on the whodunnit part of freeing Adnan.

  5. It’s almost neck & neck now between “We’ll Never Know” and “Jay Wilds & Jenn Pusateri.” For those who have chosen “Other,” please provide specifics as to who you believe the “Other” is. Thanks. I’m guessing it may be Don, and now that I think about it, I should have put Don as a choice rather than relegating him to the “Other” category.

  6. I think that the DNA evidence under Hae’s fingernails, if it is ever tested and identified, could lead us to her killer. Just read your blog post about William Vincent Brown. It sounds like he may have been in Pennsylvania when Hae was murdered, although Baltimore is just a hour or two away, I believe (west coaster here–clueless about the east). It sounds like Baltimore at that time had no shortage of serial murderers! Thanks for your blog!

    • Diane, it’s a distinct possibility if they can salvage some intact, and not thoroughly degraded, DNA from that PERK kit if the PERK kit can be found. I believe I recollect some indication that BPD indicated they lost it or discarded it but Serial and Undisclosed caveated that by indicating police departments play little games like that all the time to try and stymie investigations and when you go there and say you’ll look for it yourself, they miraculously find what you were looking for with hardly any effort.

      I may contact the UVA Innocence Project myself to check the status of their DNA testing request from the court. Hopefully they’ll avail me of that information if it’s not confidential somehow.

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