Snap, Crackle and Pop!

Now that the news story of the Germanwings Flight 9525 crash in the French Alps is reaching the end of its newsworthiness in this ever-quickening news-as-spectacle cycle, some commentary is in order. For the most part, I’m going to let the visuals tell the story in a collage sort of way with a modicum of verbiage for good measure. I watched, waited and listened patiently up to this point, but I can hold my expression and impression no longer. I can’t help it — the Good Lord made me this way, so if you have a problem with me, blame him/her/it, not me. I’m just the medium — he/she/it’s the message — or maybe not. Hell if I know, or even care, either way.

The only commentary I’m providing pursuant to this latest news spectacle worthy of more than a week’s coverage as BNN’s (oftentimes referred to as CNN) lead story on all its myriad news programming is a comment I made to the following linked articles. It received no feedback — not a reply, nor a thumbs up or down, which isn’t unusual since The Acutes and Chronics tend to ignore, at least at first, the RPM’s (Revolutions Per Minute) amongst us. They get nervous, as much as the Big Nurse (Miss Ratched) gets angry, when you interrupt their reprogramming with disconfirming news bulletins and analysis.

The Girlfriend of the German Copilot has Fled her Home in Fear of Being Blamed for the Disaster

Terror in the Alps: Behind the Dark Allure of the Germanwings Disaster

My comment:

If the storyline developed thus far is to be believed, I expect passenger airplanes to be crashing into mountains everywhere as “imbalanced” pilots throw themselves and their passengers on the rocks. Ever heard of copycat suicides/homicides?

Of course, I don’t believe the storyline developed thus far is to be believed. It’s unprecedented. Otherwise, planes would be crashing everywhere all the time, or in the least we would have seen the history of this in the passenger aviation historical record. The historical precedent isn’t there though, if you look. Pilots just don’t do this. There’s something else going on here and the media is being steered in the wrong direction and thus steering us in the wrong direction.

What makes me laugh though, is the media clamoring for something to be done about this as if, assuming the storyline is believable, this could be avoided in the future. The only way you can avoid this in future is to not fly. Fat chance of that. But of course, the media being the misdirected and misdirecting pitbull it is, won’t let it go until some sort of definitively ineffective legislated procedures are in place to prevent a repeat of this all-work-and-no-play-make-Andreas-a-dull-pilot murder/suicide.

Hey media, I think you’re missing your mark and your scope is far too narrow for the measures you seem to be soliciting. What about national leaders who hold the lives of all the inhabitants of the planet in their incapable hands? Andreas Lubitz, once again if the storyline is to be believed and it isn’t, and any other Manchurian Pilot like him out there can only murder at most ~200 people at a time, give or take an arguable standard deviation. But national leaders, like Putin let’s say for the sake of argument, can murder 8 billion people and most life on the planet in the blink of an eye.

Once again, if the storyline is believable, what if Putin is an Andreas Lubitz, at the national level with nukes, waiting to happen? Should he be removed from the Russianwings cockpit? What about all the other national leaders? Are they fit to fly? Have they been properly screened and/or vetted? You need more Snap, Crackle and Pop! (sometimes, or oftentimes, referred to as bang) out of your focus, so I suggest you broaden it. The pilot issue is small potatoes from a casualty perspective compared to all the national leaders who are Andreas Lubitz in politician’s clothing.

But do carry on with the misdirection. If nothing else, it’s entertaining which is pretty much news these days — entertainment.

Not to worry, though, they first scare the bejesus out of you and then reassure you afterwards that “everything’s gonna be alright.” Yeah, right. Bob Marley promised the same and not soon afterward he died of an untreated malignant melanoma that metastasized. Promises, promises.

A Human Response to a Human Tragedy

In an effort to mitigate my verbosity, I’ll end this with a visual collage, keeping in mind images (also referred to as pictures and/or paintings) are worth a thousand, or more, words.







4 thoughts on “Snap, Crackle and Pop!

  1. “as BNN’s (oftentimes referred to as CNN) lead story”

    Banal? Sorry, not familiar with that acronym… BTW, I do dig this new conspiracy theory of yours. It is very clear, our entire society is becoming mentally unstable – PTSD abounds (along with Autism – well, ‘he’ could do some “srs” math calculations way faster than I could even *program* them).

    “all-work-and-no-play” – no doubt, these 1.5+++ million NSA/CIA/etc employees are gettin’ real *bored*. I can FEEL it (haha, MacLeod HighLander). So many thinktanks from the 80’s simply *MERGED* into the Govt construct…

    “Bob Marley promised the same” OK, OK, nice tune (yeah got it on CD). U sure that cancer wasn’t the result of something like polo-nia? OMG, d00d – U trippin’ – every single cartoon?!?

    CoWspiracy, indeed. Best DemoNow show I’ve seen in the past 6 months, today – I recommend it. With such data, an easily constructed global model of consumption can be created, with total tally *time* (ttt[tm]). I caught the last 5 minutes of Sonali, and totally missed Richard Wolf’s talk – damnit! That guy totally reminds me of Thomas Merton – one of my life-long heroes.

    Yeah, I get it – Boney-M ain’t classic. In fact, they mostly *covered.* But, well – hahaha sorry!!! I love how you skewl’d em on the war-mongering thang…

  2. BNN stands for Black News Network. CNN is that sometimes, and many other things.

    The story gets better. What imagination these creeps have. I think they’re the same people who post at CFN. Tricksters.

    Germanwings Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz ‘Spiked Captain’s Coffee with Diuretic Drug to Make Him Leave Cockpit’

    And then, of course, the White House, shortly after the crash, knew immediately it wasn’t terrorism. No investigation necessary. Pilate Error.

    White House: Germanwings Crash Doesn’t Appear To Be A Terror Attack

  3. What Manchurian candidate? That never worked – even back in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and when they *FINALLY* gave up on the program (97% redacted *BLACK* project)…

    I should have figured as much – *B*lack. Black and white – there is no *GREY* (until they abduct you “in the night,” haha). I find Banal so much more appropriate, “so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.” Infernal truthiness, indeed (sockie!).

    So, I got all bored today, and finally visited Kunstler’s site for the week. Wow, he sure gotz da vocab! Unfortunately, it all seemed very regurgitated to me – as in, nothing *NEW*, same ol’, same ol’…

    Yeah, yeah – good weeks, bad weeks. And, there will always be *NEW*comers to the “game.” I loved that comment about how the “game” is not Russian Roulette, but rather musical chairs on the deck (SAME EXACT GAME). Well, maychance I get to watch Bill Maher *free* tomorrow night, and get his opinion (har-dee-har). I love his religulous cut, but he’s way off with the Obamacare sellout to insurance corps…

  4. No news in 4+ weeks must be considered *GUD* newz?!? JHK still ramblin’ on the same’ol’, with an occasional racist puke/barf.

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