Hate Prime

Do you recognize this person? You should if you don’t. It’s you. It’s me. It’s everyone who’s watched too much TV (and even watching a little TV is watching too much TV). It’s whatever we want it to be. It’s the latest Rorschach Test administered by the mainstream media. “Tell us what you think. Or better yet, we’ll tell you what to think and then you can tell us — how does that sound? A deal? If you think differently than what we tell you, well, then you’re a candidate for a future Rorschach Test just like this one. We’ve got you coming and going. There’s no way out.” It’s best not to know, and if you can’t help but knowing, it’s best to laugh and enjoy because “you can’t stop what’s coming, it ain’t all waiting on you — that’s vanity.”

For those who don’t already know, and those who have their head so far up their ass all they see are polyps and last night’s decaying dinner, his name is Craig Hicks, and what an All-American name it is. Actually, the mainstream media has chosen to pin the three name tag, Craig Stephen Hicks, on this latest assassin, which is, as Disaffected (DA) and I have discussed in the comments to a previous blog post, the kiss of death, meaning regardless of the facts the accused is automatically guilty of whatever the mainstream media, as the mouthpiece of The State,  says he/she is guilty of. Craig Hicks joins a short list, but getting longer, of the most despised killers on the face of the planet.

It’s laughing at me, at us, again as I indicated in my last blog post. Of course, I threw it in there obscurely knowing full well most people wouldn’t pick up on it, and I’m sure most people didn’t. For those who did, kudos to you for having the capacity to see it and understand it. For the rest of you, snap to and get with the program, or better yet, get out of the program (the pipeline) or you could be the winner of the next Three Name Challenge. What am I talking about? An Egregore, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s an intangible. It’s thee intangible and it’s as real as that tree, that car, that mountain, that corpse or ubiquitous plastic. You just have to wear the special glasses to see it, and those glasses, I assure you, are not rose-coloured. In the previous thread, I quoted from Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, which I’m almost finished reading, what the character Quentin Compson says about the Egregore. Of course, Faulkner doesn’t refer to it as an Egregore, but from his poetic description we know, or at least I do, that it’s an Egregore, perhaps thee Egregore, to which he’s referring. Here’s the quote:

“That that grins at you — that thing — through them.”

That thing is grinning and laughing all the time. I know, because I catch it in the act every day, and today is no exception and tomorrow won’t be either. Just last week, before Craig Hicks shot Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha in the head, as I indicated above, for no apparent reason Disaffected and I in a previous thread had a discussion about assassins and the three name designation, and what do you know, right on time the Egregore delivers another three name assassin. It’s grinning — that thing — through them. You can try in vain to ignore it, or go mad, or grin back and shoot it the bird rather than the lead it craves. I choose The Bird. Here’s my finger you fuck, down the throat of all your Walking Dead involuntary adherents swallowing anything evil. Not that it will matter, but it’s the thought that counts. And who would argue that Craig Hicks isn’t the Bad Man and they know what it’s like behind those blue eyes? Not me. Not on your life, or mine.

If you haven’t watched the leading YouTube video from The Amazing Atheist, please do because it explains, quite thoroughly, why this is most likely not a hate crime and how this latest shooting story in a litany of shooting stories wouldn’t be headline news if it wasn’t for a middle-aged White guy executing three Muslims. This article from The Blaze also does an excellent job of objectively covering this story. I know, it’s The Blaze, but it’s important to be fair & balanced, and in my opinion this article coupled with The Amazing Atheist video is about as objective as you’re going to get with this story. For the record, when I provide references it doesn’t mean I’m an advocate of those references. It merely means that the specific link I’ve provided supports and underscores my point at the moment. It’s not necessarily an endorsement of the author and the organization and/or ideology with which the author is associated and embraces. For example, I’m not an atheist and I’m not a conservative because there is no me, yet I’ve provided links from both those respective sources because it/they fit(s) — like a glove. I found this comment at The Blaze link particularly pertinent and it fits the title of this post like a glove. The mainstream media is priming us for hate. The mainstream media is guilty of Hate Primes — all day, every day forever and ever amen.

WEBWITHDEB -Feb. 15, 2015 at 3:10pm

The media loves conflict of any kind. Didn’t we just hear from the head talking head that, if it bleeds, it leads?

To have conflict, you must have adversaries. In order to create adversaries, polar sides have to be delineated. Labels delineate. Media creates labels, and hapless schmoes think they have to decide if they are the delineated, or the anti-delineated, in order to figure out which ‘side’ they are in alignment with. . . .

Just laying out a logical progression to try to answer your question. Of course, those who aren’t very logical may come here and let you know that it is not the label you should be concerned with, but the babel accompanying it.



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  1. Yep, I think there’s something to your three name hypothesis after all. Hadn’t really noticed it before, but it begins to make sense. It lends the accused an instant gravitas and distinguishes him or her from others with similar names. And it’s damn scary too, because it means these damn NSA cyber surfers could easily collect enough information on any of us to frame us up and have us accused for damn near anything, then whisked off our feet to some unspeakable hellhole for torture for the rest of our natural born days. The neo-Nazi finger pointers are among us everywhere now and honestly believe that their imagined new world order is something that’s even remotely desirable. I never would have believed all this could happen so quickly if I hadn’t lived through it and seen it myself.

  2. Thought-provoking post. I’m a first time visitor from C-F Nation/JH Kunstler. I have to admit to enjoying the movie “Falling Down” like Hicks did. Has That Thing infected me, too? To deny it would be to think myself somehow above it all. Eternal vigilance – and admitting to having that sneaky white male persecution chip embedded somewhere in my brain-computer. “They Live”

  3. Thanks, Philipp and DA.

    I also enjoyed Falling Down. It’s like the lottery except we didn’t buy a ticket and the prize is an inmate with a huge cock who wants to occupy your rectum if you don’t kill yourself and instead turn yourself in to your programmers and handlers. Who has the winning ticket for the next airing of the Three Name Challenge? There are some folks who hang out in the comment section of CFN who feel lucky — or at least they show all the winning signs.

    A movie you may equally enjoy is The Parallax View if you haven’t already seen it. And to think, that was 40 years ago. I know, I know, it’s only fiction, but as DA has implied some fiction is so close, it may as well be non-fiction. We need new categories. Here’s a clip. If you haven’t seen it, give it a whirl.

    • That really sums it all up, doesn’t it? A five minute montage of the whole psychotic American Dream(TM). We really are some sick, degenerative, wholly manipulated fucks!

  4. DA, I’m afraid now you’re caught up in and as much a part of it as I am. All day yesterday the following movie kept coming back to me in waves. I saw this several years ago and thought it fantastic. It was a great story, and the cinematography, the entire production, was top notch. But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why this movie, this subject, appeared out of nowhere to occupy my thoughts. Then last night, well after it arrived in my psychical orbit, you posted the following at CFN, and I know now you’re touched by this as well. You can ignore it, but it’s not ignoring you. I could never hope to understand it, nobody could but a fool full of hubris, but I can no longer ignore it. It’s so much more than goats, and you can’t experience it or even notice it by staring.

    “Spit out” something remotely original you prancing little elf, or be gone. Poof! Gone in a poof of fairy dust!

    • Yeah, I had some fun poking at ol’ “Frankiti” last night. That’s not you under a pseudonym poking at me is it? Wouldn’t that be a hoot if we were flaming each other?

  5. No, I’m not “Frankiti.” I wouldn’t do you like that.

    The waves just keep coming. It keeps grinning. I keep grinning back.

    Yesterday, brh and I had a comment exchange at CFN as follows:

    7, 2015 at 10:12 am #

    Hey CNH any relation to Ray Hicks in ‘Dog Soldiers’ and the movie ‘Who Will Stop the Rain’. different era, but just as disaffected.


    Cold N. Holefield
    February 17, 2015 at 10:58 am #

    A Ray Hicks quote from that movie:

    They’re animals — you can’t make a deal with animals.

    The question for us, all of us, is, who are the “animals?” The answer is not obvious, at least it’s not obvious to most.

    And there’s no stopping the rain — this rain — it’s monsoon season all day every day from here on out whenever out is or if there’s even an out.

    It’s a great song, though. I’ve always loved that song and still do, and I appreciated Nick Nolte’s acting back in the day. He was a man’s man and played those roles perfectly.

    I’m afraid Oswald the Lucky Rabbit would be as equally appropriate as Ray Hicks, if in fact you’re referring to my most recent blog post and the presaging of assassin’s names in popular entertainment. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on The Harveytoons Show. And then it rained and rained and rained and no one could stop it, and no one can stop it and no one ever will stop it. Not even Al Michaels.

    These melons are sure as hell blind if they can’t see, smell touch and feel, on their pretty boy faces, the monsoonal deluge.

    No big deal, right? I didn’t think so either — until I was finishing up The Sound and the Fury this morning and I ran across this quote from an exchange between Dilsey and Frony as follows:

    “You got six weeks’ work right dar on yo back,” Dilsey said. “what you gwine do ef hit rain?”

    “Git wet, I reckon,” Frony said. “I ain’t never stopped no rain yet.”

    Well I’ll be. Color me Frony even if it ain’t no color no how. BackRowHeckler knows I’m reading The Sound and the Fury. Was his mentioning stopping the rain coincidence or intended? Maybe not intentional on his part but I’d say more than likely not coincidence. It’s grinning and typing through him whether he’s conscious of it or not just as surely as me taking a sudden and unexpected interest in Faulkner is not a coincidence.

    • I saw that exchange. You’re getting deep on me, there Cold! Yes, it is amazing how easily and quickly people latch onto the villain of the month/week/day club, and the media is only too happy to oblige them. 9-11 seems to have been our Rube-I-Con, to borrow another Kunstler poster’s handle. And we’re really, really attached to the idea as well! No matter how many ways you point it out to them, the rubes among us are just tickled pink to keep the illusion alive. Don’t how to explain it, other than as a strange sort of mass-psychosis.

  6. DA, I suspect at some point, and it may be sooner rather than later, you and I are going to have it out over your predilection for American Exceptionalism. Think about that characterization before you respond — American Exceptionalism rubs both ways, and from what I can see you’re rubbing it one of those ways.

    Sandy’s a fucking hypocrite who bilked corporate America for all it was worth before ditching his first wife and bailing to Russia to sow his wild oats where he rests comfortably on the largesse he absconded with from the Whore of Babylon he incessantly decries all the while ignoring and overlooking the tyrannical beast within who’s belly he now resides.

    • You’ll have to take that up with Sandy, Catcher. Just like Jim, he’s got the right to kick anyone out who he doesn’t want to be there. Even kicked me out personally (with emails) a few years back for a few months just for being a general pain in the ass (I drank A LOT at the time!). I just post at his blog now from time to time, which is almost silent these days anyway. As for Exceptionalism, I think Americans should focus on Americans until they get their shit together, and right now there’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever where the primary threat in the world lies – in the corridors of power in DC and NYC and all the people that enable them.

      Saddam Hussein wasn’t a great fellow either, until you compare his rule to all that followed in his absence after the American invasion. Since before WWI American leaders have gradually fashioned our yoke first as the “World’s Policeman,” which we’ve then expanded even further into the “World’s De Facto (Supposedly “Benevolent,” although the facts say otherwise) Hegemon.” That’s where all would-be empires finally meet their end and ours will be no different. But in the end, it doesn’t matter what we agree or don’t agree on anyway. The American Exceptionalism myth marches on and destroys everything in it’s wake, including Americans themselves. It’s tragic in a sense, but in a larger sense it’s not. Americans continue to do it to themselves everyday and will continue to do so until the very end. Nothing you or I can say will change that.

      Reading William R. Catton’s Overshoot now, which explains it all much better from a biological, sociological, and anthropological point of view. No need to point fingers from his point of view. Everything we’re seeing now has been baked into the cake since the middle/late 19th century when we first entered and then greatly surpassed overshoot. Population and carrying capacity overshoot produces all kinds of strange and unintuitive results in all species, all of which we’re seeing today. We’re primarily a victim of our own animal instincts and biological urges to win the evolutionary game. Having largely done so, greatly aided by the discovery of fossil fuel energy sources, we’re now horrified to find (so much so that we’re still largely stuck in the denial phase) that we’ve outstripped our environment’s capacity to sustain us. Happens all the time to lesser species, but because of our exceptionalist bent, we can’t see it while it’s happening to us. Our coming demise won’t be nearly as tragic as it will merely be inevitable, and no, our grasping at the technology straw is not going to save us either.

    • By the way, what is both ways? Americans either view themselves as exceptional or they don’t, and I think the jury has already delivered that verdict quite some time ago.

  7. I think Americans should focus on Americans until they get their shit together

    I don’t know what an American is so I’m not sure I can say I am one, but I can say I’ve got my shit together and I’ll focus on the whole rather than a part of it. You don’t fight imperialism with tyranny. The perceived enemy of your perceived enemy is not necessarily your perceived friend. There are no “sides” in Ukraine. It’s not all America’s fault. Everything that happens on the planet is not all America’s, and American’s, fault and there is no god damned “we” in this equation.

    I don’t advocate for meddling in Ukraine — by any country or “concern,” be it America and The West or Putin’s Russia. Ukraine doesn’t belong to Russia any more than Cuba, Latin America and South America belong to America.

    And speaking of enabling, didn’t you say you served 25 years in the military? What’s that if it’s not enabling?

    I’m glad Kroldick banned me. It shows he’s a petty tyrant. Do you agree a man has the right to beat his wife if he feels the urge, DA? I mean, it’s his house afterall, isn’t it? And if it’s his house, he can do what he wants as master of his castle, and if he wants to beat his wife, so be it, right? Principles, DA, principles. Either you’re devoted to the principle of open discussion, or you’re not. If you don’t hold to that principle in your personal life and hold others to it, you can’t expect a State to hold to it in Public life.

    You have to love the hypocrite Kroldick though. What a combination — Dugin and The NFL. They’re charlatans, guys like Kroldick, DA. Taking reactionary rubes for a ride. It’s their bread & butter. Think about Kroldick’s career. What are the odds? A degree in Divinity and he opts for, and miraculously secures, a lucrative position with E & Y as a business consultant. He had inside connections all the way. His path was greased. It still is. He’s full of shit. An imposter. Like so many of the others who feign concern and engage in American Exceptionalism — America The Horrible. “It’s all America’s fault. If it wasn’t for America, this planet would be a paradise. America and Americans must go. They will go. They will get their divine justice.”

    And excuse me if I get a little defensive when such people threaten me and my family with mayhem and death for the sins of transnational globalists who have no country, who only use countries, who use America as the world’s policeman and foil to blame when some of the proles don’t like what they see but don’t understand the what, why and how.

  8. By the way, what is both ways? Americans either view themselves as exceptional or they don’t, and I think the jury has already delivered that verdict quite some time ago.

    American Exceptionalism

    America is superior in all things and is responsible for all progress in the world with few exceptions.

    America is inferior in all things and is responsible for all destruction in the world with few exceptions.

    The jury is in, DA. You’re engaging in American Exceptionalism when you say

    and right now there’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever where the primary threat in the world lies – in the corridors of power in DC and NYC and all the people that enable them.

    America, whatever is meant by this term and it does mean different things to different people, in my opinion is not exceptional. It’s flawed like everything else. It’s The Good, The bad and The Ugly all rolled into one and so much more. But it’s certainly not exceptional and blaming “it” for all the ills of the world is Exceptionalism.

  9. Sounds like you’ve got some seriously bad blood with Sandy. Like I said, you’ll have to take that up with him.

    But I’ll stand by everything I said. The American government wants to run the whole world and then blame everyone else for what’s wrong with it. We simply can’t have it both ways. And we’re experiencing the results as we speak. Imperialist Blowback, everywhere we see.

    I’ll show myself out.

  10. There’s no “bad blood” with the communist in capitalist’s clothing, DA. I’m just calling it like I see it. I don’t give him much thought, believe it or not. I just thought I’d mention him since you were a favored commentator at his blog for a while.

    You don’t have to show yourself out or go. You’re free to come and go as you please. I’m devoted, unlike you, to the principle of open discussion in both my private and public life. No double standards. You can even call me names, and I won’t ban you.

    And please stop with the fucking “we,” Disaffected. It’s tiring and obvious and ridiculous. I know you know there is no “we.” Glitch Mobiliou at CFN said it best with this comment:

    Glitch Mobiliou
    February 18, 2015 at 3:42 am #

    “We are in a Global War that could go to open hot stage any time now. How you suggest to fight a war without competent Command-and-Control structure?” ~ FincalnTheMountains

    Who’s ‘we’?
    Send in all those who actually start the wars to fight them, rather than the indoctrinated young men and women.

    “The tragedy of modern war is that the young men die fighting each other – instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals.”
    ~ Edward Abbey

    “The state has moved into many new areas as they become significant, such as… promoting nuclear power. This expanding role of the state helps prevent the rise of any significant competing forms of social organisation…

    The obvious point is that most social activists look constantly to the state for solutions to social problems. This point bears labouring, because the orientation of most social action groups tends to reinforce state power. This applies to most antiwar action too. Many of the goals and methods of peace movements have been oriented around action by the state, such as appealing to state elites and advocating neutralism and unilateralism. Indeed, peace movements spend a lot of effort debating which demand to make on the state: nuclear freeze, unilateral or multilateral disarmament, nuclear-free zones, or removal of military bases. By appealing to the state, activists indirectly strengthen the roots of many social problems, the problem of war in particular…

    Many people’s thinking is permeated by state perspectives. One manifestation of this is the unstated identification of states or governments with the people in a country which is embodied in the words ‘we’ or ‘us.’ ‘We must negotiate sound disarmament treaties.’ ‘We must renounce first use of nuclear weapons.’ Those who make such statements implicitly identify with the state or government in question. It is important to avoid this identification, and to carefully distinguish states from people…”
    ~ Brian Martin, ‘Uprooting War’

    It’s alright if you’re an American Exceptionalist, Disaffected. It’s your prerogative, but at least admit it. You’re engaging in American Exceptionalism.

    Mao didn’t have anything to do with the current predicament — enabling the procreation of over a billion worker slaves for what would become State Capitalism. No, “we” did that — right DA? Who the fuck is the “we” DA? Can you give me a comprehensive definition of “we” and then we (meaning you and I) can test your definition with various examples? You won’t and you can’t, and even if you tried, half-hearted as that effort would be, it wouldn’t stand up to the tested examples.

  11. Hey, Disaffected, it’s an Open Door Policy at this blog so don’t be shy. In case you’re peeking from behind that open door, here’s a link you’ll enjoy. I wish they all could be California.


    Now DA, do your maths and follow the patterns. What do these names have in common?







  12. As for the cretin commentator at CFN who goes by the name ozone, or the sock puppet operator who wears that sock, well, from a profile perspective, this poster is a shooter every bit as much as Craig Hicks was a shooter before he actually shot. If it’s a ruse by intelligence agents, it’s meant to identify potential shooters like Craig Hicks by using ozone as honey for all those Pooh Bears. Either way, whoever or whatever ozone is, it’s a creep of the highest sort and it deserves spit in its face — so here’s a big loogie in your face you prick.

    Why is ozone a Craig Hicks profile:

    No humor
    No self-reflection and self-introspection
    Superiority complex
    Threatening — articulately and physically
    All-around asshole.

    There’s more to that list, but my fingers are numbing.

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