More specifically, The Washington Post. They deleted my comment to this article when I took them to task for deleting my comments a week ago to this article. These Cocksuckers aren’t interested in free speech, and in fact are as censorious as those who are responsible for the Charlie Headblow shooting.  Here’s an excerpt from the first article. More irony in a world awash in it.

Washington Post carries new Charlie Hebdo cover depicting prophet Muhammad

The Washington Post has published the latest cover of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which features an image of the prophet Muhammad, despite criticism from conservative Muslims that such depictions are blasphemous and offensive.

The Charlie Hebdo cover — in which a tearful caricature of Muhammad is shown below the phrase “Tout est pardonné,” or “All is forgiven” — was posted Monday night in Comic Riffs, a Post blog. The cover cartoon shows the turbaned, bearded figure holding a sign saying “Je suis Charlie,” or “I am Charlie,” the global rallying cry following an attack on the French publication last week that left 12 dead in Paris.

Washington Post Executive Editor Martin Baron approved publication of the image on The Post’s blog and in the newspaper. It is apparently the first time a Muhammad depiction has appeared in The Post’s news columns. Baron said last week that the paper’s policy was to avoid publication of material that is “deliberately” offensive to religious groups but said Monday that the new Charlie Hebdo cartoon did not meet that criterion.

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Screw you, Martin Baron. Keep the change ya filthy animal. Here’s an excerpt from the ridiculous article they deleted all of my comments to last week. None of my comments were racist in nature, but they were highly, and intelligently and purposely, satirical unlike the article which was accidental satire and its author The Accidental Satirist. Read it and laugh. This is the new satire. It’s called reality. Satire that’s as easy and unconscious as breathing.

A cop in Ukraine said he was detaining me because I was black. I appreciated it.

My introduction to racism in Eastern Europe had come swiftly and severely. Over my next 18 months in Ukraine, race would remain a constant obstacle to normal life and interactions with Ukrainians.

Certainly, black skin creates hurdles in the United States, as well. Here, racism systemically – but usually covertly – obstructs African-Americans from fully enjoying all the freedoms afforded to white people. But racism in Ukraine was much more blunt – always in my face, unabashed and in plain view. I never had to guess whether a person’s remarks carried racist undertones or if an officer’s stop was fueled by prejudice. Ukrainians always let me know where I stood with them, good or bad. And I appreciated it.

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Americans don’t appreciate True Satire. Oh sure, there are The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, but both are tantamount to agenda-driven propaganda and actually not that funny. They’re not really satire, and neither are neutral, politically. Ted Rall, per this excellent article on the subject, has been doing an excellent job revealing that satirical political cartoonists are a dying breed in print media — and all media for that matter. As I said in a previous post, the shooting of Charlie Hebdo was symbolic — an act, conscious or otherwise, to signal that satire is dead. Ted Rall’s assertion, underscored and analyzed by the author of that linked article above, supports my contention. Here’s an excerpt:


Non, Nous Ne Sommes Pas Charlie Hebdo

There are very few media outlets in the United States comparable to Charlie Hebdo. In the magazine category, only The Onion and Cracked come remotely close. There’s much more “satire” to be found on TV — and I don’t mean bland examples like Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live. What’s closest in mean-spirited spirit to Charlie is probably South Park, because it, too, was an equal opportunity offender, skewering religion, politics and popular culture, all with gleeful, provocative and tasteless abandon. Its creators, too, were targets of threats from fundamentalists of all stripes. The American response was to censor the lowbrow offensiveness.

We don’t really “do” satire in this country. Nous ne sommes pas Charlie Hebdo (we are not Charlie Hebdo.) Political cartoonists are a dying breed. As cartoonist/author Ted Rall noted in the L.A. Times, “more full-time staff political cartoonists were killed in Paris on Wednesday than may be employed at newspapers in the states of California, Texas and New York combined. More full-time staff cartoonists were killed in Paris on Wednesday than work at all American magazines and websites combined. (There’s only one full-time staff political cartoonist at a website: Matt Bors. None at a magazine.)”

As a group, American publications have been particularly wary of publishing satirical cartoons of President Obama, lest they be accused of racism. The New Yorker came under such criticism during his first campaign in 2008, when its cover illustration simply skewered racial stereotypes of the Obamas as Kenyan Muslim Black Panther terrorist radicals. The offended audience missed the entire point.

Granted, most right-wing artistic portrayals of the president have been racist, but Ted Rall — who writes from the pretty far left — suddenly had his own work rejected by many corporate newspaper pages and websites with the election of the first black president. He was most recently banned from Daily Kos because of what was construed to be an “ape-like” interpretation of Obama.

No, we don’t do satire here. We are too easily offended. We’re too busy manufacturing outrage and identifying with one side or the other of an oligarchic duopoly who’d just as soon kill us as look at us.

It’s actually pretty hilarious that our repressive politicians and their staid propagandists of the corporate press are condemning the killing of French cartoonists as an assault on “freedom of the press.” As I wrote about just the other day, the United States itself is abysmally low on the press freedom totem poll — not because of “Islamic terrorism,” but because of the terrorism of the hyper-capitalist police and surveillance state.

And despite all their pro-liberty editorializing, most major media outlets are refusing to publish the “blasphemous” cartoons that sparked Wednesday’s massacre. They will give lip service to the right to be provocative, but heaven forfend that they be provocative themselves (unless, of course, it’s propaganda provoking whatever negative sentiment the government wants them to project, as in recent anti-North Korean and anti-Putin sentiment, and obligingly characterizing all Muslim victims of American drone strikes as “militants.”)

American writers, unlike the French cartoonists, are for the most part not willing to risk their lives and livelihoods for their beliefs and freedom of thought and expression. They’re self-censoring, and their fear is spreading to the rest of the world.

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So, to all the mainstream and alternative news publications out there and their totalitarian editors and owners that suppress free speech daily yet have hypocritically jumped on the Je Suis Charlie bandwagon, I’ll let Wu say it like it is, but before I do, here’s my new Twitter address for those interested:


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  1. Well said. I’m guessing, though that Martin Baron would take the adjective as a complement. He apparently doesn’t object to the act; to become and remain the editor at WaPo involves a lot of time spent on his knees.

    • Of that, I’m sure. He no doubt has every orifice fulsomely filled on a daily basis and he’s learned to lambitively love it. Or maybe there was no learning curve involved, and he’s a natural. Probably the latter.

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