American Diaper

You know, I once upon a time had some semblance of respect for Clint Eastwood's work both as an actor and a director, but homeboy's done gone off the jingoistic deep end in the last several years to the point he's geriactrically crapping in his pants. He needs a diaper — an American Diaper — to … Continue reading American Diaper


Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Roberts?

Prince Andrew? Jeffrey Epstein? Alan Dershowitz? Bill Clinton? Kevin Spacey? Numerous other as-of-yet unnamed politicians, entertainers and wealthy businessmen? It does appear this story just won't die, and in fact, it's getting legs and those legs are getting stronger despite the behind-the-scenes machinations and manipulations to smother it. The problem for these Usual Suspects is … Continue reading Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Roberts?