I was casually skimming channels on the Boob Tube yesterday evening and ran across MSNBC‘s airing of a series of cult documentaries starting with David Koresh’s Branch Davidians and the standoff/siege at Waco and ending with Jim Jones and the mass murder at Jonestown, Guyana. Both were fairly well done, imo, and pretty well-balanced, although conspiracy theorists will most likely disagree, especially the anti-American pro-Russian variety. For that crowd, every notable event can be attributed to the cap-a-pie evil that is America and they’ll go to great operose lengths, including fabricating conspiracy theories from thin, oxygen-depleted air to prove their flimsy case.

I was halfway through watching the MSNBC Jonestown documentary entitled Witness to Jonestown when I was overcome with an aperçu; Jim Jones, Jonestown and the People’s Temple strikingly resembles Putin’s Russia and its apologists. This is not an encouraging revelation since we all know how Jonestown ended, and it appears Putin’s Russia is headed in the same direction, except Putin is Jim Jones with nukes. Lord help us, but don’t count on it.

I consider those who read my blog to be of above average intelligence so certain statements will be proffered prima facie without having to go to lengths to prove the case since it’s already been proven many times over at other venues and the reader has done that due diligence or can effectively and objectively do that research if they’re so inclined. One such prima facie assertion is that Jim Jones was a megalomaniac who demanded unwavering obeisance from his congregation and pursuant to that went to great lengths to achieve that goal. Like I said, I’m not going to argue that point. It’s prima facie. If you disagree, so be it. Just to throw a bone though, for the stubborn amongst us who need to be reminded of what megalomania actually is, here’s a working definition from Wikipedia — and it fits Jim Jones, and Putin, quite nicely.

Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem. Adolf Hitler is widely considered to have been a megalomaniac.

As well as a symptom of pathology, a degree of megalomania is a way of defending against loss in everyday life – a manic defense against the experience of separation and loss. When linked to a position of power, whether military, political, or control-freak bureaucratical, it is likely to lead to miscalculation as a by-product of the figure’s swollen head.

Megalomaniacs, either because of their personal charisma or their definitive, decisive, stalwart, resolute take no prisoners can-do attitude, attract a compliant following. The spell for some who enter a megalomaniac’s gravitational pull eventually starts to wear off, and when it does, and the previously naive and impressionable congregant begins to question the tightly controlled narrative and considers straying from the pack, punishment soon follows not only to keep said dissenters in line, but also to serve as an example to any others who may awaken from their hypnotized slumber and agitate. These punishment rituals will engage other members of the congregation to reinforce the bonds of the group as a whole. Like this:

Or like what was done to this woman, Irina Dovgan, in Eastern Ukraine for her lack of enthusiasm for Putin’s terrorist cause.

Can’t you just hear Jim Jones insane cackle as he watches the sadistic punishment of this woman unfold in real time? Can’t you just imagine Putin’s cackle and his thug buddies’s cackles as they watch the same thing — that they ordained, or in the least enabled by laying the groundwork for and supporting this debauchery? I can. Maybe this is what Lavrov is laughing at in the limo after he was sent this photo on his cell phone and/or laptop.


I see the spirit of Jim Jones in Lavrov’s face, don’t you? This prick gets off on people’s suffering. That’s what that face tells me. That face only understands one response. Is The West prepared to deliver that response? I don’t think so.

Maybe Lavrov was getting his jollies at the expense of the Ukrainian soldiers in this photo being marched through the streets as prisoners of war like the Nazis used to do to the Jews — even going so far as to clean the street of their stink and stench after they were finished. That’s no lie as Alexander Motyl points out in this article.

I have documented quite adequately how in Russia Putin has gone through the same cultish lengths as Jim Jones in controlling and punishing dissent, dissenters and any non-compliant behavior up to and including murder. What we’re seeing in Eastern Ukraine is the same Putin cultish protocol and doctrine, except in a more raw, crude and rustic form since there is no scrutiny, what little to none there is in Russia anyway, in far off places.

Megalomaniacs create a cult of personality for themselves and make themselves the center of the universe they’ve created, ascended to or inherited. There is no power sharing — power is concentrated entirely in the essence of the cult leader of the organization in the case of Jim Jones and the nation-state in the case of Putin and Kim Jong-un. This worship of the cult leader is accompanied with apologies for everything the leader does. Whatever behavior the cult leader engages in, be it positive or negative, is always cast in a positive light and when the cult’s leader is criticized by those outside the organization/nation-state, the legion of apologists will swarm to the cult leader’s defense and provide all manner of rationalizations and justifications. Sometimes this behavior is conducted by those outside the organization/Nation-State unsolicited so enamored are these outside parties/interests or perhaps some use the clout of the organization/nation-state as advantage in furthering their own selfish interests. As we’ll see, this is the case with both Jim Jones and Putin.

Jim Jones had his share of apologists, not just within his sadistic organization known as the People’s Temple, but also outside that organization (see link here). One prominent apologist/enabler outside the organization who comes to mind is Jerry Brown, California’s current Governor, but it went so much deeper and further than that. Here’s an interesting YouTube that elaborates (dig the spooky, ominous music for cheesy effect):

In the case of Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, even long after the cult leader’s orchestrated catastrophe, some of the survivors will engage in apologia and help to write a false history, thus setting the stage for similar catastrophes in the future. Often history repeats itself, or at least approximates itself, because official history is more often than not misleading, incomplete and many times a damn lie subjected to the biases and prejudices of the sanctioned historians who’s charge is to construct a historical narrative that supports current and future socio-political plans.

This article underscores this most important point. The enablers and apologists are seldom brought to Justice. Like chameleons they change their stripes and/or colors in order to avoid detection, and thus are rarely if ever held to account for the crimes in which they were complicit. Per the linked article.

34th Anniversary Day: People’s Temple New Cult Of The Faithful Celebrates A Macabre Memorial For Mass Murderers

Yesterday, on another grim anniversary of the one of the worst mass murders in American history, they paid homage to the monster behind it.

This crazed sociopath, now memorialized in stone by the newly reconstituted People’s Temple, who paid their respects to the dead in their own “informal gathering” yesterday afternoon in Oakland’s Evergreen Cemetery.  James Warren Jones, killer of children, honored.

These children, imprisoned by him in a South American Marxist death camp, and more than 300 other children, including babies, didn’t stand a chance.

Neither did their parents and 600 other Americans of all ages, who were exterminated like cattle.  Nearly all killed by an agonizing death-by-cyanide, the majority being forcibly injected.  Not a mass-suicide as the lame-brained mainstream media always reports.  Jones, however, never could have pulled it off alone–no more than Pol Pot could have achieved his heinous mass murder–without the indispensable assistance of his cult’s enthused, blood-thirsty executioners.

Murderous Jim is not the only killer mixed in with the names of his victims, as I discovered in my visit to this perverse new shrine [in the background is the original memorial] earlier this year.  Indeed  there are some very notable culprits whose names will be familiar to anyone versed in the usually obscured facts of this unspeakable crime.

Some of the other of the infamous cult’s murderous enforcers include:

Annie Moore, sister of Becky Moore.  Becky runs the cult apologist organization “Jonestown Institute” with her hubby Fielding “Big Mac” McGehee, both of whom served as the front group to fund this memorial with cash from an “unknown source.”)  Annie, mass murderer.

Carolyn Moore, Becky’s other sister, was the Jones’s mistress, a smooth-talking version of Eva Braun wanna be.  Utterly ruthless.  And, of course, a mass murderer.

Dr. Larry Schacht, who oversaw the “medical needs” of the gulag.  Something of a Dr. Mengele, actually, who knew just how much cyanide would do the trick.  The highly trained, highly valued mass murderer.

“Big Jim” McElvane, the cult’s “security enforcer,” something of a  gestapo kingpin.  Yes, mass murderer too.

And, of course, what memorial would be complete without this beast, one of Jones’s most fanatical cultists.  Not a mass murderer, since she was in Guyana’s capital city of Georgetown when all the slaughter was unleashed in the jungle.  She was, however, enterprising enough to personally slit the throats of her three children before killing herself.  Which makes her death a bona fide suicide rather than a murder like nearly all the others in Jonestown. She still has some murder credits, like the other vicious psychopaths shown above.

There are, of course, some other names here that have NO business being memorialized, such as the guards that forced the cyanide into hundreds of people or shot them to death.  Becky and Big Mac know who they are but, hey, these homicidal gulag goons earned the requisite murder points to be featured as well.

Becky Moore is one of the more prominent cult apologists in circulation, publishing tripe about how “positive” the People’s Temple cult really was and that, really, “cult” is dirty word that insults all the wonderful things that came from this group of brainwashed slaves.

“Big Mac” McGehee is her very prolific propaganda hubby, who puts out the annual “Jonestown Report.”  To his credit, he includes some of the unsavory aspects of the forced labor camp called Jonestown in his publication.  The only problem is its resemblance with the formula used by supermarket tabloids, but on a much more serious scale.  Nothing quite so effective as a potent mix of fact and fiction grossly distorting perspective on the actual big picture.  Just gloss over, obfuscate or outright deny the reality of cult psychosocial dynamics so lethal to free will and, in some cases, life itself.

And Becky-Mac wants it that way, cause this enterprising fun couple crave that credibility enabling them to keep the New People’s Temple cult followers happy and positive there really were some mighty good things that flowed from all the brainwashing, fraud, slave labor, torture, child abuse, and murder that were the hallmarks of the cult that died.

Jynona Norwood [second from right], who lost 27 of her family to Jones and his executioners, has tried desperately to stop this madness.  She worked to put up Jones-free memorial for years. That some of the people that put Jones into power–Willie Brown, Cecil Williams, to name a few– haven’t contributed a dime to Norwood’s efforts speaks volumes on their moral bankruptcy–and cowardice.  They prefer not to remember those faces of the helpless little children having cyanide forced down their throats, knowing they helped make it all possible.

Beyond lamentable is actually reading some of the twisted statements made by cult apologists in the Mac-Becky Cult Fans journal.  One of them, by Natalia Danesi, observes:

“Evergreen Cemetery now has the four granite blocks engraved with all the victims’ names, including that of Jim Jones.  Despite the controversy, Jim Jones was among those who died that day, and it is proper and appropriate to remember the names of everyone who perished.  Another controversial figure is Linda Sharon Amos, who killed her three children before killing herself……seeing her name on the memorial must be unthinkable……While her final act is truly horrible, we must try to understand her position and point of view.  Her name on the memorial should make us pause and reflect….”

Pause and reflect?  Surely.  Unthinkable?  Most definitely.

I like the cut of that author’s jib. We need more like him — who say it like it is. I can imagine the very same routine will play out long after Putin is dead and gone but not before leaving a trail of tears so wide and long, it covers the entire planet. He could initiate a scenario like this and still there will be those who will memorialize him in the future. It’s always the way with cult leaders, especially those who are at the helm of formidable nation-states.

But we don’t have to wait for that gruesome scenario to unfold to witness the Putin worship and apologia — it’s ongoing in real time currently as I type. It’s been going on increasingly for the past decade as he’s revamped his formerly reserved, taciturn image for Prime Time. If polls are to be believed, and they’re not, then he’s a rock star in Russia and the greatest thing since — well, since vodka I suppose. Certainly not bread since bread is a sore subject considering the food shortages so prominent during Soviet times. But hey, they’ll have those days again — just you wait and see. Some already are.

At this blog, for those who haven’t been following along, I have tirelessly documented the steady and certain demented ascension of the megalomaniac Putin. As part of this work-in-progress chronicle of Putin’s consolidation of power, I have painstakingly documented the statements of his worshipers and apologists. He has an army, or rather armies of them. They are seemingly everywhere — in every comment section of every Western blog I have visited — and that’s a lot of blogs. Some of them are obviously Kremlin operatives, but there are more than a few in The West who do this out of admiration and attraction. They’re attracted to the power of Putin just as surely as Jim Jones’ congregants were attracted to his power. Putin has a hold over them. They are no longer independent, if they ever were, but certainly they’re incapable of impartial and objective thought. They devote an increasing amount of their lonely days carrying water for a sadistic, murderous megalomaniac who for them represents vengeance for their projected inadequacies. Someone must pay for there inability to self-actualize and Putin is their avenger — their savior — just as Jim Jones was considered a savior to his congregants.

For those of you reading this blog for the first time, take a look around this growing space. Come back and peruse the entirety of it over the span of several or more occasions because it’s too much to absorb and assimilate in a single visit or even two or three visits. The proof of what I assert about the Cult of Putin is in the pudding of this blog. But before you do, I’ll give you the latest taste of Putin worship. This is from an excellent publication called Euromaiden Press managed by a Ukrainian-Canadian by the name of Mat Babiak. Here’s a link to the article. Make sure to read the comments as well if you visit the link. Ordinarily, I’d say after reading something like this, it would be a WTF moment, but because of my extensive research and interaction with these cultists, this behavior is to be expected. Bizarre, I know. I can only imagine in the next five to ten years, it will only get more bizarre. It certainly did with Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. I’ll present the article in its entirety since those who visit this blog fail to click the majority of the links I provide, but please, visit the linked blog — there is a treasure chest of great material to wade through if you have the time.

NHL stars support the war against Ukraine

Putin Ovechkin


A number of Russian NHL stars have quickly taken to backing their homeland in the war against Ukraine, with multiple MVP Alexander Ovechkin making the most recent headlines. The negative attention was significant enough that Hall of Famer Slava Fetisov expressed concern over how Ovechkin will continue to be received by fans in North America.

On Instagram, Ovechkin posted a controversial picture of himself holding a card reading “save children from fascism.” Given the context of evoking ‘fascism’ in Russian rhetoric over the past several months, the Washington Capitals winger is effectively saying Russia must save children from Ukraine and Ukrainians, or possibly even Americans, as many Russians blame the U.S. for importing ‘fascism’ into Ukraine.

Affixed to the picture is also the note: “Our grandparents have seen the horrors of fascism. We will not allow it in our time!!” – clearly throwing his weight behind Russia’s military invasion aimed at preventing Ukrainian democracy and independence from taking root.

Acclaimed historian Timothy Snyder best explains the politics of the term:

Thus began the politics of fascism and anti-fascism, where Moscow was the defender of all that was good, and its critics were fascists. This very effective pose, of course, did not preclude an actual Soviet alliance with the actual Nazis in 1939. Given today’s return of Russian propaganda to anti-fascism, this is an important point to remember: The whole grand moral Manichaeism was meant to serve the state, and as such did not limit it in any way. The embrace of anti-fascism as a rhetorical strategy is quite different from opposing actual fascists.

“Anti-fascist” slogans (and even organizations) are also typically espoused as a smokescreen by Russia’s far-right, a political sphere that ironically contains a plethora of racist, neo-Nazi and indeed fascist figures. A leading figure of this core, Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin, recently called for the outright genocide of Ukrainians, calling for the country to be “cleansed” of the Ukrainian “race of bastards.”

Thankfully, despite Ovechkin’s concerns, hockey for Donetsk area children in liberated territory couldn’t look brighter at the moment. In Druzhkivka, hundreds of players and their families turned out to start the season in the city’s new arena days after his comments.

Ovechkin’s show of support for Putin’s war wasn’t isolated to just the aforementioned photo, as he posted another photo two days later with fellow Russian NHL star Evgeni Malkin, brandishing a pair of Vladimir Putin iPhone cases, “a souvenir from our president.”

For his part, Malkin makes his position directly known in a number of recent uploads. A month ago, he posted photos of himself posing with both a figure of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, and an airbrushed portrait of Putin on the hood of a BMW.

A post shared by Evgeni Malkin (@e.malkin71geno) on


A post shared by Evgeni Malkin (@e.malkin71geno) on

More direct though is this group shot which features Malkin (right) and another NHL player, Sergei Gonchar (left) wearing Putin fan shirts in a group photo.

Вежливые люди)

A post shared by Evgeni Malkin (@e.malkin71geno) on

The shirts aren’t simply innocuous kitsch, but rather an advertisement for Crimea’s occupation. The slogan beneath the venerating screen prints of macho-Putin, which is also coyly repeated by Malkin in the photo description (with a smiley face to boot), says “polite people” – a term popularized among Russian nationalists to describe the military personnel who participated in the annexation of Crimea. To people like Malkin and Gonchar, Crimea was a ‘polite’ annexation.

All of this should come as no surprise given these players’ track records. Following Russia’s IIHF World Championship win this summer, Putin joined in on the celebrations, partying with the players. The championship, which was hosted in Belarus, was wrought with controversy with many fans speculating that the officiating was fixed and rightfully protesting the overlooked actions of the Russian head coach who used a hidden radio device to circumvent his standing suspension.

l0rhEHp NHL stars support the war against Ukraine
Putin and Ovechkin

Days later the stars, Ovechkin and Malkin, were seen again being more than chummy with the Russian leader at a state ceremony held for the roster. While they may have just been overjoyed since Putin had just bought the players brand new Mercedes sports cars to celebrate the win, Ovechkin’s personal relationship with the benevolent dictator goes further back, evening having his personal home phone number (the two call each other frequently).

Detroit star Pavel Datsyuk caused a furor earlier in the year for his comments on Russia’s repressive anti-gay laws. When asked for his position he responded with: “I’m an orthodox and that says it all.” As Sports Illustrated pointed out, the Russian orthodox church’s position on the subject is straightforward: “This is a very dangerous apocalyptic symptom, and we must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned in Russia by state law, because that would mean that the nation has embarked on a path of self-destruction.” The Russian church’s position on Ukraine is, of course, not the least bitmore encouraging.

But just how strong are the convictions of these players in their support for Russia? One thing’s for sure, they very much enjoy their American salaries and won’t be too thrilled if Russia continues to clamp down on American imports.

Paris! Mc oysters!))) photo by @oderanatoly

A post shared by Evgeni Malkin (@e.malkin71geno) on

I know, that sycophantic display is worthy of a tanker-full of fleer. I wish I could say it’s satire, and you know what, it actually is satire, just not intentional. Remember the movie The Accidental Tourist? I don’t, but I remember the title and it suitably serves as the basis for another movie I also will never remember except for its title; The Unintentional Satirist. There are so many of them (Unintentional Satirists) these days, it’s easier to take them for granted rather than call out their all-to-common stupidity and dumb luck.

But I suppose I can somewhat excuse these fools because at least they’re Russian, however, the same excuse cannot be used for non-Russian Westerners who fellate Putin in public for all the world to see. There is no excuse for these crumb bum creeps. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve documented some of these moronic, traitorous creeps at this blog, but let me recall some exceptionally gratuitous Putin worshiping from an earlier post here. The name of the dovecote blog (that considers itself a “Committee of Defecation”) I lifted these oral sex with Putin quotes from is President Putin, May I Wash Your Balls?The following snippet is from my earlier blog post linked to above:

So, when you visit the President Putin, May I Wash Your Balls? link and do the thorough research if you’re so inclined, you be the judge especially when you consider the Putin worshiping and coddling that’s going on at that space right now. What Putin worshiping, you ask? How about the comments by FB Ali in his most recent guest post at President Putin, May I Wash Your Balls? and the supporting commentary in the comment section to that post, for example. The post itself is a rather run-of-the-mill analysis for Putin apologists who claim the West is encircling Russia in an attempt to subordinate the Russian soul. It even mentions Neocons. Imagine that? But what’s most noteworthy are the adulatory comments about Putin in the comment section. As I’ve said before on this blog, if these people aren’t being paid for their Putin water-carrying propaganda, they should be — because if they’re not, they’re fools, and if they are, they’re duplicitous opportunists who discard any notion of principles. Here’s a sampling of some of the comments from the linked post. Hold your nose because the smerdiness is most mephitic:

burton50 said in reply to VietnamVet…

Say what you want about Putin, but in the course of fifteen years he and his team have acted very decisively to limit and reverse the damages of this trend in Russia, rebuilt and re-energized the armed forces, begun the hard work of reconstructing the state’s tax base and its institutional organization, and brutally rehabilitated the state’s capacity to reign in the sort of massive theft and corruption that when on in Yeltsin’s era. The effort has begun to bear fruit in the reversal of the terrible demographic and economic trends unleashed by the collapse of the USSR (it’s to this that Putin’s famous quotation refers). The program was not to be a frontal assault in the Bol’shevik manner: the oligarchs are probably thought of as useful in their own way, but they are carefully supervise and have been warned in no uncertain terms that interference in the affairs of the nation (as in the Ukraine) wouldn’t be tolerated.

FB Ali said in reply to burton50..

I agree with what you say about Vladimir Putin. He saved Russia from a decline into poverty and irrelevance. Perhaps that is one of the reasons he is so detested by the neocons and their supporters.

I think he is a Russian patriot, and this is his primary motivation in his policies and actions.

Highlander said in reply to FB Ali…

I agree Putin is a great leader for Russia, a very hard nosed and realistic man.

A worthy opponent for anyone. I hope,it doesn’t come down to a face off with Obama.

Alba Etie said in reply to FB Ali…

He also has been a champion of endangered wildlife in Siberia and elsewhere.

The Twisted Genius said in reply to VietnamVet…

I disagree with your assessment of Putin. He is a skilled adversary worthy of respect. Rather than a dirty rotten scumbag, he is a heard hearted empath and, perhaps, one of the rough men we hear so much about. As Burton50 said, he has politically neutered his one per centers, the Russian oligarchs. Russian history will probably look kindly on the Putin years.

Tyler said in reply to David Habakkuk…

Why can’t we be friends? Because of World War Gay and the fact that Russia offers an alternative to soulless hedonism which is the West’s primary export now.

turcopolier said…

“by keeping neo-cons in his administration, he can neutralize/co-opt them as a group.” IMO Obama is a weak man If I were president, the neocons would be in hiding. pl

What’s particularly ironic about FB Ali’s felicitous admiration of Putin is the fact that FB Ali has shared a very similar experience with Alexander Litvinenko, but unlike Litvinenko, Ali was not tracked down in Canada by his former colleagues and poisoned with Polonium-210 to die a torturous and undignified death. And yet, FB Ali not only fails to acknowledge his common ground with Litvinenko, but instead, not only ignores the murderous crimes of the sadist who ordered the poisoning of Litvinenko, but proclaims Putin’s greatness as a Russian patriot when Putin is in fact no such thing. Sorry, FB Ali, but you have lost all credibility as have the blog’s author and any and all commentators at the President Putin, May I Wash Your Balls? blog. Here’s a link to Amazon if you want to purchase his recently published book about his Pakistani persecution. I find it difficult to empathize when he can’t find it within himself to empathize with Litvinenko and instead holds Litvinenko’s executioner on a pedestal. Disgusting. Here’s a quote about Ali’s autobiographical book:

FB Ali was a rising star in the Pakistan Army when, in 1969, Gen Yahya Khan, the army chief, declared martial law and took over the country. Disheartened at the direction in which Pakistan was heading, and his inability to do anything about it, he contemplated resigning, but the 1971 war with India intervened. Given an important combat command shortly before it began he witnessed firsthand how badly this disastrous war was mismanaged by the military regime and the incompetent generals it had appointed. The resulting debacle drove him to initiate and lead the army action that forced Gen Yahya Khan to hand over power to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who had won the 1970 election. The usual fate of kingmakers befell him: in 1972 he was retired from the army and a few months later arrested and tried on charges of trying to overthrow the government. Narrowly escaping a death sentence, he ended up with life imprisonment, spending over 5 years in prison before he was released following Bhutto’s ouster in another military coup. Though offered a significant role in the new setup he decided to move to Canada with his family. This memoir contains an insider account of many important events of that decade, including the 1971 India-Pakistan war and the troubles in East Pakistan that led to the creation of Bangladesh. It is also a poignant tale of courage and endurance in the face of adversity.

FB Ali ends his post at President Putin, May I Wash Your Balls? with the following admonition:

As Alastair Crooke points out, Russia is not afraid of sanctions, and this will not alter the course of developments in the Ukraine. All they will lead to is a much more confrontational and insecure world in the future.

With so many critical problems facing humanity (over-population, widespread poverty, global warming, to name a few) this is not a happy prospect.

Keep in mind the people who frequent the Mr. Putin, May I Wash Your Balls? blog are mostly Western military types and that blog has a prodigious viewership from around the world. Have you ever heard or seen the phrase Everyone Loves A Parade? Well, neither have I, but for those who have, I propose another phrase appropriate for our times; Everyone Loves A Cult. Apparently. Not me — but I’m just silly that way. Always the odd man out. I can’t seem to “get with the ticket.” I don’t “go with the flow.” Oh well, I won’t apologize for exercising my freedom of expression just as I won’t apologize for the cult leader Putin.

Another prominent characteristic about cults and cult leaders is a fervently crafted and cultivated persecution complex. This is evident with both Jim Jones and the People’s Temple and Joseph Vladimir Putin and the Putin’s Temple (Russia). In the case of Jim Jones, the persecution complex was the rationalization for the move to Jonestown, Guyana. Analogously, it was a form of Nationalism where the People’s Temple could have a carve-out all its own without interference from a greater authority like a nation-state or the world community. To Jim Jones and his indoctrinated and brainwashed People’s Temple congregants, the world was conspiring against them, or at least the majority of the world. One option of refuge, ironically, was the Soviet Union. That’s no lie. The following quote from this article can equally apply to both Jim Jones and the People’s Temple and Joseph Vladimir Putin and the Putin’s Temple concerning persecution complexes and paranoid delirium.

Samuel Joaquín’s paranoid delirium has been transmitted to sections of his parishioners, particularly to his closest followers by means of complex group mechanisms. It is important to remark that paranoid ideas in followers are secondary to the leader’s psychological dysfunction and to the strong indoctrination received within the association.75

It is worthwhile to remember the most famous case of collective suicide for religious motives registered in modern history, when hundreds of people voluntarily drank a mixture of cyanide dissolved into Kool-Aid to take their lives. One of the causes of this event was the continuous paranoid indoctrination from Jim Jones. In fact, that was the reason why more than 900 people left the United States to fly to Guyana before the tragedy. The paranoid ideas transmitted were so well received by the group that they had been practicing for months to prepare the way for the collective suicide to take place.76 Their leader had told them there was a government conspiracy against them.77

In contrast, the Guru Bagwan Shree Rajneesh, chief of a religious commune of hundreds of people in Oregon, USA., managed to convince his followers against all objective evidence that it was necessary to exterminate the inhabitants of a town. The latter were perceived, by Rajneesh’s mental design, as a terrible threat. The final result was that a hydraulic dam was poisoned and other crimes were committed.78

Another example is, once more, the persecution complex. This indicates not just a paranoid perception of the exterior world. It also implies a false and excessive conceptualization of the importance of the group in world context. In other words, for conspiracies of the significance claimed by the dignitaries of The Light of the World to exist, it is obvious that this organization is extremely important. So much, that according to Samuel Joaquín’s opinion the whole world85 is scheming to wipe it from the face of the earth.86 This international plot is on account of, according to The Light of the World, “its cleanliness”, “its doctrinal purity”, an attempt to stop its “expansive growth”; the envy of the enemies of the sect and the hate of invisible beings,87 are some of the explanations before the faithful and adopted as reality by many of the faithful.

It is easier for a social group to function in a psychotic way than for a single individual, because in groups primitive levels of the mind are more easily aroused.88 If we take into account that it is there where feelings and emotions abide,89 while partaking group activities, even though people were functionally psychotic, the experience can be intensely gratifying. Anybody within the organization may cease to function normally while ruled by the group, which upon delirium, embraces him in collective psychosis.90 This kind of behavior has been observed in The Light of the World. While celebrating the Holy Supper in August, 1991, Samuel Joaquín stated in an intensely solemn moment that God “had asked for the Church”.91 This cryptic message became clearer when he explained that he had fought with God begging him not to take it yet and to give it another opportunity. According to eye witnesses his words cause a general commotion among the thousands in attendance; uncontrollable laments and weeping could be heard, the faithful fell by the streets of La Hermosa Provincia colony passionately begging for another chance and thanking the fitting intercession of their vicar. The commotion provoked the Ministry of the Interior to investigate into the causes worried about what could happen the next year during such festivity. Some measures were taken to ensure that the bread and wine to be distributed in the next celebration would not be God’s medium to take the Church.92

As that article indicates, the paranoid delirium and persecution complex are a shared group behavior that’s imparted by the leader to maintain and strengthen the cohesive bonds of the dysfunctional, yet dovecote appearing, organization in the case of Jim Jones and nation-state in the case of Putin (Putin’s alleged approval poll numbers are running at ~83%). The Russian propagandists and its bevy of Western worshipers and apologists insist that The West is out to get Russia by encircling it with NATO bases. They’ve taken a trend and twisted it into a persecution complex narrative that scarcely resembles what is really taking place. This article is an excellent analysis that eviscerates and lays bare the perverted NATO Encirclement Myth bandied by the congregants of the Putin’s Temple.

Russian Paranoia Imperils Future Arms Control Efforts

Author: Daniel Gouré, Ph.D.
April 13, 2010.
Posted in Early Warning Blog

Yesterday’s op-ed in the New York Times by former Secretary of Defense William Perry and former Secretary of State George Schultz (“How to Build on the START Treaty”) is an example of how arms control thinking can run amok. The two former U.S. government officials start by proposing some logical, if controversial, goals for the next round of talks: significantly greater arms reductions, reductions in tactical nuclear weapons and dismantlement of some fraction of the weapons currently held in reserve.

But, there is a problem. According to the two authors, “…our discussions with Russian colleagues, including senior government officials, suggest that such a next step would be very difficult for them. Part of the reason for their reluctance to accept further reductions is that Russia considers itself to be encircled by hostile forces in Europe and in Asia. Another part results from the significant asymmetry between United States and Russian conventional military forces.”

This is stunning news. Nearly twenty years after the fall of the Soviet Union, thirteen years after being invited to join the G-8, more than a year into the Obama Administration and in the aftermath of the signing of a new START Treaty, Russia considers itself to be encircled by hostile forces! Of whom are they fearful? European NATO, that spends on average 2 percent of GDP on defense and would freeze in the winter without Russian natural gas? China, with whom Russia formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and to whom Moscow has sold billions of dollars of weapons systems? Iran, the country that continues to benefit from Russian nuclear know-how? Japan, which constitutionally constrains the offensive role of its Armed Forces? Or perhaps Canada, who might launch an invasion of Siberia across the increasingly open waters of the Arctic?

As the two authors know well, the encirclement thesis is an old Soviet era myth intended to justify the militarization of the Russian economy and the repression of the Russian people. It is not surprising that a government still headed by Vladimir Putin, who once described the fall of the Soviet Union as the greatest tragedy of the 20th century, would feel itself in need of resorting to this hoary canard. Rather than being threatened by other countries, it is Russia that is doing the threatening. In recent years, Moscow has sent strategic bombers to penetrate NATO airspace, nuclear submarines to patrol off the U.S.’s eastern shores, and missile-armed warships to Venezuela. It is Russia that has sought to undermine the stability of its neighbors be it Kaliningrad, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, the Baltic states or Kyrgystan.

What is even more stunning is that these two U.S. senior statesmen think that it is important for the United States to act as if the paranoid utterances of Russian officials were valid. They write that “For these reasons, we believe that the next round of negotiations with Russia should not focus solely on nuclear disarmament issues. These talks should encompass missile defense, Russia’s relations with NATO, the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, North Korea, Iran and Asian security issues.” So it’s back to the Cold War world in which the two superpowers negotiate the fate of all the other nations. Except, of course, there is only one superpower and one “sick man of Europe” trying to steal back its lost power by an attempt at blackmail.

What they fail to appreciate, or chose to ignore, is that Moscow sees its nuclear weapons as a trump card that will earn back that country’s erstwhile superpower status. In effect they want to permit Russia to determine the global security architecture in return for dismantlement of a few nuclear weapons. Secretaries Perry and Shultz are being played and have bought into Moscow’s con game. We can only hope that the current secretaries of defense and state are less gullible.

Pursuant to this line of reasoning I deposited the following comment at Bernie’s latest blog post here at Moon of Alabama blog.

Noirette said – Therefore, the vital need to expand NATO to the East (which was bound to lead to the kind of clash we see now), and at the same time make absolutely sure that Europe realises, accepts its vassal status, an acts in accordance with it.

NATO is a defensive organization, not an offensive one. That’s why anytime it’s attempted anything preemptively offensive, it’s a miserable failure. Russia knows this.

The former Soviet states are, and have been, clamoring to join NATO and Europe. They’ve run from Russia kicking and screaming. This has never been about The West foisting NATO on these states, it’s been about these states begging to join NATO so they can ward off the vampire that is Russia that they know will come knocking once again as it always has.

And you know what, they’re right. They should know — they’re the ones who have lived in the terroristic shadow of Captain Russia the rapist all these abusive years — not you Communist-sympathizing darlings in The West.

This is not about NATO encircling Russia, it’s about former Soviet states long suffocated by the smothering Iron Curtain finally taking steps to liberate themselves from the yoke of Russian totalitarianism for good. Obviously, Russia feels threatened because of this just as abusive parents feel threatened when their abused children are liberated from their abuse — they’ll try everything in their arsenal to get them back, up to and including murdering the abused child.

Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down the wall. Obama, or the next President, needs to tell Putin to recycle the Iron Curtain he’s taken out of storage and make razor blades for Schick and Gillette out of it. A symbolic act of goodwill would be to create a commercial where one of those razors is used to shave Dugin’s infested beard and free the partridges caught in its folliculitis quagmire.

If you can’t figure out what folliculitis means from the context, look it up. I will not serve you baby food. You’re responsible for your digestion that some refer to as edification.

I must quote one more comment related to the inculcation of paranoid delirium and a persecution complex in operating a successful cult because the comment was one of the better ones I’ve run across in quite some time and I believe in giving credit when credit’s due. This excellently articulated lashing is from The Moscow Times per this link.

evanlarkspur sipke • a day ago

NATO is likewise a defensive organization. Russia sees this as a “threat” because it interferes with its ability to invade its neighbors with impunity. This is what makes all this talk of NATO “expansion” being to blame for Russia’s behavior such laughable propaganda. Yes, NATO opposes Russia, but it’s only because NATO is defensive, and everyone feels the need to defend themselves against Russia. When Russia wasn’t invading anyone (for a brief nanosecond in history), and showed signs of interest in entering the Western system of peace and trade, NATO began collaborating with Russia. Hardly an implacable, aggressive enemy.

It’s like you are constantly stealing stuff from your neighbors, killing their pets, and your kids beat up their kids, but you deny, deny and obfuscate. The police aren’t really investigating any of it because you are a powerful regional businessman. So your neighbors all set up a neighborhood watch for self-protection. You claim that this is a threat to you. You rape one neighbor, frame another neighbor’s kids for robbery, and burn down a third’s garage while dressed in a known gang’s colors to create confusion. Then you claim everyone is trying to destroy you when they demand that something be done about you. You are Russia.

And finally, it’s important to note that many cults don’t end well, and this is especially concerning if he cult is a nation-state with nukes. It didn’t end well for the Branch Davidians and David Koresh and equally it didn’t end well for the People’s Temple and Jim Jones. Will it end well for Joseph Vladimir Putin and the Putin’s Temple? Only time will tell, but hopefully The West can learn from the mistakes made with the Branch Davidians and the People’s Temple. Sieges aren’t effective at neutralizing cults without massive casualties nor is coddling appeasement and negotiation and compromise effective in neutralizing cults as was evident from the Jonestown tragedy. The cult must be severed at the head, and when it is, the congregants can be disassembled and guided back to rational thought in a more rational world. There’s no need to be more specific. You’re sharp enough to understand the implication that must be applied.

As a cult nears the end of its life cycle, all the characteristics discussed thus far in this blog post increase in pace and intensity with the added emphasis on the beauty of sacrificial death. The cult leaders will increasingly emphasize the group’s persecuted status and will emphasize the need to sacrifice one’s life for the greater good of the group. Both Jim Jones and Vladimir Putin have done this. Here’s a YouTube video of Jim Jones last speech to his congregants as he guides them to murder their children and speaks of the beauty of death compared to the misery of this life. No more pain.

Jones mentions in that video that “they’ve taken our land from us.” See the pattern? Putin does the same thing and he also speaks about how death can be beautiful when life is sacrificed for the people as he did per this Spiegel analysis of one of his recent speeches.

In order to understand Vladimir Putin, you have to listen to him. You have to read what he wants. More importantly, though, you have to see what it is that he is seeking to prevent. Often, a politician’s fears and aversions can be more telling than his or her plans and promises.

So what is it that drives Putin? The central theme of all his speeches is the fear of encirclement — the threat represented by powers that want to keep the Russian people down because they fear its inner strength. “They are constantly trying to sweep us into a corner because we have an independent position, because we maintain it and because we call things like they are and do not engage in hypocrisy,” he said in a March 18 speech before the Duma. In a television interview in April, he said: “There are enough forces in the world that are afraid of our strength, ‘our hugeness,’ as one of our sovereigns said. So they seek to divide us into parts.”

A Threat to the Russian Soul

There remains a tendency to view the Kremlin’s foreign policy primarily from a geopolitical perspective — namely that the country is seeking to recover some of the territory it lost when the Soviet Union dissolved. But when Putin speaks of the enemy of the Russian people, he is speaking about something deeper and more basic. The forces against which he has declared war are not only seeking to expand their influence further and further into the East — they are also going after the Russian soul. That’s what he means when he says that Russia must put up a fight against the West.

But what’s at the heart of this soul? Putin has provided some insights here as well. “It seems to me that the Russian person or, on a broader scale, a person of the Russian world, primarily thinks about his or her highest moral designation, some highest moral truths,” he said in the interview. In contrast to this is a West that is fixated on personal success and prosperity or, as Putin states, the “inner self.” In the view of its president, the battle Russia is waging is ideological in nature. It is a fight against the superficiality of materialism, against the decline in values, against the feminization and effeminacy of society — and against the dissolution of all traditional bonds that are part of that development. In short, against everything “un-Russian.”

Even today, many are having trouble recognizing the true nature of a man who is currently in the process of turning the European peace order on its head. Perhaps we don’t have the courage to make the right comparisons because they remind us of an era that we thought we had put behind us. Within Germany’s Left Party and parts of the center-left Social Democrats, Putin is still viewed as a man molded in the tradition of the Soviet party leader, who stood for an idealized version of Socialism. The old knee-jerk sense of solidarity is still there. It is based on a misunderstanding, though, because Putin isn’t post-communist. He’s post-fascist.

A search for the right historical analogy should focus on the events of Rome in 1919 rather than Sarajevo in 1914. It won’t take long for those who step inside the world of echo chambers and metaphors that color Putin’s thinking to identify traits that were also present at the birth of fascism. There’s Putin’s cult of the body, the lofty rhetoric of self-assertion, the denigration of his opponents as degenerates, his contempt for democracy and Western parliamentarianism, his exaggerated nationalism.

Enemies of freedom on the far right in Europe sensed the changing political climate early on. They immediately understood that, in Putin, someone is speaking who shares their obsessions and aversions. Putin reciprocates by acknowledging these like-minded individuals. “As for the rethinking of values in European countries, yes, I agree that we are witnessing this process,” he told his television interviewer last Thursday, pointing to Victor Orban’s victory in Hungary and the success of Marine Le Pen in France. It was the only positive thing he had to say in the entirety of a four-hour interview.

An Historic Mission for the Russian People

When they were first introduced one year ago, people also failed to recognize the true meaning of Russia’s new anti-gay laws. But today it is clear that it marked the emergence of the new Russia. What began with an anti-gay law is now continuing at another level: The logical progression of the belief that certain groups are inferior is the belief in the superiority of one’s own people.

And when Putin evokes the myth of Moscow as a “Third Rome,” it is clear he is assigning the Russian people with an historic mission. Responsibility is falling to Russia not only to stop Western decadence at its borders, but also to provide a last bastion for those who had already given up hope in this struggle. But he is also saying that Russia can never yield.

“Death is horrible, isn’t it?” Putin asked viewers at the end of his television appearance. “But no, it appears it may be beautiful if it serves the people: Death for one’s friends, one’s people or for the homeland, to use the modern word.” That’s as fascist as it gets.

Jim Jones could have written and delivered that speech. Maybe he did if you believe evil doesn’t die when a person’s biological functions cease but instead jumps ship to another worthy accessible vessel that can leverage maximum destruction potential.

Is Putin on a mission from God like the Blues Brothers? He’s on a mission alright, and he may believe it’s a mission from God, but if he is, God isn’t what most people think it is. Because if Putin is an example of some God’s plans for the human race, Lord don’t help us. That kind of help we do not need.

I think you’ll agree that the notion of a Jim Jones character at the helm of a nation-state with enough nuclear power to reduce the human population to a number acceptable to Ted Turner and his friends is more than a bit unnerving. Do I think Putin’s reign as cult leader of the Putin’s Temple will end with the delivery of radioactive Kool-Aid to the entire planet? I sure hope not, and truthfully I doubt it, but who knows? Even Merkel doesn’t seem to know and she’s his colleague. She reminds me of Leo Ryan in the way she naively thinks she can bargain and negotiate with an individual who increasingly seems to have lost more than a few of his marbles. In that photo above taken at the NATO summit in Wales Merkel, unlike the others, is not smiling as they look to the sky for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ or Maitreya. If anyone knows the soul of Putin, it’s Merkel, not George W. Bush. From the looks of Merkel’s eyes as she trepidantly gazes into the heavens, I’d say she fears the reaper in direct opposition to the admonition of this Blue Oyster Cult song (Putin has blue eyes — in case you haven’t noticed).

All our times have come
Here but now they’re gone
Seasons don’t fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain
We can be like they are

Come on baby… Don’t fear the Reaper
Baby take my hand… Don’t fear the Reaper
We’ll be able to fly… Don’t fear the Reaper
Baby I’m your man…

Valentine is done
Here but now they’re gone
Romeo and Juliet
Are together in eternity…
Romeo and Juliet

40,000 men and women everyday… Like Romeo and
40,000 men and women everyday… Redefine
Another 40,000 coming everyday…We can be like
they are

Come on baby… Don’t fear the Reaper
Baby take my hand… Don’t fear the Reaper
We’ll be able to fly… Don’t fear the Reaper
Baby I’m your man…

Love of two is one
Here but now they’re gone
Came the last night of sadness
And it was clear she couldn’t go on
The door was open and the wind appeared
The candles blew and then disappeared
The curtains flew then he appeared
Saying don’t be afraid

Come on baby… And she had no fear
And she ran to him… Then she started to fly
she looked backward and said goodbye
she had become like they are
she had taken his hand
she had become like they are

Come on baby…don’t fear the reaper

Will it come to this? Once again, I don’t know. My gut instinct tells me it won’t, but that gut’s been wrong before, but it’s almost always right, meaning it’s rarely failed me thus far. Tom Nichol’s at his blog The War Room has an interesting discussion in his latest post concerning Putin’s threatening statements about using nuclear weapons on anyone who “messes” with Russia. Here’s a link. It’s an important and worthwhile thought exercise. In the least, if and when that time does come, you’ll be mentally prepared, or as mentally prepared as one can be for such an eventuality. I’ve been mentally prepared for it since I was seven years old. At least I think I am. When the time comes I’ll probably piss and shit my pants (if I’m wearing any at the time) like everyone else (a global synchronized bladder and bowel movement) if I’m not incinerated instantly which would be a blessing — to incinerate instantly should the thing that must never happen, happens.

Anyway, I left the following comment at Nichol’s blog as part of that discussion and thought exercise.

Nice analysis.

Why do bad guys rarely if ever commit suicide unlike good guys like Robin Williams who fell people’s hearts and souls with laughter and merriment?

Putin lives for his sadism, so I think he’s bluffing. I do believe letting a nuke fly would be tantamount to suicide, and I don’t think he’s suicidal. Mad, perhaps. Maybe. I can’t be sure. A mad genius perhaps, and geniuses can out-think themselves and end up tripping over their own thinking. Hitler did. Not that Putin’s Hitler — but he is somewhat of a hybrid of historical tyrannical megalomaniacs.

What’s unnerving is the seeming support he has from those on the far “Left” and far “Right” in the West. It’s surreal. As though I’ve been transported back to the 1930’s and I can see it all so clearly now and all the questions I had about that time and how Hitler came to power and managed to do what he did are now answered. People are weak. People are cowards. Most people. There are a few holdouts who are brave and noble — but they’re few.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll underscore and emphasize it again, the people I refer to in that last paragraph will have to be rooted out, exposed and brought to heel if Joseph Vladimir Putin and the Putin’s Temple are to be neutralized effectively — meaning as little loss of life as possible in the endeavor.

This song comes to mind when discussing, and thinking about, this topic of potential nuclear war. Mustard (as in Colonel), do you think they’ll drop the bomb?

And before I bid you a final adieu, let’s not leave on such a down note. A little levity is in order. Can you guess who these two beauties are?

Give up? They’re Putin’s daughters, Maria on the left, and Yekaterina on the right. Wow! I’m guessing they’re completely clueless about Dear Old Dad. Still, if I were single I’d date one of them or both of them. Of course, considering my blog and all, I’d keep them out of reach of my tea cup, knife set and gun collection because you need to take precautions.

That’s it for now. Remember to lie well and for the right reasons. It’s Friday so also remember to eat, drink and be merry for today, or tomorrow, may be your last day.


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