The Traitors Amongst Us

The following comment was made at Moon of Alabama blog here by an obvious anti-American pro-Russian commentator.

b, do get rid of the tiresome fool Holefield. Dilutes quite seriously the excellent news-usefulness of MOA to have cretins like that let in. And obviously that’s his/her/their purpose. All the most impressive sites I follow have strict moderation, and are mercifully troll/shill/hasbarollockser/cretin-free.

Posted by: Rhisiart Gwilym | Aug 28, 2014 9:03:13 AM | 3

I’m not so concerned with the content as I am with the individual who made the comment. Rarely do these freaks give their real-life name, but this one apparently did, unless someone is using this person’s identity, Rhisiart ap Gwilymwhich I doubt. Also, how many Rhisiart Gwilyms can there be? I’m thinking very few, if maybe only one.

So what, right? Well, no. It’s not that easy. Here’s a link to this person’s, if it is this person, LinkedIn profile. Review it closely. This person is a software engineer — a fancy name for a hacker. Combine hacker with anti-American pro-Russian leanings and it spells trouble.

If you check down at the bottom of that LinkedIn profile page, you’ll see this scumbag has all kinds of security clearances, and, get this, he’s worked on the Target account and we all know (or should know) what happened to Target recently. Could this jerkoff be working for Putin’s head hacker, Kaspersky? Could he have helped undermine Target‘s information systems allowing customer data to have been stolen? It’s certainly….….worth an inquiry. Perhaps a letter to Target would be in order, with a follow-up to various media publications willing to investigate this lead since we know Corporations aren’t forthcoming about internal investigations and have a tendency to shelve such inquiries to avoid any further embarrassment.

For those not familiar with the Target story, here’s a link. Target is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s major cyber warfare going on, and it would be in keeping with Russian strategy to infiltrate Western systems using easily-turned twits like Rhisiart Gwilym. IT people, in the West at least, have no loyalty except to themselves. I have found many of them to be amoral at best. There are exceptions, but it’s a shame these Aspergerians are breeding in such large numbers. It could explain the Autism and Aspergers epidemic we’re experiencing — not something to be embraced and coddled. Per the Target story link:

Your Credit Card Might Already Be For Sale On The Black Market

U.S. retailers have been hit by a huge wave of cyber crime that may have started with the Target hack, a massive data breach that allowed hackers to steal credit and debit card information for more than 40 million customers, and personal details for more than 70 million people. But Target was not the only retailer hit, as more than 1,000 American businesses may have been affected by the same malware, the New York Times has revealed.

Only recently companies including Supervalu and UPS Stores admitted to data breaches, but most companies affected have not acknowledged the hack.

Meanwhile, the attack that’s dubbed “Backoff,” after a word found in its code, may have affected millions of additional customers whose credit card information might be selling on black markets without their knowledge. In fact, some of the hacked companies may not even be able to warn customers, as they themselves may still be unaware hackers are stealing information from their terminals.

The Secret Service and Homeland Security issued a report in late July advising businesses to check their systems for Backoff traces, and to take appropriate measures to either deal with any security existing data breaches, or prevent them in the future.

According to the Secret Service, hackers scan corporate systems for access points, but also poke around vendors with remote access to a company’s systems or employees who work remotely for a company to get their foot in the door. Once access to a store’s network is infiltrated, the cash registers are targeted to steal credit card data.

Considering the language, sentiment and messaging at Moon of Alabama, it’s not a stretch to assert that many of the commentators at that space are sympathetic to the cause of collapsing The West with whatever means available even if it means slitting their own hypothetical wrists. If the individual I have highlighted in the LinkedIn profile is not the individual commenting at Moon of Alabama blog, I will remove the link and retract any reference to you specifically, but you may want to inquire why a commentator at Moon of Alabama blog is using your name as a screen name. Otherwise, you are under suspicion and I will bring you to the attention of Target and various media publications as a possible risk based on your online political proclivity. I for one don’t want you to have any access ever to my personal data or anyone else’s in The West. I’m amazed, not really, you’ve been granted security clearances considering. So much for the efficacy of that process. A bunch of security companies and consultants collecting exorbitant fees for what amounts to fancy Powerpoint slides with colorful graphics and a lot of hot air.


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