Justice Is Blind

Real Justice, that is. Fake Justice removes the blindfold and partakes in partiality and bias favoring one party over another, and thus we get Justice For Michael and Justice For Trayvon (note it’s always the first name to make it more personal and endearing) rather than calls for Justice period.

The criminal Justice system in America may be flawed, as it is in every country and keep in mind some countries barely have a criminal Justice system if one at all, but it’s certainly infinitely better than no Justice system at all and it does work effectively in meting out True Justice a significant portion of the time.

However, there are those amongst us who apparently want to discard the prevailing concept and notion of Justice and these same people use the instances America’s criminal Justice system doesn’t work effectively in meting out Justice as pretext to throw the prevailing notion and concept of Justice out the window with the dirty bathwater — and that, I can tell you unequivocally, is a recipe for disaster and tragedy on a scale most Americans couldn’t even imagine. For a sneak preview, see ISIS in The Levant.

These shape-shifting, chameleon provocateurs hiding behind the guise of activism want nothing more than to sow chaos and discord like what the rebels these same critics decry are doing in Syria and The Levant in general. I was listening to this NPR Morning Edition broadcast this morning and I couldn’t help think of the similarities to Ferguson, Missouri. Ferguson is the microcosm of the Syria macrocosm — and that doesn’t bode well for Ferguson, or for America in general, if we allow these actors, and they are actors I assure you, to have their way. What the Foreign Affairs’ authors Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan talk about in that NPR Morning Edition segment is what should happen in Ferguson (non-violent movement) as a result of all this, not what’s happening now — and what is happening now is a microcosm of what is happening in Syria. Outside forces want to tear the house down and throw all the babies out with the murky bathwater. We can’t let them do it, and the way to avoid that is knowledge of the game that’s being played — the strategy that’s being employed and deployed.

Here it is, this quote from the Morning Edition segment linked to above starting at the 3:24 mark, in a nutshell. This is the strategy that’s being employed in Ferguson, and it appears to be the template that will be rolled out universally all across America if certain undemocratic forces have their way. Let’s not allow them to have their way. Let’s not be fooled — again. Let’s not pervert Justice or discard Justice altogether. Let’s enable Justice. Let’s conjure Justice. Let’s respect Justice and give it every possible chance.

Maria Stephan:  I think that’s an important point to make — that transitions that are driven by active, non-violent means tend to result in societies that are both more democratic and that are less likely to result in civil war after the fact — so they’re more peaceful societies.

Steve Inskeep:  Okay, so Maria Stephan, why does an armed rebellion not put the same kind of pressure on an authoritarian government?

Maria Stephan:  Right, so when you use armed means and violence it’s very hard to co-opt or prompt loyalty shifts within those pillars of support whether it’s security forces or others and it sort of encourages an even more massive crackdown on the opposition.

Steve Inskeep:  I’m thinking of something I heard traveling in Syria last year. I was talking with a doctor who was willing to say out loud that he had no love at all for Bashar al-Assad, but having said that he said “these rebels are destroying the country.”

There it is. That’s it. It’s not profound but it is highly elucidating and clarifying. See the pattern even if others can’t and refuse to see it. America is funding the rebels in Syria — rebels that represent in many cases the dregs of society — that represent bloody, sadistic murderous nihilism (is there any other kind?). Now think about Ferguson and what you see unfolding before you and compare it to this mechanism. It’s a paper vs plastic proposition being presented — looting and mayhem or a firmer, stronger Federal police state presence. Those obviously aren’t the only possibilities (there are third, fourth and fifth ways and more), but they are the only options presented by those in Federal power exploiting Ferguson.

The wording of this blog post title is important. I could have called it Blind Justice but that would have implied there are other types of Justice, and there aren’t. Justice Is Blind — if it’s not, it’s not Justice — it’s a perversion.

I assume an above average level of intelligence readership, so I realize most of you, if not all, are aware of the notion that Justice Is Blind, but in case there are some of you who are not aware, and apparently many allegedly intelligent people in the press aren’t aware, Justice Is Blind means Justice is impartial. It means Justice is objective. It means Justice doesn’t favor one party over another based on personal qualifying characteristics such as the color of one’s skin or someone’s net worth. Justice is only interested in weighing the facts of the case and rendering a determination based on those facts regardless of the disposition of the various parties involved. If your experience with the American Justice system, or any Justice system, didn’t live up to this notion of Justice Is Blind, either you’re not being honest with yourself and accountable or what you experienced was not Justice, but rather a perversion thereof. Too many people beat up on Justice for the failure of humans to conjure it and exercise it properly. That’s not the fault of Lady Justice — it’s the failing of those who miscarried and mistreated the blindfolded Goddess.

So, when I see signs like the following, I cringe, because what these signs are calling for is not Justice but a predetermined outcome in their favor because they’ve already discarded Justice altogether and have made up their minds about who is guilty and why. Not very different from ISIS with the exception of the sentence — and if this perversion and disrespect of Justice continues, ISIS-like sentences and accompanying executions are not too far off.



You get the point. I would like to see Justice conjured and administered in this case and I believe there are some who are doing that right now as I type despite the criticism to the contrary. However, the outcome may not be what many people, especially the press and the “protesters” in Ferguson, have predetermined it should be. I mean, let’s face it, if they’re holding up signs saying “Justice For Michael” it necessarily means they want Darren Wilson convicted regardless of whether Darren Wilson acted within the law or not. In their mind, he’s guilty, and there’s no convincing them he’s not just as they couldn’t be convinced Zimmerman was innocent according to the law regardless of the verdict in that case. Justice was served in the Zimmerman-Martin case, and if the Federales stay out of this Wilson-Brown case, I’m confident Justice will be served again. But that’s a tall order at this point. It looks like Darren Wilson may be made to suffer the sins of previous miscarriages of Justice and that would be yet another miscarriage of Justice. I may be wrong about that and hope I am because if Darren Wilson is innocent under the law and the process is sufficiently manipulated and coerced by outside agents, both literal and figurative agents, a guilty verdict will be found come hell or high looting and rioting.