Weapons Of Mass Disruption

You heard, or I should say saw that right; Disruption — not destruction. Disruption is much more surreptitious and insidious, and eminently more effective. Just ask Putin who has these Weapons Of Mass Disruption strategically spread about in the diaspora of the former Soviet Union like sleeper cells or time bombs ready to detonate when the zeitgeist manifests, and in Ukraine currently the zeitgeist has manifested and is manifesting.

These Weapons Of Mass Disruption are distinguished from their better known cousin, Weapons Of Mass Destruction in that they are not only uniquely biological weapons, but more specifically are human weapons. And the best part is, these weapons, at least most of them, don’t even know they’re weapons even though as humans they’ve been bequeathed with the capacity for reason. Ultimately the use of weapons results in tragic consequences, and in this case it’s no different. To have the capacity for reason and not exercise and utilize that capacity is a tragedy as surely as people unwittingly allowing themselves to be used as Weapons Of Mass Disruption is a tragedy. They should know — there’s no excuse, and to then further the tragedy by….….continuing to allow themselves to be Weapons Of Mass Disruption even after they’re made aware of their formerly involuntary status as such is even more tragic. Willful ignorance is not only a crime against humanity, but against the entire universe. It’s unforgivable, and it’s part of what composes the root of what has often been described as “evil.” The only thing worse is the strategy of using Humankind’s proclivity for willful ignorance to one’s advantage in sowing strife and discord.

Strife and discord sown with Weapons Of Mass Disruption is precisely what Putin is doing in Ukraine as I type this. It’s what he’s been doing for a while now not just in Ukraine but in Georgia and Chechnya as batting practice. Putin’s Weapons Of Mass Disruption are ethnic Russians populating the various countries that make up the diaspora of the former Soviet Union, and in fact, The Putin Doctrine, which I’ll explain in a second, actually applies to all ethnic Russians — even those who reside beyond the aforementioned diaspora.

I have documented Putin’s masterful ascension to power at this blog in various posts so I won’t reinvent that wheel here, but I will mention, since it applies, that at the heart of Putin’s impressive rise to power has been what The Moscow Times, and many other people and publications, refer(s) to as The Putin Doctrine (see link for details). The Putin Doctrine has many dimensions and one of those dimensions is irredentism (see link). The lightning-quick occupation and annexation of Crimea is a prime example of the irredentism of The Putin Doctrine — a modern-day Russian blitzkrieg irredentism if you will. As though it was planned and in the works for years.

Balkanization of America

Eastern Ukraine is a bit different though. As far as irredentism goes, Crimea was a no-brainer since the majority of Crimeans are of Russian ethnicity, but that’s not so with eastern Ukraine, so the strategy, still irredentism but in a muddled form, must be tweaked. In both cases, Crimea and eastern Ukraine, ethnic Russians, wittingly or unwittingly, are used as Weapons Of Mass Disruption since they serve as the reasoning and excuse for the aggressive, expansionist behavior on the part of Putin’s Russia. In the case of Crimea, the ethnic Russians residing there were used as weapons to disrupt, and upend, the current political arrangement in favor of Putin’s Russia. The disruption was accomplished virtually at the speed of light allowing no time for reaction and resistance. Not so with eastern Ukraine. With eastern Ukraine, as we’ve witnessed, Putin is once again using the protection and security of the well-being of ethnic Russians as pretext for, in this case, destabilization of Ukraine. Who can argue that destabilization isn’t a protracted form of disruption? If the ethnic Russians were having a difficult time assimilating into post-Soviet Ukrainian cultural and political life already, Putin has taken that wedge and leveraged it using ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine as chumps and tools, and by virtue of that adding further insult and injury to these people who are having difficulty escaping their past and moving on. You can never go back — only forward despite temper tantrums and wishful thinking. Left Behind equals dead.

It will be interesting to see if Ukraine plays out as I’ve prognosticated at this blog since its inception. If Ukraine is successfully balkanized, will Putin have a next target, and if so what will it be? Some have indicated it could be Moldova or Kazakhstan or both perhaps. Since destabilization of Ukraine and ultimately Balkanization may take some time — perhaps a decade or more — will Putin engage in irredentism on multiple fronts, meaning he’ll seek to destabilize and/or annex other former Soviet bloc states under the guise of coming to the aid and protection of ethnic Russians — his Weapons Of Mass Disruption? Time will tell. We’ll see. What will be of interesting note when and if that time comes, is the reaction of the anti-American pro-Russian Western critics on both the far “Right” and far “Left” who have apologized for Putin consistently and adamantly proclaim he does not have expansionist intentions and even if he does engage in expansionist behavior it is because he is provoked by The West and therefore he has no culpability. Is there a red line for these people, or will they continue to carry water for Putin wittingly or unwittingly until the day they are Russian? I’m guessing the latter. I’d like to be wrong.

Putin’s Russia isn’t the only enterprise that has and utilizes Weapons Of Mass Disruption — they are at the disposal of those in power everywhere, and those in power don’t hesitate to use these weapons at their convenience — and it’s often convenient. Take the spectacle of Ferguson, Missouri being grossly amplified and exploited for maximum effect by the Western mainstream, and alternative, press. It’s sickening and quite ridiculous when you consider world news in general. I made the following comment at The Daily Beast but the audience, or at least the majority of it, was so emotional and foaming at the mouth it couldn’t grasp the meaning and so mistook it for a QT in Ferguson and burned it to the ground in a frenzied and furious rage of self-destruction. Yet another example of “I’m not surprised.” The comment:

I can’t help but juxtapose this story with the Yazidi pursued by ISIS and taking temporary refuge on the mountain in proximity to Sinjar. Perhaps the rioters/looters could do the same (as me), and maybe just maybe, if they did, all this could simmer down and we can let Justice try to take its course because this is ridiculously embarrassing in comparison to the problems facing a good portion of the rest of the world right now.

Get real people. There are real problems out there, and this is almost nothing in comparison. It’s time to get some perspective.

Another commentator said the following in reply to which I did not reply so repugnant was the sentiment:

but both cops and isil are a dominant destructive force, isis much worse. the ferg residence do not roll over as much as yazidi.

So, how does the spectacle of Ferguson, Missouri and the shooting death of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson relate to Weapons Of Mass Disruption? Well, it has to do with the aftermath and reaction to this incident by the various power groups seeking to use Black people as tools and chumps in furthering their own interests which are not necessarily the interests of the Black people being used as Weapons Of Mass Disruption. The mainstream and alternative press salivate over stories like this and hype and sensationalize them for days, even weeks on end and then it dies down until the next one comes along. It makes you wonder, were they on the hunt for another one and this one came along? It sure seems like it, because this otherwise ordinary, albeit tragic, event is not exceptional. Police shoot citizens every day in America for a variety of reasons and sometimes the shooting isn’t justified, but that doesn’t mean it makes national news 24 hours a day for a week or more. What was it about this one? Was it the significance of the keyword Ferguson and the fact it was a White cop shooting a Black teen? For those who don’t know, the word, or I should say name, Ferguson has historical significance regarding race relations in America. In 1896, in a case referred to as Plessy vs Ferguson the United States Supreme Court upheld “the constitutionality of state laws requiring racial segragtion under the doctrine of ‘separate but equal’.” So perhaps that had something to do with elevating this story to the absurd spectacle it now is compared to the dire world news with which we’re confronted daily.

The looting and rioting is to me, an inexplicable social phenomenon. It cannot be rationalized or justified, but it does go a long way in explaining the predicament some Blacks find themselves in. Of note as well, since I’m correlating these two stories, is the alleged looting of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 debris field perpetrated by ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. The looting phenomenon is a product of Ghetto Culture — something that should be mitigated, nay eviscerated, if some Black people are to move forward and free themselves from the shackles of their own making. Yes, of course, the Ghetto came first — then the Ghetto Culture, but without recognizing Ghetto Culture for what it is, rather than coddling it, enabling it and even celebrating it in popular entertainment circles, you never get out of the Ghetto because it’s a self-reinforcing loop. And what is Ghetto Culture? It’s a comprehensive set of behaviors that serve to perpetuate the Ghetto — whether that Ghetto is now metaphorical or not. Plessy vs Ferguson is appropriate because Ghetto Culture is a form of self-segregation that ensures, just as the Plessy vs Ferguson ruling did despite its wording, that Blacks are separate and unequal.

The media, both mainstream and alternative, as well as various entertainers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and other various ideological pundits are using Black people as Weapons Of Mass Disruption for their own interests. With the media, it’s a sensationalized story to feed the inculcated and nurtured habit of its prominent audience of sensational/spectacle junkies. With the entertainers to include Sharpton, Jackson, Limbaugh and Maddow — all the pundits, it’s a chance to talk it up some more and perhaps gain more market share if they can do the spectacle even better than a competitor this time.

But let’s not forget the Federal Government in all this because they want a piece of the action as well hence Obama having to make a statement every time  a story like this reaches national headlines and Holder 1412578067808butting the Justice Department’s nose in it at the behest of Michael Brown’s family so he and his department can arbitrarily wield his/its immense power. Forget about intervening on behalf of Amanda Knox who is facing extradition to Italy to serve life in prison for a crime she obviously did not commit or bringing the scum coyote who murdered the Denison 11 to justice. No, the spectacle is more important. And don’t forget the political establishment in general — they eat this shit up too and use Black people as Weapons Of Mass Disruption (and Weapons Of Self-Destruction as well) every bit as much as the rest — both the Republican and Democrat parties.

Ghetto Culture isn’t empowering, it’s disenfranchising and dispossessing. Using people as Weapons Of Mass Disruption for your own selfish purposes is deplorable and is also disenfranchising and dispossessing. People who allow themselves to be used as Weapons Of Mass Disruption — as tools — as chumps — what can I say? If you have knowledge of that and choose to continue, you’re a fool. Evoke, don’t provoke. Evoke is a product of and a path to empowerment. Provocation is a product of and a path to incarceration, both physically and metaphorically.

Now, if you don’t mind, since I’m finished and the topic was a play on the infamous George W. Bush era term Weapons Of Mass Destruction, I’m going to enjoy some Yellow Cake before it’s all gone. Here’s some — get a slice before supplies run out. Chappelle’s great!

Lie well and for all the right reasons, and please, don’t be a chump or a tool. Live long, my friends.

Addendum #1

I typed the following at The Guardian and consider it germane to this blog post since anti-American pro-Russian trash talkers are using this as fodder in their Collapse America cannon.

To those who say this is the end of America or this is the result of a failed state, I say bollocks!

Whilst a tragedy, this is nothing compared to America’s storied and tumultuous history. All the sh.. that went down in the sixties and seventies in America makes this kind of thing look like amateur hour in comparison.

America’s as strong as ever — that’s why people are still clamoring to get in. It has its share of problems, but so too does every other country on the face of the planet. It’s nothing that can’t be overcome. It will be overcome, but not if some of the flame stokers were to have their way. They won’t though — have their way. Time will pass, this will be forgotten, scabs will form over old wounds until the next spectacle comes along and the scab is pulled off once again until the scar tissue is so strong and tight, there’s no more bleeding and no more chance for spectacle much to the chagrin of the sensationalists.

There are many problems and issues related to this event that can be constructively discussed without rushes to judgment.

1. Authority vs Authoritarianism (exceeding granted authority)
2. The role of Ghetto Culture in provocation vs empowerment and evocation
3. Militarizing of police forces – see 1. above
4. Using events like this for exploitative and selfish purposes
5. Choose you own subtopic related to this event

As for the specifics about the shooting, I’ll postpone judgement and give Justice a chance. I’ll review information as it comes available and make a determination on my own, independently from the jury process because we know juries aren’t always reliable but it sure as hell beats a lynch mob.


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  1. If the Nulandite dual loyalists..similar to Stalin’s “rootless cosmopolitans,” hadn’t conspired to overthrow and replace with an American puppet, Putin would have continued being quite content with a neutral but Russia-friendly Ukraine.
    The “unipolarity-or-bust” -Russophobic Liar’s attitude continues being “they may be nasty Imperialists but they’re my imperialists.”

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