Now Was That, Then Is This

Or something like that. A while back, in the commentary to a previous blog post, a particularly curmudgeonly and belligerent screen name, PailiP, advised me to update my memes in regard to something I wrote with which he/she/it disagreed. It was an ironic admonition since this arrogantly rigid commentator obviously hadn't updated his/her/its memeware in … Continue reading Now Was That, Then Is This


White Trash

I know, I promised a post about the latest news concerning Iraq, but Ukraine isn't quite on the back burner yet as Q. Shtik suggests, or if it is, someone forgot to tell Colonel Mustard at Sic Semper Tyrannis, b at Moon of Alabama (congratulations to Martin Kaymer, a German, for winning the U.S. Open … Continue reading White Trash