Revenge Of The Smerds

Yes, it’s smerds, not nerds. For all those who aren’t “American,” the title of this post is a play on a popular, yet ridiculously cheesy and inane, 1984 movie entitled Revenge Of The Nerds. I’m convinced it was movies like this that helped hasten the fall of the Soviet Union because the movie was no doubt the strategic creation of Soviet agents embedded deep in the bowels of Hollywood pushing projects meant to stultify the formation of young, developing American cerebrums. And it would have worked had a battle not been waged by the side of light in Hollywood that brought us countervailing offerings in the 1980s such as Top Gun, Red Dawn and Firefox (this one was so popular and made such a psychological impact that a famous browser was named in honor of it). Thankfully, because of movies like those three and many more like the Breakfast Club for example, the creative light that is the American spirit….….was able to outwit the soulless darkness that was the Soviet Union and defeat that nemesis for the hearts and minds of the planet. The Soviet Union, this being its last ditch effort, collapsed from frustrating fatigue after capitulating to the greatest force ever known to mankind.

But, as they say in Italy, “non è finita fino a quando la signora grassa canta.” For all those who aren’t Italian, which is 95% of you reading this, that translates as “it’s not over until the fat lady sings.” And Mother Russia, among many things, is a fat lady with a bloated ego and sense of self-worth. So, even though the Soviet Union, as a state systemical apparatus, collapsed under the weight of its empty promises, the people who were the face of it, and their progeny, remained to live, and die (in droves again and again and again…as is the Russian way), another day.

Yes, I hear you, I know. That’s all fine and dandy but what the hell is a smerd, you ask? It’s a great word, you must admit. Seeing it and saying it doesn’t conjure a delightful and pleasant (drop the “l” and it starts to make sense) image. According to Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine, smerd is described as follows:


The name given to a member of a class of peasantry of the an state in the 11th and 12th centuries. The delineation of the group is somewhat imprecise and a subject of historical debate. Most scholars (Mykhailo Braichevsky, Boris Grekov, Mykhailo Hrushevsky in his early writings, Mykola Maksymeiko, Mikhail Vladimirsky-Budanov, and others) contend the name was given to two categories of peasants: the free, who gradually lost their freedom with the development of the feudal order, and the dependent peasantry. Others (Vasilii Kliuchevsky, M. Hrushevsky in his later writings, S. Chernov, and Aleksandr Presniakov) maintain that only the free peasants, including both those who lived on their own land and those who settled on the estates of princes, were thus designated.

The name disappeared from use in the 12th century but resurfaced in the 13th and 14th centuries as a designation of dependent peasants of the Principality of Galicia-Volhynia. It sometimes surfaces in documents of the 15th and 16th centuries concerning Ukrainian territories under Poland and Lithuania as a term for people of low station. From the 13th century the name was increasingly replaced by kmet. The designation was also used by West Slavs, including Serbs (smardi) and Poles (smardowie, smurdowie).

So that’s the smerd component of Revenge Of The Smerds, but where’s the revenge part of the equation, you may be wondering. Well, isn’t that what we’ve been witnessing, at least according to the propaganda that’s pushing this meme, this past decade with Putin’s Russian Conservative Revanchism that’s now reaching a head? By smothering, or should I say snuffing out, freedom of expression and dissent, Putin, and the authors of his branding strategy, have managed to terrorize a certain percentage of the population into silent acquiescence, and the remainder of the population evince the mien of lapdog, cheerleading smerds paying homage and tribute, both metaphorically and quite literally, to their liege lord. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the bloated ego of Mother Russia had been deflated. Many in the West considered the USSR’s collapse to be total defeat, but they were naive; you do not defeat through-and-through smerds-for-eternity in search of a harsh, authoritarian prince (he’s harsh with us because he cares for us and loves us).

What’s a cheerleading, lapdog smerd look like (on paper) you ask? Like this Russian Ukrainian woman, Valentina, and some of her fellow Eastern Ukrainians per this Daily Beast article:

Putin’s People Stage Their Bogus Vote

Sunday’s referendum about “sovereignty” in eastern Ukraine is phony from start to finish. But as we learned in Crimea, that may not matter.

Valentina, a 76-year-old former Soviet-era high-school teacher, has no doubt that people in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine bordering Russia will follow Crimea’s lead and vote for secession Sunday—if for no other reason than to get rid of irritating packaging with Ukrainian-language instructions.

“I am an old lady and the medicine I get from the pharmacy has directions in Ukrainian,” she says. “I don’t understand all Ukrainian words.”

As she spoke we were standing outside the smoldering city administration building in the industrial port city of Mariupol a few hours after clashes between Ukrainian security forces and separatists left at least 20 dead. It was the eve of voting, and the gray-haired spinster was almost nonchalant about the debris and wreckage around us and much keener to explain that she wants only to see Russian-language signs and marketing. She also wants to see the city returned to Soviet times – and for it to be free of gays, who, according to Valentina, all come from Kiev and all want Ukraine to join Europe.

She leaned in a little closer, her shopping bag lurching violently, to confide that Europe is a den of indecency and perversion. She didn’t seem to notice drunken separatists lounging outside the scorched city administration buildings. A few minutes later one staggered half a block to throw a Molotov cocktail at an armored vehicle abandoned by Ukrainian security forces. After about half an hour, when it was fully ablaze, its ammunition began exploding, sending locals scurrying and outraging neighborhood dogs that took up a chorus of furious barking.

A tearful Maria, an eighty-one-year-old who has lived in Donetsk for 60 years but was born in the Russian city of Smolensk, says, “We mustn’t allow what happened during the war to happen here again.” Standing outside a polling station in Pushkin Boulevard in central Donetsk this morning, Maria, a grandmother, says she had voted for the establishing of a Donetsk republic but wants Russia to quickly annex the region.

The violence of the last few days was playing prominently in the mind of Alec, a 23-year-old translator, as he made his way to School 17 in the Voroshilov district in Donetsk. The voting was brisk although not as much compared to recent elections, locals said.

Alec highlighted last weekend’s clashes and fire in Odessa that left at least 42 mostly pro-Russian separatists dead and the violence on Friday in Mariupol as determining his vote. “I voted today because after what happened in Odessa and Mariupol, unity of Ukraine is impossible and it is better to secede.”

Fifty-five-year-old Svetlana also was worried about the threat of violence but highlighted economic worries as deciding her vote. “I have lost my husband, son and brother,” she says. A stout woman with a grating voice, she asked, “So you think life is so good here in Ukraine?” She adds, “We will be better off with Russia – Putin will take care of us.”

That was a common belief in the run-up to the referendum in March in Crimea and was fostered actively by the separatists who accompanied their propaganda with waving guns, intimidation and abductions. In point of fact, the good times have not yet started to roll in the Black Sea peninsula. But on May 9 it did have a visit from Russian President Vladimir Putin to mark Victory Day, the anniversary of the Soviet army’s defeat of Nazi Germany, his first since Crimea was annexed two months ago.

Invoking Russia’s imperial past stretching back to Catherine the Great and placing himself in the pantheon of czars, Putin hailed Crimea’s return to the “motherland,” thanking World War II veterans for their “enormous moral contribution” in helping the annexation to happen.

More at link

These people are a Holodomor waiting to happen…again…and again…and again. However, there was one bright spot amidst this stultifying stupidity and insanity and no doubt such bright spots will be rubbed/blotted out in the months, years, decades and centuries to come. Bright spots are a sign of weakness, don’t you know. The smerdiverse doesn’t do brightness. Here’s the lone sane voice from the linked article:

Twenty-one-year-old Daria, a fourth-year student, did however. “Because I don’t want to be Donetsk Federation or something like that,” she says. The dark-haired student says her parents voted the other way. “They are traditional Soviet people and believe Russia is the big brother and we should listen to Moscow. But why should we? I want to learn from my own mistakes and be free. Donetsk is Ukraine. I think that to break up our country is wrong. We have been together for ages.”

She fears Donetsk will end up being like the breakaway Transnistria, cut off from the rest of the world and at the mercy of Moscow’s whims.

How do you explain such madness? Can such madness be explained? Certainly it can. Understanding it and explaining it doesn’t mean you condone it or empathize with it or aspire to it. Daniel Rancour-Laferriere in his excellent 1996 book entitled The Slave Soul of Russia: Moral Masochism and the Cult of Suffering, does a thorough job of plumbing the deepest depths of the Russian psyche. The smerds are intractable; they’re not a weed that can be pulled out or deprived of nutrients since either of those two tactics only serves to feed and strengthen their psychical resolve. They thrive on suffering, and as I’ve said in earlier posts, if there’s a dearth of that commodity, which there never is by the way, then they will find a way to sow bumper crops of it because a life without bountiful and tragic suffering is a life squandered on vacuous superficiality and therefore a life not worth living. To live is to suffer. If you’re not suffering, you might as well be dead. From the link:

Why, asks Daniel Rancour-Laferriere in this controversial book, has Russia been a country of suffering? Russian history, religion, folklore, and literature are rife with suffering. The plight of Anna Karenina, the submissiveness of serfs in the 16th and 17th centuries, ancient religious tracts emphasizing humility as the mother of virtues, the trauma of the Bolshevik revolution, the current economic upheavals wracking the country– these are only a few of the symptoms of what The Slave Soul of Russia identifies as a veritable cult of suffering that has been centuries in the making.

Bringing to light dozens of examples of self-defeating activities and behaviors that have become an integral component of the Russian psyche, Rancour-Laferriere convincingly illustrates how masochism has become a fact of everyday life in Russia. Until now, much attention has been paid to the psychology of Russia’s leaders and their impact on the country’s condition. Here, for the first time, is a compelling portrait of the Russian people’s psychology.

And also, there’s this quote from one of Russia’s most prominent cinema directors and Kremlin favorites, Nikita Mikhalkov. I present the quote with a caveat that it is claimed to be a possible fake, but considering everything else we’ve seen and witnessed, it passes for truth quite easily and believably. As you read the quote, keeping in mind the sentiment of this post and the information presented thus far, think about Dmitry Orzo and Jimmie “The Fed” Kunstler, not to mention their retinue of apocalyptic fans/followers, with their gleeful and giddy heralding of a grassroots serfdom redux. And don’t try to convince me that both of them, in unison with their dysfunctional, authoritarian and largely male audience, don’t sport wood at the prospect, because it’s clear that the possibility of returning to our peasant past, as serfs/smerds with a status tantamount to a urinal or commode, engorges their pelvic appendages more sufficiently than a nude portfolio of Anna Vasil’yevna Chapmanis (born Anna Kushchyenko). There’s nothing sexier or more patriotic than women secured together in literal bondage pulling a barge up the river like a team of pack animals. It’s difficult to imagine Anna as the progeny of that disturbing (or beautiful if you’re Jimmie or Dmitry) scene above. Mikhalkov’s alleged quote which may be a fake but it doesn’t matter:

“The Bolsheviks have done a terrible thing; they erased from the memory of the people of our cultural heritage, the memories of all that was best and brightest, it was the Russian people, including the daughter of serfdom. Restore the historical truth – our challenge, “- said the director.

Mikhalkov recalled the outstanding Russian peasants spirituality, emphasizing the love of the Russian people to the “firm hand»:

“With the submission of the Bolsheviks in Russia now think that serfdom was a bit of North American slavery. But it was not the relationship of slave and master, and the sons and the father. Many farmers do not want any “freedom”. Yes, sometimes smacked peasant landowner; and the father of smacks his naughty child. ”

The director also told about the true nature of serfdom and its significance for the people: “After all, what was serfdom? Serfdom – patriotism is attached to the paper. A man has been linked to the land-Mother not only a sense of duty, but also documented. Serfdom – is the wisdom of the people, it’s four years of our history. And now, when I suggest to delete these four years of our history to strike out, I say, “Brothers, what so you think our ancestors were fools?».

“I am very pleased that Putin is now reviving our historical memory, – said the director. The law on registration – this is exactly what is missing to our people who are cut off from the earth “.

Now, before I forget, and frankly I should have done this much earlier in the post, credit and attribution are a necessary component of journalism and that includes sources of inspiration, not just sources of fact and opinion. This post was inspired by the famous and oft-lionized satirist, P. J. O’Rourke in this Daily Beast article that I will quote in full below in case the link breaks at a later date. Although I don’t agree with P.J.’s conclusions about waiting for Putin to pass (this is Brzezinski’s contention, as well), I appreciate excellent satire and feel obligatorily compelled to give plaudits where they’re due. In this case, they’re due P.J., so without further adieu, enjoy his excellent article:

Russian History Is on Our Side: Putin Will Surely Screw Himself

So the international sanctions aren’t working—don’t worry! If 1,000 years of Russian screw-ups are anything to go by, it won’t be long before Vladimir Putin brings himself down.

Now that we’ve failed to use Russia’s corrupt and degenerating economy, subservience to the international banking system, and vulnerability to falling energy prices to pop Vladimir Putin like a zit, we’re going to have sit on our NATO, E.U., and OSCE duffs and take the long view of Russian imperialism.

Fortunately the long view, while a desolate prospect, is also comforting in its way, if you aren’t a Russian.

In the sixth century A.D. Russia was the middle of nowhere in the great Eurasian flat spot bounded by fuck-all on the north and east, barbarian hordes and the remains of the Byzantine Empire on the south, and the Dark Ages on the west.

Wandering around in here, up and down the watershed of the Dnieper River from Novgorod (which hadn’t been built yet) to Kiev (ditto) were disorganized tribes of Slavic pastoral herdsmen herding whatever was available, pastorally. They were harried by Goths, Huns, Khazars, and other people who had the name and nature of outlaw motorcycle gangs long before the motorcycle was invented.

The original Russian state, “Old Russia,” was established at Novgorod in A.D. 862 by marauding Vikings. They’d set off to discover Iceland, Greenland, and America, took a wrong turn, and wound up with their dragon boat stuck on a mud bar in the Dnieper. (Historians have their own theories, involving trade and colonization, but this sounds more likely.)

The first ruler of Old Russia was the Viking Prince Ryurik. Imagine being so disorganized that you need marauding Vikings to found your nation—them with their battle axes, crazed pillaging, riotous Meade Hall feasts, and horns on their helmets. (Actually, Vikings didn’t wear horns on their helmets—but they would have if they’d thought of it, just like they would have worn meade helmets if they’d thought of it.) Some government it must have been.

Viking Prince Ryurik: “Yah, let’s build Novgorod!”

Viking Chieftain Sven: “Yah, so we can burn it down and loot!”

The Russians weren’t converted to Christianity until A.D. 988—a thousand years late to “Peace be unto you” party, the basic principles of which still haven’t sunk in. (And maybe never had a chance to. Russia’s conversion came at the hands of St. Vladimir, Grand Prince of Kiev, who was reputed to maintain a harem of 800 concubines.)

The death of St. Vladimir, and every other ruler of Old Russia, was followed by assassinations, mayhem, civil strife, and the other hallmarks of change in Russian leadership evident to the present day. Oxford historian Ronald Hingley notes that “the first and only Russian ruler to fashion an effective law of succession” was Tsar Paul I (1796-1801). Tsar Paul was assassinated.

Anyway, things went along pretty well for almost 400 years. (Pretty well by Russian standards—a free peasant was known as a smerd, meaning “stinker.”) Then, in 1237, when the rest of the West was having a High Middle Ages and getting fecund for cultural rebirth, a Tatar horde invaded Russia.

The Tatars were part of the Mongol Empire founded by Genghis Khan. They had a two-pronged invasion strategy: Kill everybody and steal everything.

Kiev, Moscow, and most of Russia’s towns were obliterated. Tatar control—part occupation and part suzerainty over impotent, tribute-paying Russian principalities—lasted more than 200 years.

The Russians have heroic stories about fighting off the Tatars, but in fact it seems like the Tatars gradually lost interest in the place and went off in a horde back to where they came from.

Professor Hingley says the “Tatar Yoke” left Russia with “a model of extreme authoritarian rule combined with control through terror.” It also left Russia with a model of leadership best summarized by a passage from John Keegan’s A History of Warfare:

“Genghis Khan, questioning his Mongol comrades-in-arms about life’s sweetest pleasure and being told it lay in falconry, replied, ‘You are mistaken. Man’s greatest good fortune is to chase and defeat his enemy, seize his total possessions, leave his married women weeping and wailing, ride his gelding [and] use the bodies of his women as a nightshirt and support.’”

Why Putin wants Angela Merkel for a nightshirt is beyond me. But that’s a Russian dictator for you.

Around the time Europe was getting a New World, Russia was getting tsars. Several were named Ivan, one more terrible than the next until we arrive at Ivan the Terrible in 1533.

Ivan created a private force of five or six thousand thugs, the oprichnina, who wore black, rode black horses, and carried, as emblems of authority, a dog’s head and a broom. (The hammer and sickle of the day, presumably.)

Oprichniks were entitled to rob and kill anyone, and did so with a will. Ivan suspected Novgorod of disloyalty, and the oprichnina spent five weeks in the city slaughtering thousands and driving thousands more into exile.

Ivan presided over and sometimes personally performed the roasting, dismembering, and boiling alive of enemies and people who, left unboiled, might possibly become enemies.

He killed his own son and heir by whacking him over the head with the monarchal staff in a tsar-ish fit of temper.

He conducted a 24-year-long war against Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, and the Teutonic Knights, and lost.

Russia’s economy was destroyed. Drought, famine, and plague beset the country.

But Ivan put Russia on the map as an international player. He defeated what was left of the Tatars, mostly by conniving with leaders of what was left of the Tatars. He expanded Russian rule into Siberia, his success due to almost nobody being there. And, draw what parallels you will, Ivan the Terrible’s popularity rating was very high among the smerds.

After his reign, Russia, if you can believe it, got worse. “The Time of Troubles” featured more drought, more famine, more plague, foreign invasions, massacres, the occupation and sacking of Moscow, and tsars with names like False Dmitry I and False Dmitry II. The population of Russia may have been reduced by as much as one-third.

The remaining two-thirds reacted to increasing anarchy in traditional Russian fashion, by increasing autocracy. The Russians aren’t stupid. We’re talking about a country where chess is a spectator sport. Autocracy is just a Russian bad habit, like smoking three packs of cigarettes a day and drinking a liter of vodka.

In 1613 the Romanov dynasty was installed, providing Russia with a range of talents from “Great” (Peter I, Catherine II) to “Late” (Ivan VI, Peter III, and Paul I killed in palace intrigues; Alexander II blown to bits by a terrorist bomb, and Nicholas II murdered with his family by the Bolsheviks).

The Romanovs adhered to what Harvard historian Richard Pipes calls a “patrimonial” doctrine, meaning they owned Russia the way we own our house (except to hell with the mortgage). They owned everything. And everybody. The Romanov tsars imposed rigid serfdom just as that woeful institution was fading almost everywhere else.

Russia never had a Renaissance, a Protestant Reformation, an Enlightenment, or much of an Industrial Revolution until the Soviet Union. Soviet industrialization produced such benefits to humanity as concrete worker housing built without level or plumb bob, the AK-47, MiG fighter jets, and proliferating nukes. (Although the only people the Soviets ever killed with a nuclear device was themselves at Chernobyl, located, perhaps not coincidentally, in what’s now Ukraine, for the time being at least.)

Russia was out in the sticks of civilization, in a trailer park without knowledge of how to build a trailer. But Russia kept getting bigger, mostly by killing, oppressing, and annoying Russians.

Peter the Great (1682-1725) led a military expedition against the Turkish fort of Azov that was a disaster. But Peter came right back and, getting more Russians killed, overwhelmed the Turks. The same thing happened in the Northern War against Sweden. Although it took 21 years after Peter ran away at the battle of Narva, Russia finally got a Baltic coastline. Which Peter didn’t know what to do with, so he built St. Petersburg in a swamp with conscripted serf labor. The number of Russian serfs who died building things in the swamp equaled the number Russian soldiers who died in the Northern War.

Peter the Great raised taxes, made the Russian nobles shave their beards, and caused the death of his recalcitrant son and heir, like Ivan the Terrible did, but on purpose.

Catherine the Great (1762-1796) doubled taxes on the Jews and declared they weren’t Russians, as if anyone would want to be. She was the first but not last leader of Russia to annex Crimea. NATO member alert, code red—she won two wars against Turkey and partitioned Poland. (Like Peter the Great on the Baltic, she got the swampy part.)

Under Catherine, Russian settlements pushed all the way east into Alaska, the most valuable land Russia has occupied. (Annual GDP per capita, Alaska: $61,156. Annual GDP per capita, Russia: $14,037.) But—E.U. shame alert—when Russia was facing financial difficulties and geopolitical conflict, Tsar Alexander II was forced to sell Alaska to the United States in 1867 for 2 cents an acre. Later, as mentioned, Alexander got blown to bits.

And that’s pretty much it for Russia’s Golden Age. After the 18th century, Russia devoted itself mostly to being big fat loserland, losing pace with the modern world, wars, Alaska, a communist utopia, a million victims of Stalin’s purges, 6 million victims of the famine of 1921, 8 million victims of the famine of 1932-33, a “Kitchen Debate” between Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon, ICBMs in Cuba, the space race, the arms race, the Cold War, and finally, 14 independent countries that were once in the USSR.

Napoleon actually won the war part of his war with Russia. If “General Winter” and the general tendency of Moscow to be periodically destroyed hadn’t, for once, sided with the Russian people, you’d be able to get a good bottle of Côte de Volga and a baguette in Smolensk today.

Russia began a series of wars in the Caucasus that it has yet to win.

In 1825, the Decembrists, a reform-minded group of military officers, staged a demonstration in favor of constitutional monarchy and were hanged for taking the trouble.

Political oppression, censorship, spying, and secret police activity reached such a level of crime and punishment that Dostoyevsky himself was sentenced to death for belonging to a discussion group. He was standing in front of the firing squad when his sentence was commuted to exile in Siberia. (Whether to thank Tsar Nicolas I depends upon how weighty a summer reading list you’ve been given.)

“Exiled to Siberia” says everything about Russian economic and social development in that land of mountains, lakes, and forests with a climate, in its lower latitudes, no worse than the rest of Russia’s. I’ve been across it on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. If this were America, the route from Irkutsk to Vladivostok would be lined with vacation homes and trendy shops, and “exiled to Siberia” would be translated as “exiled to Aspen.”

Russia lost the 1853-56 Crimean War. NATO member alert, code green—Russia lost to Britain, France, and Turkey.

In 1861 Tsar Alexander II freed 50 million serfs. If “freed” is the word that’s wanted. The serfs had no place to go except the land they were already farming, and if they wanted any of that, they had to buy it with the nothing they made as serfs. Later, as mentioned twice already, Alexander got blown to bits.

Russia lost the Jews. Being robbed, beaten, and killed in pogroms was not a sufficient incentive to stay. More than a million Jews emigrated, taking what common sense the country had with them.

Russia lost the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War in the best Russian loser fashion at the naval battle of Tsushima.

Japanese Admiral Togo Heihachiro “crossed the T” of the Russian fleet, a rare execution of a tactic where you get your ships in a horizontal line so that your guns can be aimed at the enemy, whose ships are in a vertical line so that their guns can’t be aimed at you.

The Russian fleet was demolished. Eight battleships and most of the smaller ships were sunk. More than 5,000 Russian sailors died. Just three of 38 Russian vessels escaped to Vladivostok.

Russia lost World War I, not an easy thing to do when you’re on the winning side. After the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Russia was too much of a mess to keep fighting Germany. The Soviet government signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk surrendering Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russian Poland, and Ukraine—containing in total a quarter of the population of Imperial Russia—to the Central Powers just eight months before the Central Powers had to surrender to everybody.

Russia lost both sides of the 1917-22 Russian Civil War. The White Russians were losers. The Reds were total losers. We know how their revolution turned out.

Russia might as well have lost World War II. Between 18 million and 24 million Russians died. That’s three times as many military and civilian casualties as Germany suffered. There must have been a better way to kill a bunch of Nazis running low on food and ammunition and stuck in frozen mud.

Now, because of what he’s doing in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has a higher smerd popularity rating than Ivan the Terrible or even Stalin. We certainly should have screwed him over. But Russian history is on our side. He’ll certainly screw himself.

Bravo! I’m clapping. You truly are an inspiration for all practicing and aspiring satirists. And just so there’s no confusion, here’s what Zbigniew has to say about it per the link I provided above. As you can see, P.J. and Brzezinski are of one mind when it comes to Putin and his influence, but as I’ve amply shown, once Putin goes another will be found because these people aspire not to be satirists, but to be smerds in perpetuity.

It is only a question of time before it becomes evident to Russia’s social elites that Mr Putin’s heavy-handed efforts have very limited prospects of success. Sooner or later, he will no longer be president. And not long thereafter Russia – and especially its emerging new middle class – will conclude that the only path that makes sense is to become also a truly modern, democratic, and maybe even a leading European state.

I’ll finish this post with several photos depicting the Revenge Of The Smerds. Far be it from you and me to keep them from their destiny, but excuse me if I prefer not to be part of it. In fact, I say we lower the artificially high price of oil to its natural price (cost to extract plus a reasonable profit) and let the suffering commence. It’s what they want and the fat lady holding The Path To Prosperity is dropping it and singing.


20 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Smerds

  1. From your opening paragraph, wording that is kin to the double negative:

    ” I’m convinced it was movies like this that helped [bring down the fall] of the Soviet Union…”

    And from your closing paragraph:

    “but excuse me if I don’t want to [ ] part of it.”

  2. PJ O’Rourke, defender of American imperialist barbarism based on willfully told lies, barbarism which cost the lives of a million innocent Iraqis and thousands of US soldiers, a fit judge of Russian history?
    You really HAVE mastered the lie.

    Satirist O’Rourke defends Iraq war, criticizes Bush


    Noted political satirist P.J. O’Rourke offered a humorous but nuanced defense of the war in Iraq to a standing-room-only crowd in Filene Auditorium Thursday.

    O’Rourke, who has covered both the recent conflicts in the Persian Gulf, said that he supported the war in Iraq despite the lack of evidence that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

    Rather, he suggested that the dictator’s long record of brutality was reason enough for the United States to attack.

    “Saddam is a guy who has been murdering everyone he could get his hands on for 25 years,” said O’Rourke.

    He described Hussein’s Ba’ath party as essentially fascist and thus an especially pernicious type of totalitarian government.”Communists do bad things, but for a reason. Religious fundamentalists, again, do bad things, but for a reason,” he said.

    Fascist regimes, on the other hand, lack any formal ideology and merely seek power for power’s sake.

    “The purpose of fascism is to turn people into a mob,” O’Rourke said.

    O’Rourke witnessed this mob mentality when observing Iraqi reactions to the arrival of the second convoy of humanitarian aid.

    When the convoy arrived in the small Iraqi town of Satwan, “suddenly about 100 Iraqi men and boys emerged out of nowhere, and then all hell broke loose.”

    A Kuwaiti doctor administering the distribution of aid shut the doors of the convoy’s trailers and exhorted the mob to calm down and stand in line patiently. O’Rourke termed the ensuing melee the “World Wrestling Federation version of humanitarian relief.”

    The Kuwaiti doctor began bellowing, “Wait! Wait! In line!” to the assembled mob, but to no avail. O’Rourke found it especially interesting that an Arabic speaker would tell a horde of other Arabic speakers to wait in line in English, as though no phrase for “Wait in line” existed in Arabic.

    Starvation could not explain this crowd’s eager looting of the trucks, O’Rourke said, as these men looked healthy and well-fed, and he could see flourishing irrigated fields and herds of goats grazing nearby.

    Rather, only the mob mentality created by living under Fascist dictatorship could explain their reactions and also the kind of glee with which the citizens of Satwan approached looting.

    O’Rourke also voiced skepticism about several of the major Democratic presidential candidates’ plans for the reconstruction of Iraq.

    “Kerry voted to threaten Iraq with force, but he thought that actually using force is wrong,” O’Rourke said. “The technical political term for this is, of course, ‘bullshit.'”

    Of Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s plan to create a “Secretary of Peace” cabinet position if elected, O’Rourke said that this official “would do for international understanding what the Postmaster General currently does for the mail.”

    Former Vermont governor Howard Dean, on the other hand, has spoken about leading “a Cold War against terrorism,” which he hopes to win by inspiring terrorists to follow the American way.

    Noting the long history of religious influence over American politics, O’Rourke said, “Our president’s a born-again, America was founded by religious lunatics … religious loonies can even get their own state, like Utah.” He said he was skeptical that America was likely to combat terrorists by example alone.

    While Howard Dean’s campaign platform boils down to “it worked in Vermont,” according to O’Rourke, Gen. Wesley Clark’s campaign platform is essentially “it worked in Kosovo.”

    O’Rourke also addressed a range of questions about domestic, foreign and international politics, during the question and answer period, at a dinner with students sponsored by PoliTalk, and at an editorial roundtable earlier that afternoon.

    Though he has been classified as a conservative, he said he prefersthe label “libertarian with a little ‘l'” and readily criticized the Bush administration several times.

    He called Bush’s No Child Left Behind act “idiotic,” and when talking about Bush’s faith-based initiatives, needed the audience to remind him, “What’s that thing called where they drag the charities into the government?”

    O’Rourke nonetheless expects Bush to be re-elected in November “all things being equal.”

    “None of the major Democratic candidates has any Kennedy charisma, or even any Carter moral paradigm,” he said. “There’s something the matter with each of them.”

    He cited Friedrich Hayek’s 1944 book, The Road to Serfdom, as one of the most important influences on his political thinking. O’Rourke values the book because it describes well “what happens when politics expands excessively.”

  3. Stats can be informative and telling. I’ve been monitoring the viewership stats for this post and an outlier has caught my attention. A particular link in this post is extremely popular. Anyone want to take a guess which link? Don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent link and I fully understand why it’s so popular.

  4. Cazzo ma cosa hai contro la russia? Sei forse stata violentata da Putin o da un suo sicario??lolll Non perdi occasione di smerdarla. Ma che pensi che Usa,non america, usa(america e’ l’intero continente, ma si sa voi capitalisti celebrolesi pensate che in america ci siano solo gli stati uniti lol) sia la quintessenza del bene?. Io non sono ne dalla parte del despota putin ne dalla parte del diabolico negretto, ma mi fa piacere che ci sia qualcuno che ,qualunque siano gli interessi(economici, di difesa, territoriali), si opponga al cosidetto NWO e all’imperialismo usa.Chi pensi che abbia dato avvio alla cosidetta “primavera araba”, i popoli di quei paesi?!? loll Te lo dico io, gli stati uniti e quello “stato” di merda di israele che hanno praticamente destabilizzato l’intera area. Chi ha dato avvio al colpo di stato ucraino? Come sopra. Chi ha causato l’ 11/9? Beh se non sei proprio andata, dovresti ormai sapere che si e’ trattato di un “inside job” per invadere l’iraq e deprivarlo delle sue risorse economiche(leggi petrolio). CHi ha causato quasi tutte le guerre degli ultimi 70 anni? Gli USA. Allora perche cazzo continui a prendertela con la russia. Perche’ e’ un regime tirannico eh? Ebbene dovresti sapere che ormai gli USA sono uno stato fascista governato dalle multinazionali(anche una loro famosa universita’ gli ha definiti come tali!) e dove il popolo non ha di fatto alcun diritto. E la gente ha cominciato a subodorare quello che sta accadendo ed e’ per questo che tende ad appoggiare paesi dittatoriali come la russia o la cina o l’iran. Almeno tutti sanno che queste nazioni sono delle dittature, mentre nel caso degli stati uniti c’e’ ancora la falsa impressione, soprattutto tra la gente piu’ ignorante, che si tratti di una democrazia. E questa menzogna e’ ben piu’ grave di qualsiasi altra. Far credere al popolo che si e’ in una democrazia quando in realta’ non lo si e’. Ed allora coloro che hanno capito han deciso di scegliersi la loro dittatura preferita, la russia. CHe male c’e’, e soprattutto che TE FREGA A TE! Da parte mia io spero che usa e ue crollino presto sotto il peso del debito pubblico e della fine del dollaro come valuta dominante e che questa menzogna nelle vesti di “democrazia” e di “libero mercato” finisca al piu’ presto! No non sono comunista, per me comunismo e capitalismo come dittatura o “democrazia” sono due facce della stessa medaglia, una medaglia fatta di menzogna per dividere e separare le persone.

    • 11/9 un lavoro interno? Va bene, se l’11/9 è un lavoro interno a causa di cui bono poi se applichiamo la logica bono cui in Ucraina, è una operazione russa compreso avere Nuland e Pravyi Sektor sulla falsa libro paga e segnalando il fuoco a Odessa al pin su Kiev e l’Occidente di influenzare la corte dell’opinione pubblica.

      Ma a parte questo, la Russia anche beneficiato l’invasione dell’Iraq dato che era la giustificazione di aumentare in modo permanente il prezzo del petrolio. Rinascita economica della Russia è dovuto il prezzo artificialmente elevato del petrolio. Perché sei così sconvolto che la Russia sta vivendo statistiche demografiche demografiche positive? Senza il prezzo artificialmente elevato del petrolio (puro profitto e denaro per niente), sicuramente il tasso di mortalità in Russia sarebbe ancora di gran lunga superiore al tasso di natalità. Così, Iraq valeva il sacrificio, proprio … soprattutto quando si fattore di rimuovere il delinquente di Saddam Hussein? Non è sacrificando un milione di vite irachene vale la pena risparmiare venti milioni di vite russe?

      • Hey i thought u were italian because in one of your post you cited an italian proverb. I uderstood almost nothing of what u said. Did u use google translator? Rewrite it in english pls while ill try to speak your language. ANyway didnt u know that the 9/11 tragedy was an inside job perpetrated by criminals of the military-industrial complex together with Bush, Cheney,Donald Rumsfield and others???. Wooo and the motto of your blog reads “Reality is a lie. Lying, therefore, makes this world go around”. I think u still have much to learn. And pls dont use the word “conspiracy theory” because ITS NOT!! The LIE is over! Usa is now a fascist state in the hands of corporations. The ppl dont count anything anymore! They are cattle to be used in war and other dirty projects.
        We all know that Putin is a dictator, that he is a murderer but now, if im not mistaken, i must aknowledge that he is going against the NWO,the banksters who decided these wars and to me this is a good thing because it slows down the process of globalization and in the meantime we can organize for a response and who knows maybe the dollar could collapse and so all the usa economy with a subsequent shift in the power from the dirty west to the brics countries which are dirties too but they dont INVADE OTHER COUNTRIES LYING THAT THEY WANT TO BRING DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM WHEN THE REALITY IS THAT THEY WANT TO RAPE THEM OF ALL THEIR RESOURCES!!

      • We all know that Putin is a dictator, that he is a murderer but now, if im not mistaken, i must aknowledge that he is going against the NWO

        But you are mistaken, which I’ve already explained much more in depth than you could ever possibly hope to. Putin’s Russia is going against nothing. Putin is batting for the same team, he’s just wearing a different number. He plays for them because he is them. Also, the extracted quote comes from the most ridiculous run-on sentence I’ve ever encountered. Learn to use the period a little more often. It can be your friend.

        How about you use Google translator to decipher what I wrote rather than ignoring it. I just did and it translates in perfect English, but you can’t be bothered? Of course you can’t be bothered, just as you can’t be bothered to look past your conditioned prejudices and so must dismiss any and all information that disconfirms your obvious biases.

        This is the translation, and it’s the last I’ll say to you about it in the commentary because it’s futility to argue with stubborn oxen who refuse to update their memes.

        9/11 an inside job? Okay, if 9/11 was an inside job because of cui bono, then if we apply this cui bono logic to what’s happening in Ukraine, it’s a Russian operation including having Nuland and Pravyi Sektor on the payroll and false-flagging the fire in Odessa to pin it on Kiev and the West to influence the court of public opinion.

        But apart from that, Russia also benefited from the invasion of Iraq as it was the justification for permanently artificially high oil prices. Russia’s economic resurgence is due to the artificially high price of oil. Why are you so upset that Russia is experiencing positive population demographics? Without the artificially high price of oil ( pure profit and money for nothing ), surely the death rate in Russia would still be far higher than the birth rate. Thus, Iraq was worth the sacrifice, right … especially when you factor in the elimination of the thug dictator, Saddam Hussein? Isn’t sacrificing a million Iraqi lives worth saving twenty million Russian lives?

  5. WTF are u saying!?? Are u sick?? The ukraine crisis is a usa and eu operation!! They started supporting the fascists and nazi and provoked the ribellion, exactly the same way they did in Libia,Siria,Egypt etc. Why would Putin overthrow the actual president of Ukraine who was his puppet?? Are u mad?!? And why the fuck u say he benefited from the Iraq war?!? Again, are u sick ?!? Who the fuck started the war?? You dirty USA, with an inside job that killed 3000 of its own citizens!! This is disgusting, this is horrible!!! And u dont recognize that?? U are a fucking devil!! And wtf, shouldnt have Putin taken advantage from the situation?!? Wtf do u think he is??? A saint?? He is a fucking dictator, not a human right fighter!!
    Hey do me a favour, change the title of your fucking blog, im really pissed off. U use big words but in reality u are just doing propaganda for that dirty filthy country called usa. U understand nothing about lies because u see them only on one side. Actually u are helping spreading the BIGGEST LIE OF ALL TIME. THAT USA IS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY THAT FIGHT FOR LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. BUT PPL ARE WAKING UP, EVEN AMERICANS THEMSELVES AND THINGS WILL CHANGE, U WANT OR NOT!!

    • You, Super Mario, simply have no credibility. For those observing who still have a shred of objectivity, Super Mario is an example of Italian Justice. You need no further proof than the Amanda Knox case. Italy wants her extradited…yet again to be jailed for a crime she obviously did not commit. But don’t tell the Italians that. Their hatred blinds them from exercising objective and effective Justice. But then again, since when were Italians interested in Justice? In Italy, Justice takes a back seat to punishment. The Mafia, anyone? Imported to America. I suppose we should be thankful, though. We never would have had The Godfather and Goodfellas if not for Italian notions of Justice. Here’s a link to a 48 Hours special about the Amanda Knox case. It will give you some perspective concerning Super Mario’s mindset and simplistic thinking. Italians, most of them, are convinced Amanda Knox is guilty merely because of her demeanor and appearance. They’re not interested in the facts. They’re a lynch mob. They haven’t evolved. No wonder they admire Putin’s Russia. They’re smerds. It’s the NSO—New Smerd Order.

      The Amanda Knox Story

  6. I understand your motivation, you smerdiferous goomba. Typical. You know where your bread is buttered…from the dripping assholes of Russian Oligarchs. What a sycophant you are.

    Italy: Land of the rich Russian

    Wealthy Muscovites and their countrymen are snapping up luxury Italian property and goods.

    Ischia and Capri, two tiny islands in the Gulf of Naples, are fighting over big money. That is, Russian money.

    Ischia, a thermal baths and spa destination, complains that its Russian clients prefer shopping on the neighboring isle because it has a wider choice of luxury boutiques. On both islands, nearly all hotels and restaurants have menus written in Cyrillic and employ waiters whose mother tongue is Russian, while shops display price-tags in both euros and dollars.

    It’s indeed worth the trouble. Luring tourists from Russia is a lucrative pursuit in Italy. Many of the most breathtaking and expensive locations have been virtually colonized by them.

    They’re the former Soviet Union’s new nobility — billionaire businessmen, bankers and investors who travel across the peninsula in limousines, yachts and helicopters (for 2,000 euros an hour), picking the most romantic scenery for the purchase of dreamlike castles and sea manors.

    Thanks to their cash (dollars, no credit cards), commercial ties between Italians and Russians are flourishing more than ever, helped along by the “special friendship” between Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Putin’s daughters are frequent guests of the Italian media tycoon-turned-politician.)

    The numbers of Russians vacationing in the region has eclipsed that of Americans, who flooded the area after World War II.

    In the first three months of this year, the Italian embassy in Moscow issued about 52,000 visas to Russians bound for Italy (for holiday and business). According to parallel data from Italy’s central bank on inbound global tourist flows, roughly 23,000 Americans arrived in Italy during the same period, along with about 23,500 French and about 9,000 Spaniards.

    The Adriatic Riviera in the north, the elite Emerald Coast in Sardinia and the Amalfitan villages of Positano and Sorrento have transformed into settlements of Russian oligarchs who spend months in fashionable hotels, rent summer villas for 100,000 euros per month and are willing to disburse some 20 million euros to buy beach apartments.

    Billionaires from Moscow kill time with Carnival-like parties and trips in private submarines.

    On the Adriatic Riviera the Russian tourist demand is far above the supply of both hotels and flats.

    In the city of Forte dei Marmi, two-thirds of the buildings are second houses of rich managers based in Moscow, according to leading daily Corriere della Sera, resulting in soaring real estate prices, which have forced the local authorities to pass a law securing part of the town’s homes to local residents.

    The Italian tourist office has recorded a 30 percent rise in the number of Russians visiting the towns of Rimini and Riccione and charter flights from Moscow have increased five-fold in the last five years.

    A recent survey carried-out by Global Refund found that Russians, who typically spend more on Made-in-Italy products — shoes, clothes, jewelry and sparkling wine called “Spumante” (Italy’s variation on Champagne) — represent 83 percent of the total tourist market share in terms of expenditure on goods. Russians spend more on products made in Italy than do citizens of any other European country.

    Russian oligarchs and real estate investors particularly seem to favor Italy. The owner of the Chelsea soccer team, Roman Abramovich, is a regular client — and partner in — one of the most exclusive resorts in Sardinia, Forte Village. The resort features about 20 restaurants and 40 hotels and enjoys total revenue of 75 billion euros. Abramovich each year holds the Chelsea Soccer School, a summer camp where young professionals from the famous English team train to become junior Beckhams and Ronaldinhos.

    Roman is a regular in the island region, often touring the exclusive shopping areas of Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo either on his 170-meter-long “Luna” yacht or on a jet departing from the 1,200 square-meter mansion he recently purchased at Cala di Volpe, which among other extravagant facilities features a private port.

    Other high-profile Russians have followed his example, spending millions of euros for an Italian estate.

    Among them is Rustam Tariko (also known as the Vodka King), Alisher Usmanov (a metal magnate and manager of Gazprom, the Russian oil giant), Vasili Anisimov (a gold producer who bought his mansion from Berlusconi’s wife, Veronica Lario) and Ildar Karimov (a television tycoon). Owning a property in one of Sardinia’s top locations is a status-symbol for Russia’s jet-set society.

    Another upcoming Russian destination in Italy is Alberobello, in the Apulia region. Here, real estate investors from Moscow and St. Petersburg are spending millions of euros to buy old farms and prehistoric white, cone-shaped stone village houses called “Trulli,” despite them being listed as UNESCO heritage sites.

    Italian real estate agent Piero D’Amico underscored the importance of the Trulli: “They’re much more than houses, they represent a part of the local history, traditions, hospitality, scenery and culture” very much admired by Russian clients.

    In the “Little Russia” of Italy, there’s even a place for spirituality: the church of Liscia di Vacca, a small town on the Emerald Coast, hosts orthodox masses celebrated by a real Russian pope.

    Each morning locals are flabbergasted to see the parking place in front of the entrance crammed with Ferraris and Mercedes Benzes.

  7. From the article in the comment above, we see that the Fascist Berlusconi is best friends with Putin to the point Berlusconi dines with Putin’s daughters when they’re in Italy (which apparently is quite often). I can just see this lech with his eyes and hands all over them. What kind of Father would condone his daughters’ being in the presence of a pervert like Berlusconi? Another perverted Fascist, that’s what kind of Father. And to think, Super Mario here has the nerve to call America Fascist as if an Italian has any business leveling that accusation before ridding its country of that infection…which clearly Italy has not done per the article.

    Fascism mounts a comeback in Italy

    Its hard to avoid Benito Mussolini in Italy these days.

    Pull into a gas station in rural Umbria and the black-shirted dictator glares down from the labels of special-edition wine bottles; browse souvenir shops in Basilicata and there’s a phalanx of fake-marble busts of the bald-headed Duce; hunt through Roman antique stores and its easy to uncover hoards of Mussolini memorabilia.

    Adolf Hitler’s Italian henchman is enjoying a revival, 68 years after he was shot by resistance fighters and strung up in a Milan piazza.

    Mussolini has always had a loyal following among the far-right fringe in post-War War II Italy. But now, even many ordinary Italians are defending the father of Fascism as a good leader with sound social policies and a knack for making trains run on time. Later, they say, he was led astray by Hitler and pressured to imposing the anti-Jewish 1938 Laws for the Defense of the Race.

    Italy’s best-known politician of the current generation chose Holocaust Memorial day to echo such sentiments.

    “The racial laws were the worst fault of Mussolini, who in so many other ways did well,” former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said at service on Jan. 27 to remember the 7,500 Italian Jews killed in the Holocaust.

    The remarks were met with outrage from Jewish leaders and opponents in the campaign for Italy’s general election on Feb. 24-25. But they appear to have done Berlusconi no harm in the polls. An average of opinion surveys posted last week puts his right-wing coalition in second place in the election race with 29.4 percent, slightly higher than his Jan 25 score.

    Historian Christopher Duggan says the rehabilitation of Mussolini began in the 1990s, when the fall of the Soviet Union undermined the Italian Communist Party as a major force in Italian politics.

    “As the Communist Party collapsed, it allowed the center-right and in particular Berlusconi in the 90s to go on the attack, and to attack not just the former-Communists, but with them their ideology of anti-Fascism,” said Duggan, a professor of Modern Italian History atEngland‘s University of Reading.

    “Anti-Fascism, a founding pillar of the republic, was increasingly discredited by the center-right. This allowed for a reappraisal of the Resistance, the Second World War and more generally of Fascism,” he added.

    Italy did not undergo a systematic purge of Fascists similar to the de-Nazification campaign that the allies imposed on Germany after World War II.

    Although laws were passed in the 1950s to outlaw open support for Fascism, a neo-Fascist party known as the Italian Social Movement, or MSI, was formed shortly after the war and rose to become the country’s fourth largest party through the 1970s and 1980s.

    Berlusconi’s governments in the 1990s and 2000s included several ex-MSI members as ministers.

    His former foreign minister, Gianfranco Fini, has since disavowed his 1994 declaration that “Mussolini was the greatest statesman of the century” and moved to the political center. His Future and Freedom party, however, includes among its election candidates Edda Negri Mussolini.

    “I’m proud of my grandfather,” she told the daily Corriere della Sera recently. He made “monstrous errors,” she acknowledged, “but he did many good things.”

    Another of the dictator’s granddaughters, former Playboy model Alessandra Mussolini, is running for re-election on the ticket of Berlusconi’s People of Freedom Party. She stormed out of a TV debate last week calling journalist Andrea Scanzi a “dickhead” after he told her had no respect for Il Duce.

    Italy’s economic woes are adding to the nostalgia for the Fascist era. Growth has stagnated for a decade, and 2013 is set to be the second straight year of recession. Unemployment is now higher than 11 percent with more than one-third of Italians under 25 out of work. The crisis has fueled disaffection with mainstream politicians of all stripes.

    Duggan says there’s a degree of collective amnesia over the darker side of the Blackshirt era.

    “People forget the bigger picture,” he told GlobalPost. “Mussolini suppressed freedom, brutally suppressed opponents, clamped down on all rights and had racial laws which were quite central to the ideology of Fascism, not imposed from outside.”

    Berlusconi’s praise for Mussolini was widely seen as an attempt to draw votes from a plethora of small parties on the more radical right.

    Other election contenders have reached out to the neo-Fascists. Anti-establishment comedian Beppe Grillo, who is running for prime minister and scores about 15 percent in polls, recently told members of the Fascist-inspired CasaPound organization that some of their ideas could be shared and that they’d be welcome to join his movement.

    Named after the American poet Erza Pound, who spent much of World War II making anti-semitic and anti-allied propaganda broadcasts for Mussolini’s Radio Rome, CasaPound is one of several radical right-wing groups seeking to gain from the widespread dissatisfaction with established politics.

    Divisions among the various far-right groups has weakened their influence. But some still see cause for concern, particularly if the economic situation deteriorates — a prospect many fear if the election results spook markets.

    “What reassures me to a degree is that the various currents of the far right are fragmented,” says Duggan, whose new history of Mussolini’s Italy, entitled Fascist Voices, will publish this year.

    “There is always the potential there,” he added. “If things go badly wrong after the elections, if there is instability and a run on the markets. There’s always the possibility that things might begin to coagulate.”

    Alessandra, the granddaughter of Il Duce, is a spitting image of the Fascist pig, isn’t she? She’s Benito with tits and a wig. And she takes severe umbrage with anyone who besmirches or otherwise criticizes granddaddy’s stellar and untarnished reputation. Here’s a few photos for perspective.

  8. Pls do a favour to humanity, close this shit propaganda blog! Why do u insult italians now? Because im italian? WTF I dont care about this stupid ppl, only interested in soccer and meaningless things, like 99% of all humanity (and for this reason the situation is what it is, because of the ppl lost in their selfish interests).Italy is full of ignorant yet arrogant ppl who think they are better and cleverer than u . The situation is bad and noone does nothing, Only beppe grillo is the one speaking the truth and yet many italioids dont like him and prefer that paedhophile of berlusconi! So i really dont care for italy, i hope it collapse like greece did. About amanda knox there is more proof that she is guilty than she is innocent u stupid usa cunt. U are simply blind. To defend your ASSHOLE country u are willing to give your soul to the devil.Change the title of your fucking blog into “USA propaganda against the rest of the world”. Rememeber that until u see the shit in yourself and in your home and in your country u will never be able to have a clear picture of the of the world. U are so biased that every sentence u write is an offense to human intelligence.

    • Because im italian?

      You’re Italian? I didn’t know. Never would have guessed. You must love the internet where you can now, quite literally, talk with your hands. Before the internet, the hand gesticulations were redundant and superfluous, but with the internet they’re a requirement.

      • ahaha U are full of STEREOTYPES,cant see past your nose. And someone like u
        is saying this “Reality is a lie. Lying, therefore, makes this world go around. Accept it. Embrace it. Understand it fully. And most importantly, lie well and for all the
        right reasons.”? AHAHA U dont even understand what u are talking about, like 99% of ppl
        who just talk without even understanding the words they are saying. U are really totally screwed. Ill repeat that for the last time, until u dont see the shit in your home(and u have plenty of shit there, as a matter of fact u PRODUCE ONLY SHIT) u dont have any right to judge other’s shit(in this case russia)
        Go to sleep american, your country is taking care of u, go to sleep gullible
        american, your governement will never betray u! Go to sleep mongoloid american, u live in a country in which freedom and justice shines!!

  9. The Italians beleive Knox is guilty?Gee, why would that be, considering the best experts in the Us are fairly divided on the evidence?
    Otoh, who woulda guessed?

    Long after no WMDS were found, and the Kay report repudiated the lies, US troops in Iraq believed Cheney’s lies that Saddam was complicit in 9-11-2001.

    But what’s a million innocent Iraqis lives when you are dissing Italians about the
    destiny of one? Not much when you’re an American imperialist who believes a chickenhawk
    priss like O’Rourke qualifies as a Russian history expert.

    • well said my friend. About miss Knox i dont really care. I just said that there is evidence that she and her former italian bf are responsible for her death, thats all!!
      Im nore concerned about the lies spread by the western propaganda about capitalism,democracy and freedom because these lies have caused not only million of physical deaths but also million of spiritual deaths in the form of dehumanization of ppl

      • i dont really care

        I do care. Why? Because the reaction of the Italian public to this case is telling. Very telling. Facts are damned in this case, just as facts are damned in your case against America and the chip on amspirnational’s shoulder. To people like you, facts don’t matter. Punishment does. That’s the calling card of sadistic authoritarians with a blood lust.

        I have to laugh, once again (I’m always laughing these days), at amspirnational’s appeal to authority with the “experts are divided” rebuttal related to the Amanda Knox case. He appeals to the authority of American experts then shortly thereafter labels Americans imperialist. Yet another contradiction. We’re supposed to trust the biased and partial experts of an imperialist country now when it comes to sticking it to a young woman? If it was a Russian Oligarch, we can be certain amspirnational would be making the claim they were innocent, but then a Russian Oligarch never would have been prosecuted in Italy and that is HIGHLY relevant to this discussion.

        However, since we’re on the subject of experts, I consider myself an expert when it comes to murder, and I share the observations and conclusion of this FBI expert concerning Amanda Knox’s innocence. Of note in this case is the fact that the U.S. Justice Department has done pretty much nothing to protect Amanda Knox and that’s an indictment of Holder considering what he and his department do decide to investigate and prosecute. The American response to this injustice served upon Amanda Knox is disgusting, but when you consider everything I’ve discussed in this blog up to this point, not surprising in the least.

        Injustice in Perugia

        Investigation of Violent Crimes is My Life; Not a Hobby

        My name is Steve Moore; I retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2008 after 25 years as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent. My entire investigative experience was in the investigation and prosecution of violent crime, from murder to mass-murder and terrorism. In my last such assignment, I was the Supervisor of the Al Qaeda Investigations squad, following which I ran the FBI’s Los Angeles-based “Extra-Territorial Squad”, which was tasked with responding to any acts of terrorism against the United States in Asia and Pakistan. I have investigated murders throughout the United States and the world.

        I do not know Amanda Knox. I have never met or spoken with anybody in the Knox or Mellas families. In my 25 years in the FBI, I had come to believe that if you were arrested, you were probably guilty. I never had a person I took to trial who wasn’t convicted. I was especially tired of guilty persons claiming their innocence.

        I had heard snippets about the Knox case from the news, and believed that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were certainly guilty. But then I began to hear statements from the press that contradicted known facts. Wanting to resolve the conflicts, I looked into the case out of curiosity. The more I looked, the more I was troubled by what I found. So I looked deeper, and I ended up examining every bit of information I could find (and there’s a lot of it). The more I investigated, the more I realized that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito could not have had anything to do with the murder of Meredith Kercher. Moreover, one reason that they were falsely convicted was that every rule of good investigation was violated.

        I spent years of my life working on cases in the federal courts, from simple murder to mass shootings to weapons of mass destruction. In the U.S., the totality of the evidence and the hunches of the investigators in this matter would not have been sufficient to get a search warrant, much less take somebody to trial. The case is completely flawed in every way. The physical evidence against Amanda and Raffaele is wrong, contrived, misinterpreted, and (to put it kindly) misstated. The other “evidence” is made up of (embarrassingly naïve) hunches and bias. The “DNA” evidence is particularly inaccurate. The alleged motive and modus operandi of Knox/Sollecito is so tortured (and constantly-changing) that it defies belief.

        “FACTS DETERMINE CONCLUSIONS”—The universal truism of investigation. The instant that one’s conclusions determine or change the facts, you have corrupted the judicial system.
        I have been a young investigator, and I have supervised eager but inexperienced young investigators. Young or inexperienced investigators have a tendency to believe their own hunches. This is dangerous, because uneducated hunches are usually wrong. Hunches are not bad, they just need to be allowed to die a natural death when evidence proves them wrong. The sign of an investigation run amok is when an initial hunch is nurtured and kept on life support long after evidence should have killed it. This case is just such a situation. In the Knox case, the investigator openly states:

        “We knew she was guilty of murder without physical evidence.” — Edgardo Giobbi, Investigator.

        Then, when physical evidence came in that did not support their story, they simply changed their story. And their suspects. And their murder weapons. And the motives. (If there was ever a ‘smoking gun’ in this case; that statement was it.)

        I will only say of the interrogation, that if any FBI Agents I supervised had conducted that interrogation in the U.S., I would have had them indicted. I am not surprised that Amanda made incriminating and conflicting statements in such a horrible situation. I am more surprised that under that duress, she didn’t make more incriminating (but ultimately false) statements. Hypothetically, any trained investigator operating for many hours without rules, in a foreign language, slapping and threatening a naïve, frightened girl just out of her teens and in a foreign country, (denying her food, sleep and the right to an attorney and Consular advice) can get her to say just about anything. If this was the medical profession, one might deem such activities “intentional malpractice”.

        The investigators in this matter appeared to have decided upon a conclusion, and repeatedly changed their story so that the evidence would suit their conclusions. After the evidence came back that Rudy Guede sexually assaulted Meredith, did it not occur to the investigators that they had a simple rape/murder? The simplest answer is usually the correct answer. Crimes are only this complicated in James Bond movies. Amanda would not even have been a suspect in any US investigation. A sex murder occurs and your prime suspect is the female roommate? Experienced, or simply competent investigators would have known that statistically, 90% of murders are committed by men. When women commit murder, only 16% use a knife, and close examination might show that the vast majority of those are gang-related. Any conclusion that involves a woman stabbing another woman is statistically so rare, that it should be looked at with great suspicion.

        There is also a thing called “leakage”. Leakage is the tendency of homicidal or mentally ill people to ‘leak’ behavior that would indicate their true nature. If one is to believe that Amanda Knox was the drug-crazed, homicidal Svengali that she was made out to be, there is absolutely NO way that such sociopathic behavior would not be leaked in some significant way prior to this crime. No, instead we see a girl on the Dean’s list working several jobs to attend a university program in Italy. A girl who had not even had a scrape with law enforcement.

        A good auto mechanic who lacks scruples, can take a car out of a junk yard, bolt on a couple of new fenders, drop in new carpets and slap on tires and a $100 coat of paint. Once he cleans up the interior and rolls back the odometer, he could sell it as a near new car to 99% of the population. It appears new, the mileage says it’s new, and only a trained mechanic would know the difference.

        But bring in a trained mechanic, and he might notice that the brake pedal, for instance, is worn almost to the metal. That’s a sure sign of 100,000 miles of use or more. The hint of blue smoke out of the exhaust would be a dead give-away of a worn-out motor. He would warn you that all is not as pretty and new as it seems.

        Take my word for this. Investigation of violent crimes is my life; not a hobby. The case the Italian prosecutors are trying to sell you is not the beautiful thing it appears to some to be. It’s a junker all cleaned-up and waiting to be purchased by naïve people. And the jury in Perugia bought it.

        You want to talk about sick, you two and so many more smerds like you are sick when you pardon Putin for his many murders, yet put innocent young women like Amanda Knox in jail without even considering the evidence or facts. There’s a word for people like you; scumbags. There’s another word for people like you; cowards.

        A smerd is a smerd is a smerd…as they say.

        Thank you for proving the thesis of this blog with your vile presence. I couldn’t have conjured a better living example—or maybe I did. Something to consider.

        Hell, maybe she should seek asylum in Putin’s Russia like Snowden. Now that would be something. What do you think the chances of that are? I’m going with Less Than Zero.

  10. You have no trouble with lying. I took no position on Knox’s guilt.
    As regards oiligarchy, Putin has control of his, in the US the oligarchy controls the government. Relevant to another of your lies. I would automatically judge a Russian oligarch innocent? Khodorkovsky was guilty as sin. Putin was kind letting him out.

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