Cold’s Picks

Periodically, I will submit various Products and/or Services I deem worthy of Kudos. The blog posts related to these Advertisements will always be labeled Cold's Picks. The Companies offering these Products and/or Services are not Sponsors, but because I think so highly of the Product and/or Service, I feel compelled to Plug It for Free. … Continue reading Cold’s Picks


Lock Them Up

Who? Who should we lock up? The Media, Mainstream & so-called Alternative, that's who. The entire Collective of Asswipes who comprise the so-called Fourth Estate. Like the Regulatory Agencies, The Fourth Estate was captured long ago and is now, effectively, the Propaganda Organ of The Corporatized States of America. Why we should Lock Them Up … Continue reading Lock Them Up

Kim Jong-un Is Taking Requests

Can you Peele yourself away from The Siege Mentality Mainstream Media 24/7 Spectacle Coverage of Hurricane Season in America long enough to think, for a moment at least, about other more Pressing & Urgent Matters? Like, let's say, North Korea — Trump's Albatross. I think it's a pretty important topic, don't you? And yet Hurricane … Continue reading Kim Jong-un Is Taking Requests


As far as The Cell Phone Calls are concerned, it's a Huge Lie. The following video describes it thoroughly & comprehensively. It's amazing how many Adults still believe in Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy because that's effectively tantamount to claiming Cell Phone Calls were made from the planes on 9/11. What … Continue reading Boxcutters

Rich People Suck — Part 1

Q. Shtik was correct, my last blog post entitled White People Suck was mostly Tongue-In-Cheek. It was Satire, but keep in mind, Satire, even though it employs clever humor, is Deadly Serious about the point it makes. I'll leave it to you to determine the point of the last blog post if you haven't already … Continue reading Rich People Suck — Part 1

White People Suck

  While I was watching The Non-Stop Mainstream Media Coverage of The Nazis/The Alt-Right vs. Antifa/Black Lives Matter, I noted in The Antifa/BLM Crowd a sign that said what the blog post title says: White People Suck. I kid you not. I thought I was seeing things until my wife said to me, "did you just … Continue reading White People Suck