Glossip Watch

Considering how flawed the American Justice System is, even though it's better than some, it has no business whatsoever putting prisoners to death because when it does, it stands the chance of executing an innocent person, and even if the prisoner is not innocent, two wrongs NEVER make a right. Ever heard of Lead by … Continue reading Glossip Watch

Shadow Boxing With North Korea

Merkel’s expression, and the rest of the panelist’s expressions at that German Town Hall with Ivanka Trump yesterday or the day before, was priceless. Merkel may be a politician like all the rest, but in comparison to Putin & Trump, she appears at least halfway normal, whatever normal is these days, to their Batshit Insane, … Continue reading Shadow Boxing With North Korea

A New Search Engine

We need a new Search Engine to serve as an alternative to the censorious Google, and no, the other Search Engines such as Bing & DuckDuckGo & Yahoo, to name a few, are not adequate because the majority of them are Meta Search Engines meaning they rely on Google's results for their own results. Some … Continue reading A New Search Engine

Fake News

Talk about Fake News!! This shit being proffered by The Lamestream Media is the epitome of Fake News and the entire Political Establishment is enabling it and gobbling it up and perhaps Trump is too. It makes no sense whatsoever for Assad to gas his own people at this point in time considering The West … Continue reading Fake News


In case you missed it, Donald Trump indicated, in his recent interview with Bill Loofah O'Reilly Sunday night during the Super Bowl, that he Respects Vladimir Putin. He must now own that Respect. Never let him forget he said it because to say such a thing has a Domino Effect of implications. As a Rule … Continue reading Respect

American Exceptionalism

Donald Trump said the following about Killers in his interview with Bill O'Reilly Sunday night during the Super Bowl (which was fixed, by the way). I agree with Trump even though he's a hypocrite considering he ordered the latest Special Forces Operation in Yemen. He's a Killer now every bit as much as Putin is … Continue reading American Exceptionalism