John Smith & I have recently been accused of Contrivance by, of all people, Alden Howes Olson — Renner's and Shaggy's & Scooby's witting or unwitting Attack Dog or Gimp if you will. Alden believes there is a "connection" between John Smith and me. I think the better word, Alden, is Nexus. The only Nexus between … Continue reading Contrived


I Really Don’t Care, Do U?

Yes, I do care. I appreciate your honesty, Melania. You validated what I already know. That you don't care. That your husband doesn't care. That no one in Washington D.C. cares. That The Media doesn't care. That The World doesn't care. She's being honest, folks. And brazen. She's brazenly honest. She's telling you that she … Continue reading I Really Don’t Care, Do U?

Victim Blaming 101

These atrocious Victim Blaming comments can be found in the commentary to Episode 79: Our Documentary of the Missing Maura Murray podcast. It's been posted for over a day now and therefore it means the moderators, the two opportunistic douchebags, have no problem with it. Remember this from my CrimeCon blog post? D G is correct. … Continue reading Victim Blaming 101

Teacher Appreciation

My wife's a teacher. A Montessori teacher, in fact. They're referred to in The Montessori Community as Guides and/or Directresses. The classroom is referred to as a Casa or The Children's Casa. A great Montessori teacher, as my wife is, is likened to a famous Orchestra Composer. What they do, a great Guide/Directress preparing the … Continue reading Teacher Appreciation