No Russians

I truly believe Putin could send Russian Troops to America today to protect Russians in the American Diaspora and many within The GOP and many of the braindead, recalcitrant Trump Supporters, the Unflagging 39%, would be just fine with it. As well, many Commentators at various blogs would find a way to support the action … Continue reading No Russians

Choked, My Ass

Here’s what I think. The Deep State saw Russia’s intent in The 2016 Presidential Election and let it play out. It didn’t choke as The Former Obama Administration would have us believe. Why? Why would The Deep State let this play out? Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? It’s an awfully Sick Strategy, but what’s … Continue reading Choked, My Ass

Children Of The Marshmallow

The following is an exchange I engaged in over at Marcy Wheeler's EmptyWheel blog here. It's related to the content of the following YouTube video. In the video, you can clearly witness & observe Michael McFaul, Ambassador to Russia during The Obama Administration, emphatically stating in no uncertain terms that Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, seated … Continue reading Children Of The Marshmallow

Funny, That

Have you noticed, and if you haven't you're Braindead, all the Terrorist Attacks attributed to Al Qaeda & Daesh over the past decade or more are always directed at the most innocent amongst us who don't have the capacity to defend themselves? These Terrorists Attacks are never directed at The Head of the Beast. When's … Continue reading Funny, That

Blowback Mountain

For all you Non-Americans out there, it really is this bad. America, and Americans, are this Fucking Insane. You should be very worried because, as the Radiolab Podcast linked to below indicates, this Impulsive Nutjob can wake up tomorrow and decide to Blow It All Up and there is nothing to prevent him from doing … Continue reading Blowback Mountain

Morning Blow

Shut The Fuck Up with your Feigned Indignation and your Faux Concern related to Trump's Misogyny. The Freaky Trashy Creep has been this way his entire life. It's nothing new. And yet YOU, meaning The Establishment and The Rich it serves, enabled, in every conceivable way, his ascension to The Throne of this Idiocracy. When … Continue reading Morning Blow