Black Betty

Hello Friends. Even though I have no Friends. It's true. I have no Friends. You know how I know that? One of the many Mensa Members, Daniel Chieh, over at The Unz Review told me so, therefore, it must be true. Mensa Members are Really Smart, in case you don't know. Anyway, for all the … Continue reading Black Betty


All The Light You Cannot See

The "Expert" Pat Lang (an "Expert"according to Paul Mulshine and Lang's Sycophantic Fans), who was allegedly rejected by The Swamp yet still has so-called "Sources" in The Swamp that he thinks are credible, has weighed in on The Neocons and their designs on Trump. Obviously, The Truth is much more complex than Lang's Reduction, but … Continue reading All The Light You Cannot See

Jimmy Dore’s Conservative?

I've tuned in to a few episodes of The Jimmy Dore Show (TJDS) within the past year. He's not half bad. But, he's Entertainment and I don't support The Merger of Entertainment & Politics because THIS SHIT ISN'T FUNNY AND IT SHOULDN'T BE EXPLOITED FOR SHITS & GIGGLES. Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert are the … Continue reading Jimmy Dore’s Conservative?

The Alternative Media

I've said this before and I will say it again. The Alternative Media is not Alternative in the way you're led to believe it's Alternative. It's The Wild Wild West of Misinformation & Disinformation. It's Crude Propaganda mixed with truly Fake News. The intent of Alterantive Media is to capture those who have been enlightened … Continue reading The Alternative Media

Soldiers Of Fortune

Diehard Trump Supporters like Paul Mulshine & his Military Hero, and my Nemesis, Pat Lang would have us believe that the noble yet brash Donald Trump is being suckered into a greater war on/in Syria. They are delusional and their Trump Apologia is obnoxious & nauseating. Their Claim doesn't stand up to The Facts. Here's Paul … Continue reading Soldiers Of Fortune

Trump’s Pedophiles

I watched the documentary Happy Valley last night. Below is a screen capture of it and an accompanying link to Netflix if you want to watch it too. This is America, People. The Real America. The Heartland. Trump Country. These People, and I use that term loosely, are Zealous Trump Supporters. They're also Pedophile Enablers … Continue reading Trump’s Pedophiles


It appears the American National Security State has actually physically been in my home. A Break-In, if you will, but no evidence of Forced Entry which is even more unnerving. I have an excellent Security System that is pretty much Foolproof against Common Criminals, but I'm sure it's no deterrent against the American National Security State. … Continue reading Zersetzung