Fort Collins

In case you haven't heard, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado took on the Internet Service Provider Monopolies and won. For now. Via direct participatory democracy. It's a true David & Goliath Story and all those who resist Corporatism & Imperialism & Empire should take note and be inspired by Fort Collins' success. THIS is … Continue reading Fort Collins

The Incredibly Aware & Stable Genius

That's America's President. In case you didn't know, and if you didn't know and don't know, where have you been? Hiding under a rock? In a coma? If you didn't know and don't know, you're not aware and you're not too smart so you're definitely not a genius like Donald Trump and if you weren't … Continue reading The Incredibly Aware & Stable Genius

Alabama 26 — Georgia 23

Despite the negative mojo of Donald Trump's onerous presence at the College Football National Championship Monday night at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, the game turned out to be an excellent display of college football and an object lesson in resiliency exhibited by the greatest college football coach of all-time, Nick Saban. For reference, you … Continue reading Alabama 26 — Georgia 23

Zucker’s Favorite Pig

What a coincidence. Did Jeffrey Adam Zucker, the Jewish head of CNN, and Aviv "Vivi" Nevo, the Israeli Zionist who owns a substantial stake in Time Warner and thus CNN, read my recent blog post about Stephen Miller and book him as a guest this morning on Jake Tapper's State of the Union as an in-your-face … Continue reading Zucker’s Favorite Pig

The Stephen Miller Band

Surely by now, most if not all of you have heard about Michael Wolff's new book, Fire & Fury. It's effectively Tabloid Trash, but as Tabloid Trash goes, it's damn good Tabloid Trash. It also doesn't mean it's not true. What it means is, the Office of the President of the United States has been transformed … Continue reading The Stephen Miller Band